1.3 Critical Race Theory, Equity and Equal Opportunity

Equity is when different races get jobs and opportunities in proportion to their population regardless of their ability or knowlege. Equity is when people in jail are in proportion to their population and not in portion to the number of crimes they commit.  Equal opportunity is when people regardless of their race have an equal chance at getting a job if they have the same ability and knowledge.  Equal opportunity alone does not result in equity because different cultures have different emphasis on education and hard work.  For example, Asian high school and college students spend more time studying than any other group.

  Critical Race Theorists say they want to achieve equity and there isn't equity because whites are racist.  They want just as many blacks as whites to do well in tests.  Generally black children don't do as well as white children in math tests.   One way schools can get more black kids to pass is to make the tests easier.  That is called lowering the bar.  That phrase comes from jumping over a bar in track.  If the bar is low enough everyone will get over it but no one will learn to become a good jumper.


Lowering the bar is what a proposed new math curriculum for California does.


In the video above it says that the new math curriculum frowns on thinking there is only one right answer.  That's so that black kids won't be marked wrong if they get the wrong answer.  If poorly performing black kids aren't marked wrong they will pass the tests and if the government discriminates in their favor they'll get the jobs.  What happens if a black kid who only passed math because of easier tests becomes an engineer some day and calculates a different answer than the correct one for the amount of steel needed to hold up a bridge?   Could that hurt other black kids some day if they're crossing that bridge? 

The governor of Oregon Kate Brown signed a bill in July 2021 that removed the requirement for graduating high school children in the state to be good at reading, writing, and math, in an effort to aid “students of color.”  Will that aid students of color or will the result be that fewer learn to read, write and do math?  What will happen when a black high school graduate applies for a job at a store?  Will the store owner be able to assume that the job applicant can do the basic math needed to give correct change to customers?  Can the store owner be sure the job applicant will  be able to read instructions?  Won't the store owner have to discriminate against blacks in order to be sure he has employees who can do the job?

Critical Race Theorists say that anyone who isn't an anti-racist is a racist.  In this case they would regard Dr. Carol Swain as racist because she doesn't support lowering the bar on math tests.  If you don't do what they think is anti-racist, you are a racist from their point of view even if you are black.

Critical race theorists say that if whites have more money than blacks that is because of racism.  What if a white person worked harder or worked more hours?  What if he saved his money while the black person spent it? 

Here is a clip of Ibram Kendi, a major proponent of equity, being interviewed about it.


In the beginning of the above video Ibram says that people who are racist insist that they're not, no matter if they're in the White House or planning the next mass shooting.  Those words alone show a lot of what is wrong with Critical Race Theory.  When he was talking about the White House he was referring to Donald Trump.  Lumping Trump together with someone planning a mass shooting shows just how dangerous Critical Race Theory is. According to Critical Race Theory you're a racist if you're not an anti-racist and to be an anti-racist you have to oppose those who they say are racists.  If they say Donald Trump is a racist, he is one, if they say he is like a mass shooter than he is like a mass shooter and if you don't agree you are a racist. 

Ibram Kendi said there should be a department of anti-racism that can silence anyone who is not anti-racist and that can nullify any law that they decide isn't anti-racist.  How do you think they would silence people?  What about freedom of speech?

Critical Race Theorists hate Trump because he took pride in America and American freedom and worked to strengthen America.  Critical Race Theorists want to overthrow the system and take over America.

The interviewer Imani Perry is a black professor at Princeton University.  She says that racism pervades every possible aspect of life and Ibram agreed with her.  How did both Imani and Ibram become professors if the system was so racist? 

Ibram Kendi says that any policy that results in inequity (fewer blacks than whites in a job) is a racist policy.  If fewer black children pass math tests then math education must be racist.  It's always the fault of white supremacists or the system and never the fault of the black people when they don't do well. 

Ibram goes on to say that the most harmful racist idea was that of the broken black family.  He means the idea that welfare was causing more black families to break up is racist.   Welfare gives a single mother more money than a married mother who has a husband supporting her.  That gives her a reason to stay single. That's not a racist idea, it's what happens.  Every study done in the last 50 years shows that children without a father and a mother are more likely to turn to crime.  Being a victim of a black criminal will in many cases cause a white person to become racist toward blacks. 

Ibram Kendi has a problem.  Many black people have said that welfare hurts black families.  Ibram's solution?  Call those blacks racist which is what he did in the video.  The blacks who criticize welfare are not racist, they're right.  When Ibram labels them racist he makes them a target of the anti-racists.  People unfairly labeled as racists have been harassed and fired from their jobs.  Those who still have jobs are afraid to speak the truth anymore. This fear to stand up to Critical Race Theorists has allowed them to become more and more powerful and more and more threatening to America.

In the video below, JP explains what Critical Race theory is by pretending to teach Critical Race Theory to a class of kids.  He mentions Tony Robbins at the end of this clip of his video.  Tony Robbins was a man who taught people how to help themselves become successful and have good lives.  He taught that it was very important not to see yourself as a victim if you want to be a success.  Critical Race Theory teaches blacks to see themselves as victims of whites.


     Fallon Clark spoke about Critical Race Theory at a school board meeting in Hamilton county, Tennessee.  The video follows.

Some of America's most caring and best teachers are quitting because of Critical Race Theory.  Dana Plowe was a teacher who quit her job because of Critical Race Theory.  She tried to have her school present alternative points of view but was not allowed to do so.  America is changing from a free society where anyone can speak their mind to a totalitarian society where we are punished if we don't believe what the left wants us to believe.  Dana Plowe talks about what happened to her school in the video below.


Kali Fontanilla also quit.  She speaks about it below.


Critical Race Theorists believe in discrimination against whites in order to get equity and power.  They don't believe in not seeing color as a way to judge people.  In fact they say you are racist if you believe that.  Martin Luther King didn't believe we should judge people by the color of their skin.  They won't say it but Critical Race Theorists see Martin Luther King as a racist.  They say that black lives matter but if you answer that "all lives matter" they say you are racist.  Jessica Whitaker did that and was shot.  Critical Race Theorists believe there should be black only spaces.  Excluding one race from a space is called segregation and is what racist whites used to do in the South.  Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 says that you cannot treat one group of people differently based upon race.  The black principal of the Mary Lin elementary school in Atlanta put white and black students in separate classes which is segregation and is illegal.  It's not America that is systemically racist.  It's people who segregate people because of their race who are racist.  Critical Race Theory is the new racism that pretends to be against racism. 


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Ibram Kendi called blacks who blame black inequity on other things than whites, racists.  Those blacks are not racists, but are there black racists?  

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