2.13 Black Privilege

Jon Miller talks about black privilege in the video below.  He mentioned that milk is considered racist.  There was an article that said that milk was racist because it has lactose and black people are more likely to get sick from drinking lactose.  Professor Andrea Freeman said that a program that provided milk for free in public schools was racist because milk had harmful saturated fats in it that hurt black people more than whites.  Lets think about this for a minute.  Milk is what mother nature created for both black and white babies.  It's the healthiest drink for children in existence.  Programs that provide free milk for children are pro-black and pro-white.  There are more poor black children than white children so actually the programs that provide free milk are especially pro-black.  So why do these people find fault with milk?  These are people who are looking for things to find fault with about America.  They want to bring down America.

Jon Miller mentions Colin Kaepernick.  It is customary to stand during the American National Anthem as a sign of respect for the United States.  Colin Kaepernick was a football player who kneeled during the national anthem to protest against what he believes is racial injustice in the United States.  What would happen if he was Chinese and knelt against Chinese injustice against the Tibetan and Uighur people.  What if he knelt against the injustice of the Chinese government against the people of Hong Kong?  He would be put in jail. 

Jon Miller mentions that Obama was one of the worse presidents ever.  He made this video before Biden became president.  Biden is probably the worst president America ever had.

If you are black and get Covid you are more likely than a white person to get the top treatments for the disease in NY. 

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If Whites in America Aren't all Racist Why are We Told That So Many Are?

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