Quiz on "Feminism"

Important Instructions for Taking Quiz

There are two kinds of questions those with circles in front of the answers and those with squares in front of the answers.  The ones with circles have only one answer.  The ones with squares can have more than one answer but might only have one answer. Lets say a question has 2 right answers and you check the correct boxes but you also check two boxes that are the wrong answer. You will get a score of zero on the question even though 2 of the answers were correct. 

What does Sydney Watson believe feminism is doing to women

Improving their relationships with men
Ruining their relationships with men or preventing romantic relationships with men altogether.
Teaching them to hate men
Teaching them to have healthy equal relationships with men

How does modern feminism affect men?

It causes men to respect and admire women
It causes men to be afraid of women
It causes men to want to date women
It causes men to want to avoid women

When a crazy man started shooting in a Colorado movie theater

Men hid from the gunman by putting women in front of them.
Men got between the gunman and women to protect the women
Feminist women charged at the man so the men could get away
Feminist women formed a wall of bodies to block the bullets from hitting their boyfriends

If you say you are a conservative woman you will be told by modern feminists

That you don't care about women
You'll be told that you aren't a real woman.
You'll be told by feminists that you have a right to your opinion

What does Abby say conservative women do?

Always obey their husbands
Stand hand in hand with men, not against them
Support their husbands by bolstering their strengths
Support their husbands by tamping down their weaknesses
Teach their husbands to obey women for a change
Fight for what's right which is not the same as doing whatever you want to do


What does Abby say feminists have told women

To be more like men
To be more like women
You don't care about women because you are against abortion.
You don't care about women because you are for aborting female babies.
Support our husbands by bolstering their strengths and tamping down their weaknesses
Waiting for marriage to sleep with a man is ridiculous
Believing in God is Passe