10.11 1984


George Orwell wrote the book 1984 in 1949 to warn people what the future might be like.  His book is about the made up country of Oceana whose government had different branches or ministeries that were responsible for controlling people's lives.  The ministeries were given names that described the opposite of what they really did.  The Ministry of Truth prevented people from telling the truth and told people lies to ensure that the government could control them.  The Ministry of Love was where government hate was directed at people who didn't obey the government's many rules.  The Ministry of Plenty's purpose was to ration food and to convince people that there was a lot of food being produced even though they were hungry and to blame any lack of food on the war and the enemy.  If there is plenty of food there is no need to ration food so the name of the ministry was a lie.  The Ministry of Peace kept the country of Oceana at war.  Misnaming these ministeries helped the government of Oceana control the people.  If they believed there was plenty and whatever shortages there were, were the fault of the enemy they'd be less likely to rebel against their government.  If they believed the Ministry of Truth was telling them the truth then the government could lie and control what they believed and in so doing control them.  If they believed the Ministry of Love was about love they wouldn't be angry at the government for government hate of those who oppose it.  If they believed the Ministry of Peace was bringing peace they'd think the government was good and so would support it.  Orwell's made up country of Oceana is a warning about how governments manipulate people.  Orwell lived during the time of Hitler and Stalin.  Hitler and Stalin lied to the people and controlled them in similar ways to what Orwell described in Oceana.  Orwell's book is a warning to people about what could happen in democratic countries and how freedom could be taken away.

Are there countries similar to Oceana that exist today?  North Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Russia are a lot like Oceana.  What about America?  There is a lot of inflation in America.  The purchasing power of the dollar is going down and people are having a more difficult time getting enough food and paying their bills.  The Biden administration is blaming inflation on Russia and its invasion of Ukraine, but there was inflation in America before Russia invaded Ukraine.  This is similar to the ministry of Plenty blaming the war and the enemy in Orwell's 1984 for lack of goods. 

Americans who are for funding the police or who are conservative are sometimes the target of violence, especially by a group called Antifa.  Antifa stands for anti-fascist.  Fascist means controlling, intolerant, violent and oppressive.  In the video Antifa attacks supporters of Stan Pulliam who is running for governor of Oregon and who is for funding the police.  You can see in the video that Antifa is violent.  The members of Antifa are fascist.  Just like in George Orwell's book, they name themselves the opposite of what they really are. 


The left tells us that they are for things people want but they define those things differently.  When they say they are for freedom of speech they are really for their freedom to say what they want but not for the freedom of those with different opinions to say what they want to say.  When they say they are for education they are really for indoctrination of children to believe leftist beliefs. When they say they are for diversity they are for diversity of skin color and not diversity of opinion. This is similar to the misnaming and deception by the government of Oceana.  America has a cancel culture in which people who express opinions that others don't like can be harassed and lose their jobs.  Recently (April 2022) The Biden administration created a ministry which it calls a Disinformation Governance Board which  the administration says is there to counter disinformation.   He appointed a woman named Nina Jankowicz to run it.  Nina has spread disinformation in the past against conservatives and Trump. The disinformation governance board's real purpose is most likely to make people think that what the Republicans say is not true when they criticize Democrats before the November 2022 elections.  A lot of people were reminded of George Orwell's book when the Biden administration created the Disinformation Governance Board.  Brian Kilmeade is one of them and he talks about it in the video below.


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In the novel 1984 people who spoke up or even read material against the government were severely punished.  In 2022 America people aren't afraid to speak up, right?

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