10.9 Black Lives Matter Reacts to Allen West's Speech at the University of Buffalo

Therese Purcell is a student at the University of Buffalo and the president of the local chapter of Young American's Foundation.  She invited Allen West to speak at the University of Buffalo.  I do not have a video of Allen West's speech at the University of Buffalo but I do have one of a similar speech he gave at the University of Notre Dame.  That video is in lesson 10.6 the previous lesson to this one.  After he spoke student supporters of Black Lives Matter (BLM) hunted Therese down with the intent to assault her.  She speaks about this in the video below.


Some foolish BLM students wanted to assault Lieutenant Colonel West as well.  He speaks about that in the video below.


Lt Col Allen West spoke about being a victor instead of a victim.  BLM doesn't want blacks to see themselves as victors.  Why would anyone want people to see them as victims.  To understand why think about a bully,Bob,  picking on another boy Pete  in a school playground.  What will Bob the bully tell the principal when the picked on Pete sees the principal, runs to him and says "Bob picked on me"?  Bob will probably lie to the principal and say no, Pete, picked on me.  In otherwords Bob will try and convince the principal that he, Bob is the victim.  If Bob succeeds in convincing the principal that he is the victim, than the principal will punish Pete instead of Bob.  There are advantages to being a victim.  If BLM can convince blacks that they are victims and convince whites that they are guilty they mgiht be able to get those blacks to riot and scare guilt ridden white people to give BLM  money.  They might be able to convince white people to discriminate in favor of black people.  In fact that is exactly what has happened.

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Another problem with America is that judges are forced to release dangerous criminals before their trial date.  This is because of people who say that bail is unfair to the poor.

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