1.19 Equity versus Opportunity

Equity means proportional numbers of people from every race are in every job.  So if 14% of people are blacks equity would mean that 14% of doctors, engineers, mathematicians, basketball players etc. should be black.  This is different than equality of opportunity.  Equality of opportunity says that if people are equally qualified for a job they should have an equal chance at that job no matter what race or ethnic group they are from but only if they are equally qualified.  Equity means that they should have an equal chance at the job whether they are equally qualified or not. 

Some people who demand equity, say that admission tests to schools should be abolished because some groups do better on those tests than others and so are more likely to be admitted to those schools.  Some people argue that difficult subjects like math should be eliminated since some groups do better than others in those subjects.

The people who promote equity and eliminating tough subjects argue that they are insuring equal opportunity for all.  Glenn Loury is a black professor at Brown University who hosts the Glenn Loury show who says they are wrong.  In fact he argues that advanced math and gifted programs provide an opportunity that the people who push equity are taking away from black children.  He discussed this below with Professor Amy Wax. 

Professor Amy Wax is a very courageous woman from the University of Pennsylvania who has spoken out against equity and against some of the groups who promote it.  As a result the city of Philadelphia is pressuring the University of Pennsylvania to fire her even though she has tenure.  She is very brave because she knows that speaking the truth puts her job in danger.  In fact the Philadelphia City Council wrote a letter to the University of Pennsylvania asking that they reconsider her position at Penn and as a result the University is considering punishing her.  That punishment could be ending her job at Penn.

Frightening people into silence is totalitarianism.  If people are too afraid to stand up to totalitarianism the day will come when they will have to bow down to totalitarianism.  We need more people with the courage of Professor Amy Wax and Professor Glenn Loury if our country is to remain free.  If only a few people speak up they can lose their jobs but if everyone speaks up they can't all be fired and the cause of fairness and justice can win.

In the video Professor Wax mentions that a young man asked her how he could prevent his children going woke.  Going woke means becoming aware of the ongoing oppression of blacks and the guilt and racism of all whites.  The idea is that you are waking up to the horrible reality in America.  Of course some people would argue, myself included, that is not reality at all and that blacks are treated very well in America today.


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