1.9 Why Is There so Much Hatred Toward Jews and Israel?

Religions generally teach that the infidels are bad.  That is because they are afraid the non-believer will cause believers to have doubts in the religion.  Religious leaders don't want their followers to have doubts.  From the Muslim point of view, Jews and Christians are infidels.  The Arabic word for infidel is Kafir.  Islam teaches that the Jews tried to kill Muhammad.  Christianity teaches that the Jews pressured the Romans into killing Jesus.  They teach this because the original Christian and Muslim leaders viewed anyone who disbelieved in their holiness and communication with God as a threat to their power and influence.  You can read how Islam condemned Jews in its holy books here and how Christianity condemned the Jews here.  In 1965 the second vatican council of the the Catholic church released a document called the Nostra Aetate which taught that Jews were not responsible for the death of Jesus.  Today there are Christian groups that support Israel such as Christians United For Israel and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.  Islam has not undergone such a reformation.  There are Muslims who would like to reform Islam but who are afraid to do so.  There has been some cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Israel because they have a common enemy in the Islamic country of Iran but that is the extent of it.  Iran has declared openly its intention to annihilate Israel.

Anti-semitic Muslims have become students at American universities where they spend anti-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda.  Well funded Muslim organizations in the United States spread anti-Israel propaganda.  Black Lives Matter spreads anti-Israel propaganda and anti-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda is being spread in American schools.

Tania Joya is a woman who was brainwashed by other Muslims and married a leader of the Islamic State a cruel Muslim terrorist group that at one point took over a large part of the Middle East.  She left the group and fled to England.  In the video below she talks about anti-semitism in the Koran.  The Koran is the Bible of the Islamic religion.  Muslims believe the Koran to be the word of God as dictated to Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel.


Radical Islamic scholars explain below that their hatred of the Jews is based on their Islamic faith in the video below.  Allah is Arabic for God.


 Arabs tell non-Arabs that they fight Israel because Israel is occupying Arab land, yet one of the Imams in the video explains that Muslims would hate Jews whether or not they occupy Arab land. 

The truth is the Jews were in Israel long before there even was an Islamic religion and long before the Arab invasion.  How can Jews be occupying Islamic land if the land was theirs first?

Sandra Solomon, a Palestinian, explains below that land is not what the conflict is about.  She says her father was a leader of Fatah.  Fatah is a Palestinian Terrorist organization that is part of the Palestinian Authority.


    In the video below you will see Palestinian children brainwashed by their teachers into hating Jews.  You will see Imams brainwashing Muslims.  The Palestinian Authority and Hamas want to eliminate Israel and they way to do that is to incite hatred toward Israel and toward the Jews.  In America many teachers brainwash children into believing that America is systemically racist.  The real systemic hatred is not toward blacks in America but is in the schools and mosques and media of Muslim countries and is aimed toward Jews.


There is a non-religious reason that people hate the Jews which Thomas Sowell explains below.


Anti-semitism does not just hurt Jews.  Hitler used anti-semitism to manipulate the Germans into attacking other countries.  Former hostage Kenneth Timmerman wrote a book called Preachers of Hate in which he wrote "What Begins With Jews Doesn't End with Jews"  Jeff Jacoby, in an article called "The Cancer of Antisemitism in Europe wrote:  "When civilized nations fail to rise up against the Jew-haters in their midst,
it is often just a matter of time before the Jew-haters in their midst rise up against them."


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What do black people think about Jews?  Who are oppressed in America.  Kimberle Krenshaw came up with the idea of intersectionality to answer that question?  What is intersectionality?

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