Quiz on "Does Being White Make You Racist?"

                                           Instructions for Taking Quiz

There are two kinds of questions, the one that have square checkboxes next to them is multiple choice.  That means that sometimes there is more than one correct answer and you have to choose all the correct answers.  If you don't you lose points.  The other kind has circles next to the answers.  Those questions only have one answer.

Did Martin Luther King dream of a day when whites would discriminate in favor of blacks to make up for slavery?


Did Martin Luther King believe that if you were white that meant you were and would always be racist?


Did Martin Luther King dream of whites giving reparations to black people for slavery?


Where does it say that "all men are created equal?"

The Bible
The Constitution of the United States
The Declaration of Independence
The Odyssey

What did Martin Luther King Want the Sons of Slaves to do to the Sons of Slave Owners

Fight them
Sit down at the table of brotherhood with them
Send them back to Europe
Make them into slaves so they'd learn a lesson

How Many Children Did Martin Luther King Have?