5.10 The End of Chinese Freedom

Xi Jinping is the current leader of China.  He is taking away the freedom that the Chinese people had under Deng Xiaoping and shifting power to himself.  He grew up in a family that was close to Mao Zedong a man whose responsible for the deaths of over 40 million people.  He has dressed himself in the same gray suit that Mao wore and he is a socialist just like Mao was.


One of the freedoms that Xi Jinping is taking away from the Chinese people is the freedom to become wealthy.  Today wealthy Chinese people are disappearing.   People who become billionaires have disappeared and their money has been confiscated by the government.

Another freedom that is missing from China is the freedom of free speech.  There is a price to be paid for not allowing people to speak.  People who initially warned about the Corona virus disappeared in China because it made the government look bad and so threatened the government's power.  If the Chinese people knew that  the virus that was killing everyone had been developed in a Chinese government lab and accidentally released because the government didn't take the correct precautions they would be very angry at the government.  Instead the Chinese government hid the truth that there was a virus and then when that was impossible said it wasn't contagious and then when that was impossible, blamed America.  If those who disappeared had been allowed to speak maybe the Corona virus could have been contained and many people living in China and around the world would be alive today who died because of it.   Controlling the information about the Corona virus resulted in many dead Chinese and hurt the Chinese economy as well as economies around the world. 

There's another terrible price that may be paid for stifling free speech.  Xi Jinpeng wants China to invade Taiwan.  While he hides in an underground shelter he may order the invasion and start World War III.  Few if any people in mainland China think it's a bad idea because no one can speak out against it and tell them it's a bad idea.  Instead they believe it's their duty to go to war with America and conquer Taiwan to unify China and add to China's glory and power.  If Xi Jinping does order Chinese troops to invade Taiwan he may be responsible for even more deaths than Mao was.

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