1.2 Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory (CRT) teaches that our character, our beliefs, and our place in society is determined by our skin color.  Critical Race Theory teaches that whites are racist, that government and insitutions and companies are racist and that racial minorities, especially Blacks are perpetual victims of the “white supremacist” society into which they were born.

Why do so many schools teach Critical Race Theory?  Critical Race Theory is about transferring power to the left and many schools are run by leftists.  If they can convince blacks that they are perpetual victims of white supremacists and that those white supremacists are conservatives, then they have an army to permanently oppose the conservatives.  Shelby Steele explains the leftist use of CRT for power in the video below. 

If you are against CRT the leftist people say you are a racist.  Glen Youngkin ran for governor in Virginia.  He was against Critical Race Theory being taught in schools.  The video starts with clips of left wing announcers saying that the reason Virginians elected Glen Youngkin for governor was because they were racist.  .

Many of the announcers talk about dog whistles.  The fact that so many of them do that suggests that someone is telling them to say that.  Dog whistles are a way to send commands to a dog.  Many dog whistles are at such a high pitch that people can't hear them even though dogs can.  The announcers though are not talking about real dog whistles.  Instead they mean the Governor was sending messages in his speeches with hidden meanings that only racists could understand.  These messages are something like "don't worry, I'm racist just like you are but I can't say that".  The idea is that by saying he was against CRT the governor was telling his racist supporters that he too was racist. 


Shelby Steele mentioned how Youngkin's challenge, McAucliffe, said that a school had 80% white teachers and that had to be changed.  Shelby said that was very unfair to the teachers who were at the school.  It's actually racist to get rid of white teachers because they are white.  Purging of white teachers has already been done at the World Academy of Total Community Health High School in NYC.  Meisha Ross Porter, the black school chancellor of the city of New York has been accused of discriminating against white Jewish teachers.  CRT teaches that it is anti-racist and good to discriminate against whites.

Oak Park and River Forest High School is a high school in Oak Park, Illinois.  Teachers have been ordered to equalize test scores among racial groups.  In order to accomplish this students can no longer be docked for missing class, misbehaving in school or failing to turn in their assignments, since more blacks miss class, misbehave and fail to turn in their assignments.  Teachers can no longer rely on traditional grading practices such as counting how many questions a student got right.  The teachers haven't been told this explicitly but they are being told implicitly that .they have to discriminate against whites so that black and white scores are equal.  Similar pressures are being applied to teachers in many other schools across the United States.

The goal of Critical Race Theorists who also call themselves anti-racists is to transfer power and money from whites to blacks.  There are three possible ways to accomplish this.  One is to discriminate against whites which Meisha Ross and the principal of World Academy did.  Another way would be to address the problems in the black community that lead to failure and poverty.  The third way is to convince whites to transfer money and power to blacks and to convince blacks to seize that money and power.  The steps the Critical Race Theorists use to accomplish their goals are:

Step 1: Convince whites to hand over money and power

a) Guilt: Make them feel guilty for having them money and power.  Tell them that their belief that their  "comfort, wealth, privilege and success has been earned by merits and hard work” is racist and that what they have they got because of systemic racism.   Accuse them of having white privilege and being racists whether they know it or not.  Argue that if they don't know it, it's because they don't want to admit it because of "white fragility".  Tell them that not discriminating on behalf of black people is racist.  Argue that this country was built on slave labor therefore whites owe blacks compensation.  Get control of school curricula and require teachers to teach this to as young children as possible.  Get companies to indoctrinate their employees, Get the government to learn these lessons so they make laws that transfer power and money.

b) Scare white people into cooperating: Let them know that if they don't teach these lessons and don't transfer money and power they may face violence and destruction of their property and they may lose their jobs. 

c) Silence all opposition:  Accuse anyone who makes arguments of racism.  If someone responds to "Black lives matter" by saying "all lives matter" or "we're all human" they are saying that blacks are not more deserving of power and money than other people.   Tell white people that saying that is a racist micro-aggression and that they cannot say that.  Silence white people with the threat of being accused of being racists and of  losing their jobs.

d) Virtue:  Convince whites that they are being virtuous when they do transfer money and power to blacks. 

Step 2:  Convince blacks to get money and power by intimidating white people

a) Debt: Convince black people that white owe them money and power, that this country was built on slave labor and therefore whites need to compensate them. 

b) Create paranoia: Convince black people that the system is rigged against them that it is racist and unfair.  Convince them that the police are brutal racist monsters who shoot them for no reason and that all whites are like that. 

c) Incite violence: Convince blacks that they have to be violent in order to get justice and whites to give them what is owed to them. 

The people who are pushing Critical Race Theory have been remarkably successful.  Schools all over the country are teaching little white kids that they are privileged oppressors of black kids.  Companies are forcing employees to take courses telling them they are oppressors and the government is giving blacks priority when hiring. 

One example of a company that is indoctrinating it's employees is AMEX, the American Express Card company.  Christopher Rufo speaks about this in the video below.


Christopher Rufo reported that Bank of America implemented a racial reeducation program that claims the United States is a system of “white supremacy” and encourages white employees“decolonize [their] mind[s]” and “cede power to people of color.”

On August 10 the United States senate passed a bill providing an enormous amount of money to infrastructure (roads, bridges tunnels, as well as a lot of things that aren't infrastructure).   Most of the tax money for that comes from white people.  When contractors bid, the bill says minority-owned businesses will get selected first to be paid to do the job.  This is one way the government is transferring money from white people to black people. 

What is going to be the consequences of all of this?  Probably a lot of white people will resent black people getting special favors.  They might start to feel racism toward blacks.  The people who can do the best job won't get the job.  Bridges will fall, under water tunnels will leak, roads will crack.

White kids in schools who are told they are guilty because of something they can't do anything about, the color of their skin, will develop psychological problems.  They will learn to hate themselves.  Black children will learn that they live in a racist system and will become racist toward whites.  They will become convinced that studying is a waste of time in a racist society and will feel entitled to turn to crime.  They'll believe that rioting and looting stores is OK.  In the video below Ariel Atkins a Black Lives Matter organizer says that looting is OK.


Ariel Atkins says the insurance will pay the stores for what is stolen.  What she doesn't say is the insurance gets its money from the stores who pay for the insurance and that the insurance will have to charge more in order to be able to pay more.  She also makes the excuse that blacks are hungry.  Those rioters aren't stealing food and if they did steal from a supermarket would that be fair to the owners of the supermarket who bought the food?  She says that looting is reparations meaning the merchandise being stolen should be given to blacks as compensation for slavery.  Do the people who bought the merchandise in the stores owe the looters anything?

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