1.17 The Alien Who Wanted To Bring Peace to Earth.

What would happen if a friendly alien visited earth? How would people treat him?  A number of movie makers have asked themselves that question and the answer they came up with was that people would not treat them well.  In one movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still people shot at the alien because they thought it was a threat.  In another they captured it in order to study it. 

The Babylon Bee puts outs a lot of funny videos.  They asked themselves the question "How would radical leftist people treat an alien who visited earth?" 

A couple of things to know before watching this video are. 

1) Black Lives Matter does not like it when people say "all lives matter."  They'll say you are racist if you say "all lives matter".  In fact Jessica Whitaker, a 24 year old mother of a 3 year old,  replied to a group that said "black lives matter" by saying all lives matter  and they shot her.  Those black lives matter people did not believe that Jessica's life mattered.   The thing to note about this is Jessica did not say "black lives don't matter".  When she said "all lives matter" she was acknowledging that black lives matter because the word "all" includes blacks.  The problem is the word "all" includes whites and black live matters racists don't like whites.  Black lives matter use the accusation that whites are racist as a weapon against whites.  Black lives matter activists probably don't like hearing a white person say the phrase "all lives matter" because it implies that the white person isn't racist.

2) Leftists scare people who have opinions they don't like into silence by accusing them of "Hate Speech" and racism if they do speak.  Lets say someone with a different opinion wants to give a talk at a college.  These leftists might frighten the college into cancelling the talk by accusing the college of inviting a racist to speak.  They might frighten the speaker with threats to him or her and his or her children.  They might threaten the employer of the person and say if you don't fire him we'll hurt your store or your company. Sometimes people make mistakes and apologize but leftists generally don't forgive them and continue to demand that they be fired.   Getting a university to cancel a person's talk, getting a person fired who has different opinions is called cancelling that person.  People who believe in punishing those who express different opinions are part of what is called the cancel culture.

Leftists often believe that the government should give them money.  The government gets its money from the tax payers so leftists believe that others should pay tax so that they can get money and benefits such as free college, free health care and so on. 

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