1.15 If Whites Aren't Racist Why did the British Engage in the Slave Trade?

The truth is, is that there are whites who are racists and there are whites that aren't racist just as there are blacks who are racist and blacks who are not racist.  During the time of the slave trade there were huge profits to be made from slavery and bad Europeans who made those profits buying those slaves from bad black men and selling them to bad white men.  There were also good white men who fought for the abolition of slavery.  In fact there was a civil war in America in which half the country fought to keep slavery and the other half fought to abolish it.  Evan Jones made a movie about the the trans-atlantic slave trade in England and the Englishmen who fought against it. (part1 part2 part3).  This movie shows shocking material and is not for children.

      I have included some clips from Evan Jones's movie that are OK for children in the video below.  They show reenactments of people in the British parliament who spoke out against slavery.  The petitions discussed in the video were petitions by British citizens against slavery.  The first speaker in the video was against the immediate ending of slavery.  He said he wanted moderation.  Moderation means not doing too much of something or not doing too much all at once. 


       The Portuguese and the Spanish had their own slave trades.  Hispanics are portrayed in the United States as an underprivileged minority and an oppressed class but they have an even worse history than the English do when it comes to enslaving other people.  The French also engaged in the slave trade.  There were good people in all these countries who opposed the slave trade. 

     Before we judge whites as worse than blacks we must also remember that long before the Europeans started buying slaves, black Africans enslaved other blacks in Africa for power and money. 


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  What about today?  Does Black Lives Matter believe that black lives matter or is their main goal power and money? 

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