6.4 When Dads Try and Protect Their Daughters From Transitioning

Rob Hoogland's daughter became convinced in school that she was a boy in a girls body.  He tried to stop her from taking hormones to change herself.  He tried to convince her to stop.  He publicized what was happening so that others might help.  He was put in jail and fined $30,000.  His story is in the video below.


Notice how the judge said that if the father tried to dissuade his daughter from transitioning he would be considered guilty of family violence.  Speaking to someone and trying to convince them of your point of view is not violence.  The judge was threatening to distort the truth in such a way that the father would be punished just as severely as if he had beaten his child.  Who is the criminal, the judge or the father?  Who really should have been thrown in jail?

Judge Mazari one of the judges of the case became infuriated when Mr. Hoogland let the Federalist online magazine interview him.  Why would a judge be so angry that Mr. Hoogland told the truth.  Why would a judge not want anyone to know what was happening to Mr. Hoogland's daughter and what they were doing to Mr. Hoogland? 

Judge Mazari convicted Mr. Hoogland of family violence and signed a protection order allowing the police to arrest Mr. Hoogland if he ever referred to his daughter with the pronoun she. 

Was Mr. Hoogland violent?  No.  On the contrary he was trying to protect his daughter.  The judge was threatening Hoogland that if he dared speak the truth he would be forcefully locked up.  It is the judge who is violent.  The judge does not have the right to silence people for speaking the truth. 

Mr. Hoogland spoke out after the Judge's protection order and the judge issued a warrant for Mr. Hoogland's arrest.  Mr. Hoogland wrote:

“The far left issued an arrest warrant on Thursday, March 04! I will be turning myself in on March 16! I am fighting the far left based on a civil disobedience defense!

I am now back in court for a five-day criminal trial that will last at least five days . . . From April 12-16. That trial that could land me in jail for up to five years for speaking truth about state sponsored child abuse. FYI . . .

I am blocked from sharing any videos at this time that oppose the sterilization of children! Please watch the video I was finally able to post! I am the “Canadian” parent in this documentary!”


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