10.6 If You Simply Quote what Leftists Say You Won't be Cancelled Right?

A woman who kept her identity secret decided the best way to show the world what was wrong with the left was simply to repost excerpts of the most outrageous videos that they themselves posted on TikTok.  She posted these videos on Twitter and called the Twitter site "The libs of TikTok".  Libs is short for liberals.  Liberals are leftists except for their attitudes about taxes.  Liberals use to be more for lower taxes than leftists.  I'm not sure if that is still the case.  Here Tucker Carlson tells about what happened to the person who created "The Libs of TikTok". 

One of the preschool teachers at the beginning of the video below said that people who don't think preschool kids are ready for discussions of gender are homophobic and  transphobic.  Might not there be a good reason that parents might not want teachers to confuse their children.  Might they not be right that children that young are easily confused by adults who they look up to and trust.  Might they be right that the teacher is confused.  What does parental concerns have to do with homophobia?  Could it be that the preschool teacher wants children to accept homosexuality as OK or even to become homosexual and therefore sees parents who interfere with what she is doing as being against homosexuality?  Maybe she wants children to accept transgenders as normal or maybe she wants to encourage children to undergo transgender operations. 

Tucker Carlson talks about what Jeff Bezo's newspaper did.  Jeff Bezos is the creator of Amazon and is a very wealthy man, who bought the Washington Post newspaper.  The newspaper accused her of inciting hatred of gay people and published the name of the author of Libs to Tik Tok and where she lived.  Now all the gay people who were angry at her for exposing their indoctrination of children in schools knew where she lived so she had to hide.

Was the author of the Libs of TikTok doing anything wrong by showing the truth to people?  What is people reacted to the truth with hate toward the gay teachers who were manipulating their children.  Does that make it wrong? 

How can we answer that question.  One way is to ask how would we feel if someone hid the truth from us because they didn't want us to hate someone.  Lets say someone knows that a person who is being friendly to us is just doing it so we'll let him into our house so he can steal our money.  If that someone tells us the truth we might be angry and even hate the person who is being friendly to us.  So would the person who warns us about our fake friend be guilty of hate speech?  Should he not warn us?

If he doesn't our money will be stolen.  If the creator of the Libs of TikTok site hadn't shown people what was happening in their schools they wouldn't have known what was happening and wouldn't have been able to act to stop it.


Tucker Carlson managed to arrange an interview with the creator of The Libs of Tik Tok which you can see below.  The author got hate tweets from leftists who didn't like what she was doing.  Twitter didn't get rid of their accounts they got rid of hers on the grounds that her site was a hate site.. 



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