7.12 The American Flag


The American flag is a symbol, a symbol of the United States of America. 

Here is a poem that captures what the flag symbolizes.  The poem mentions the battle of Bunker Hill which was a battle between Americans and the British.  The Americans had gathered to defend Boston from the British.


America was attacked by Muslim terrorists on September 11 2000 and almost 3000 Americans died that day.  The United States responded.  Charlie Daniels, a musician known for his country music, wrote a song about that called This Aint no Rag it's a Flag.  During the song a little boy recites the Pledge of Allegiance.  When I was a boy we recited that every day in school.  It's not recited in most American schools anymore.  Instead many American schools teach that America is bad. 

Charlie Daniel's song is embedded below.


An American flag was tacked to a wall in the student lounge of the University of California at Irvine.  Two students Matthew Guevara and Khaalidah Sidney wrote a resolution that the flag should be removed.  In the resolution they wrote that the Stars and Stripes had been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism. They wrote that the student lounge was supposed to be inclusive and that although hanging the flag may be seen as free speech “freedom of speech in a space that aims to be as inclusive as possible can be interpreted as hate speech.”  As a result the Student Government passed a resolution banning the display of any flags in the lounge.  It doesn't seem to bother Matthew Guevara that removing the flag in order to be inclusive is not inclusive to people who love the American flag and what it stands for.  It doesn't occur to Matthew Guevara that he has the free speech to demand removal of the flag because he is in America and that flag represents the free speech that he has.

Ami Horowitz interviewed Mr. Guevara in the video below.  Ami pretended to agree with everything Mr. Guevara was saying so that Mr. Guevara would not be afraid to speak his mind.


The country of Mexico exists as the result of Spanish colonialism and imperialism toward the natives of Mexico.  Why hasn't Mr. Guevara protest the Mexican Flag?  In Mexico the Mexican flag is taken very seriously.  Schools in Mexico have to hold flag ceremonies every Monday morning.  Laws dictate that the Mexican flag must always be handled with care and respect.  If Mr. Guevara had demanded that the Mexican flag be taken down he would have violated the law and probably been put in jail.

Matthew said that almost every professor he talked to was in support of removing the flag.  What does that tell us about professors at U Cal Irvine?  Are they afraid of being called racist if they don't say they are for removing the flag?  Putting the American flag up on the wall is a form of free speech, it is a way of saying "I love America".  Are those professors against free speech?  If Americans are afraid to stand up for free speech soon there won't be free speech in America.  If Americans are afraid to defend the flag and what it stands for soon what it stands for will be gone.  Many American soldiers showed great courage to defend America and American freedom.  That is why these cowardly professors have the freedom to agree with Mr. Guevara and don't have to worry about going to jail when they express their opinions.

Ami Horowitz asked Mr. Guevara why his parents came to the United States.  If it is such an awful place as Mr. Guevara describes it why did they come?  Mr. Guevara answered they came to try and find work, a better life, the American dream."   Mr. Guevara admitted he is getting financial aid from the U.S. government to go to college and that his brother has become successful in the United States while also saying there is no upward class mobility in the United States.  It doesn't occur to Mr. Guevara that America's freedom and capitalist economic system and generosity is the reason his parents left Mexico to come to America and that his family did become wealthier.  It doesn't occur to him to be grateful for the financial aid he is getting to go to college or to be grateful to America for having given his family an opportunity that they didn't have in Mexico.

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A major reason the United States is a special place is the United States constitution.  What makes the United States constitution special?

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