Quiz on "Why Doesn't the Government Just Print Money?"

Important Instructions for Taking Quiz

There are two kinds of questions, the one that have square checkboxes next to them is multiple choice.  That means that sometimes there is more than one correct answer and you have to choose all the correct answers.  If you don't you lose points.  The other kind has circles next to the answers.  Those questions only have one answer.

What will happen if the government gives everyone a million dollars?"

  1. People will be able to live in nicer houses
  2. People won't be able to buy any more than they could already.
  3. Farmers will be able to grow more apples
  4. Many people will like their government leaders more when they get the money.

What is the Double Incidence of Wants?

Two people wanting the same thing
People wanting what each other has
People doubling their wants over time

Why can't the Caveman save enough for college?

He doesn't have enough chickens
He can't save enough chickens
Eggs are too expensive
Dinosaur eggs were more valuable

What does inflation mean

People having less money
Money becoming more valuable
Money becoming less valuable