More lessons will be added in the future.  Future lessons may include:

Are Climate Alarmists Sane?

The Inflation Reduction Act

Who are the Oppressors and Who are the Oppressed?

Gay Oppressors

The Oppression of Conservatives

The Oppression of the Police

Price Controls and Subsidies

War Against Trump Family

Voter Stupidity and Economics




Why not call a him a her?

If you quote what leftists say you can't be cancelled right?

7.15 An American Soldier Risks his Life to Save 200 Jews

title ix


Allen West Protest

America and Guns

America, Land of Opportunity

Biden and Inflation

Bill of Rights

Black Muslim Slavers

Black Privilege

Black Racisim 1



The Cancellation of Roland Fryer

The Cancellation of Sydney Watson

consequences of policies

The Cost of Climate Alarmism

Dead White Males

Differences between girls and boys

Do Blacks Believe Many Blacks are Unjustly Incarcerated

Electric Cars and Slave Labor

Jefferson and Madison

Government Of the People    July 2 2022

Harvard Student on Anti-Americanism

Natural Gas, Clean Air and Hypocritical Climate Activists

Inflation and Oil

Is U.S. Capitalist

Kyle Rittenhouse

Smash and Grab

The Federal Reserve


Free Speech

The Assault on the Freedom of Speech

Frank James and Black Supremacy

Free Speech China

If Global Warming is Wrong Than Why do So Many Scientists Say it is Right?

Immigration and Inflation

Immigration Hypocrisy

Inflation and Oil

Innocent Indians doesn't have a quiz.  Video I chose may not be the best.  Most of it isn't about Indians.

Is Free College a Good Idea

discipline and Equity:  idea is equity in schools when it comes to discipline creates lots of problems because the blacks are more difficult than the whites.  Could be connected to the lessons with the schools.  already some web pages about discipline


Equality vs Equity


Leftist Intimidation

Nice Liberals

Open borders

Progressives promote crime

Is Donald Trump, former president of the United States, a Racist?

Do Riots Help Achieve Social Justice

Ministry of Information

Why not tax the rich?


Rent Control

Shouldn't the rich pay their fair share?

Slavery and Reparations

Stealing the Election

stimulus folly

Student Loans


The Theft of the 2020 Election

transgender good video to add to page on sports.


Voter Fraud

Voter Suppression

If America is Systemically Racist Why do Asians Do So Well?

Rescuing the Afghan Women's Soccer Team

Should They Graduate at the Top of Their Class

Social Justice

Supply Chain

Systemic racism evidence

What About China Today

White People are Villains

White Supremacy

Why not tax carbon dioxide?

Why not give more help to the unemployed?

Shouldn't we vote for the inclusive caring Democrats instead of the racist greedy Republicans?

Women's Lives Matter

The following are books and summaries that endorse them that my children were assigned that I might make future lessons to counter act.

Left wing indoctrination in our schools and colleges and graduate programs is a lot more of a threat than many parents realize. It's not only a threat to their children's mental health and understanding of politics. It mutilates our children by getting them to transition.  It is killing our children by releasing criminals on to the street. The left wing DAs who get elected and are soft on crime are merely an extension of critical race theory. The result of high crime is more dead children including both black and white. The young victims of violent crime make the news but the ones that die because of overdosing on drugs smuggled in by illegal immigrants don't. Here is a tiny sample of who left wing indoctrination has killed.
I think when parents stand up at school meetings they should say that CRT is killing our children.