Quiz on "Are Capitalists Evil and Greedy?"

Important Instructions for Taking Quiz

There are two kinds of questions those with circles in front of the answers and those with squares in front of the answers.  The ones with circles have only one answer.  The ones with squares can have more than one answer but might only have one answer. Lets say a question has 2 right answers and you check the correct boxes but you also check two boxes that are the wrong answer. You will get a score of zero on the question even though 2 of the answers were correct. 

Which of these are part of the Educational Alliance?

The McBurney YMCA at 14th Street
The 14th Street Y
The Sirovich Center
The Center For Recovery and Wellness

Isidor Strauss gave a lot of money to help the poor.  Was he a socialist or a capitalist?


Who decided to stay on the real Titanic?

Ida Strauss
Jack Dawson
Rose Bukater

What was the first place Melinda Gates showed people from 60 Minutes

Uttar Pradesh

Bill Gates is

A capitalist
Along with his wife the biggest donor to charity in the world
A socialist
The inventor of the personal computer
A developer of Microsoft Windows