Quiz on "The Voyage of the Damned"

Important Instructions for Taking Quiz

There are two kinds of questions those with circles in front of the answers and those with squares in front of the answers.  The ones with circles have only one answer.  The ones with squares can have more than one answer but might only have one answer. Lets say a question has 2 right answers and you check the correct boxes but you also check two boxes that are the wrong answer. You will get a score of zero on the question even though 2 of the answers were correct. 

Who was the president who decided not to let the Jews disembark in Florida?

President Reagan
President Roosevelt
President Eisenhower
President Truman

One reason the U.S. kept the Jews out was because they might be a security risk.  What did Herb  Karliner do that shows he was not a security risk?

He fought for the United States in the Korean War despite the fact that the U.S. sent him back to Germany.
He fought against the Germans in the concentration camp where they put him.
He spied against the Germans for the Americans
He became a spy for the CIA.

Which of these countries let Jews in from Germany?

The Philippines

In what country was there a demonstration on behalf of the Jews?

Costa Rica
The Philippines

What was the name of the president who let the Jews into his country?

Manuel Queson
Jorge Barrientos
Jacques Cousteau   
Pedro Codevilla