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John Stossel created a video about the propaganda books in schools and about people who are creating books that present the other side.  Bethany Mandel is one of those people.  He speaks with her in the video below.


Bethany Mandel's ads for her books were banned from Facebook.  She speaks about that in the next video.

The rest of this web page is divided into 3 sections.  The first is books my children enjoyed or I enjoyed reading as a child.  The second is a list of propaganda books that are being taught in schools starting with a collection presented by Senator Cruz in an embedded video.  The third is a list an unhappy teacher gave of books no longer taught in the school she teaches at. 

The following list is of books my children enjoyed or I enjoyed as a child.


The Dr. Doolittle Series by Hugh Lofting.   This book series is better than the Dr. Doolittle movies

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.  There are many books in these series some of which have been made into excellent movies.

The Lord of the Rings.  I enjoyed those books when I was growing up.  They were made into movies.  The movies have great scenery and acting but they consist of one disaster occurring after another which is OK in the books but in movie form it's a bit much, at least it was for me.

Harry Potter Series: I've only seen the movie Harry Potters and the Sorcerer's Stone with my son and we enjoyed it. 

Abby and Jonah books by Sarah Mlynowski.  These books are a delight.  I've read all of them to my children.

Upside Down Magic by Sarah Mlynowski.  This book was made into a movie.  My son liked the movie better than the book.

The How to Tame Your Dragon Series by Cressida Cowell.  Some of these books were made into excellent movies.

The I Funny series by James Patterson

The Highland Falcon Thief  by M. G. Leonard , Sam Sedgman , et al.

The Treasure of the Lost Mine by Gregory Smith

The Virginia Mysteries by Steven K Smith.  These are fictional stories in an accurate historical context.  Children learn a lot from them and they are exciting and fun.  The most recent of the books of his that we read was Pirates by the Bay.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein


James Herriot's Treasury For Children


Books That Are Being Taught in Schools

Ketanji Jackson was President Biden's nominee for the supreme court.  She was a board member of the Georgetown Day School.  As part of the process of evaluating whether she would be a good choice for the supreme court, Senator Cruz asked her about the books being taught at that school.  Here is a video in which he discusses the books most of which are taught in my children's NYC public schools as well.


Here are books that are taught in schools in 2021 that motivated me to write lessons to respond to what was wrong with them.  These are just the books.  There are many clippings from newsela, and videos as well that push radical left wing indoctrination.


Ibram Kendi, How to Be an Anti-Racist

Ibram Kendi, Stamped

To see the web page that gives a different perspective click here and here.

Jewell Parker Rhodes, Ghost Boys

To see a web page that gives a different perspective click here.

Jazz Jennings, I am Jazz

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Katherine Marsh, Nowhere Boy

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Jamine Warga, Other Words For Home

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Howard Zinn, A Young People's History of the United States

To see the web page that gives a different perspective than this book click here and here and here.

Carole Lindstrom, We Are Water Protectors

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Rebecca Stead:  The List of Things That Will Not Change

My son says that this book starts with terrible things happening but then according to the book a wonderful thing happens and a man realizes he's gay and always was.  The book tells about a boy named Mission who disowns his brother Jesse because Jesse has a gay relationship with someone.  The book says that Mission doesn't understand what a beautiful thing is happening.



Books No Longer Taught

IHere is a list with the names of books that are no longer taught in the Providence Rhode Island school curriculum according to Ramona Bessinger.  She wrote:

"This past 2020/21 school year was a sad and worrisome turning point for me as an educator. Providence K-8 teachers were introduced to one of the most racially divisive, hateful, and in large part, historically inaccurate curriculums I have ever seen in my teaching career.

Previously vetted books were removed from our classroom and sent to recycling.  Gone was the diverse collection of American and World Literature: House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, James Baldwin Go Tell It On The Mountain, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, essays by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., poetry by Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, Anne Frank, Night, The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, Macbeth, Walt Whitman, The Salem Witch Trials, The Crucible , Holocaust studies, world genocide, world art, universal themes, universal characters and any book or short story from the literary cannon.

What saddened me most was that I would not be teaching the Holocaust any longer. The Holocaust unit included one of the following: either Anne Frank, The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, and depending on reading level, Elie Weisel’s Night When I asked the school reading coach where all the Holocaust books were, she said “we do not teach the Holocaust because kids can’t relate to the story.” What? Kids can’t relate to genocide, hate, discrimination, and prejudice? Yes children can relate to these universal themes, we all can. Children would never learn about the evils of hatred during the Second World War?  Why? What was it about the truth and perspective that seemed to escape us during the 2020/21 school year?  Exactly why was all this great literature removed from our curriculum?

Then sometime around January 2021, hundreds of new leaflet style booklets arrived, all poorly written, historically biased, inaccurate, and pushing a racial narrative.  I noticed the book covers right away.  They were odd.  In some cases the book covers browned out the faces of historical characters like Lincoln to look black or brown, none of the books were recognizable, and all the booklets seemed to revolve around slavery or oppression."

Note how the excuse for removing books on the Holocaust was that kids can't relate to the story but for some reason kids are supposed to relate to the slave trade. Perhaps the pushers of these new books don't want Jews to be viewed as an oppressed group since oppressed groups are at the top of their victimhood hierarchy who they believe should get special privileges and they don't like Jews.