Quiz on "The Boat People"

                                           Instructions for Taking Quiz

There are two kinds of questions, the one that have square checkboxes next to them is multiple choice.  That means that sometimes there is more than one correct answer and you have to choose all the correct answers.  If you don't you lose points.  The other kind has circles next to the answers.  Those questions only have one answer.

Why did so many Vietnamese get into boats?

To fish because of a bad harvest
To see dolphins
To flee the Communists      
To flee the Capitalists

Who saved Lauren Vuong and her family?

White supremacists (that means white people who believe they are superior to or better than people of other races)
Black people   
Chinese communists    
American sailors

What was the menu in the Communist's Reeducation camps?

Pho soup and rice once a day
Catfish mango for dinner and rice for lunch  
One pork spring roll for breakfast lunch and dinner 
One bowl of rice a day

What did Lauren Vuong say the hyphen in the word Vietnamese-American was?

A dividing line
A bridge
A wall between people
A tunnel