5.7 Does Automation Destroy Jobs?

When assembly lines for cars are automated and robots replace people, cars become cheaper but the people who were replaced lose their jobs.  When cars become cheaper more people want to buy cars.  The result is that more robots and people are needed to make those cars.  People are needed to make those robots.  Although automation can make people lose jobs it can also create more jobs for people.

The Luddites were a group of English textile workers.  Power looms were new machines that could make textiles faster than they could.   In order to keep their jobs the Luddites destroyed the power looms.


They didn't have to do that to get jobs.  Power looms made clothing much cheaper so that people had more money to buy more of other things, things that required jobs to make.  Click here to see a video about a modern industrial loom.  It is not on the quiz but it's very interesting.

The following video is important for the quiz and asks the question "Will robots make human jobs obsolete ?"


Covid19 spread rapidly among factory workers sick.  Robots don't get sick.  Worry about future illnesses may cause factories to hire more robots.  That will lead to new jobs in designing robots and jobs to program them that might be doable in the safety of ones own home.  

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Won't government spending create more jobs?

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