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     The purpose of the RateForSuccess website is to make constructive feedback available for those who seek it.  Our goals are

  1. To provide an audience to those seeking feedback.
  2. To provide online tools that help the audience provide optimal feedback.
  3. To provide analysis tools for those seeking feedback.
  4. To provide a mechanism to compensate that audience for providing feedback.

     The tools we developed for Rateforsuccess are useful for other things as well which is why RateForSuccess has a quiz mode and subtitle mode and other tools which will be discussed at the end of this help page. 

      In order to use RateForSuccess one has to first register.  To do this click on More: in the menu at the top of the page and choose Register.  Once you register you will be logged in.  In future if you don't log in you will be prompted to be log in.

       The home page is divided into 4 sections.   The first section is titled Viewers Give an Opinion, the second is titled Posters of content - Get feedback!, the third is titled Posters of content - Creating and the fourth is titled Interactive Feedback

     The third section Posters of content - Creating  is where the process of getting feedback begins.   It is where people who seek feedback post their creations whether they be video, audio or text.  In order to explain this process we'll consider an example of a person who will be the best man at a wedding and wants feedback and suggestions on a toast he is going to give.  One thing they could do is videotape themselves giving that talk and post it to Youtube.  If they didn't want it to be online for the whole world to see they could either use Youtube's option to make it a private or an unlisted video.  RateForSuccess also has a privacy feature so that only people you choose will see your video listed in RateForSuccess's lists of videos. 

     Posters of content own that content and so are called owners.  The next step the owners would take would be to click on the Post new content(lectures, videos, creative writing) link.  They would enter the URL of their video as well as other useful information after which the video will be available for viewers to rate on RateForSuccess.  Owners can set the criteria of who can rate the video by clicking on the Demographics questionnaires link.  The owner can import a list of emails into RateForSuccess and RateForSuccess will notify all the users in that list about his new video and sent a URL they can click on to view it. 

     The video is available to anyone to see if the owner listed it as a public video.  People who want to rate videos would click on the rate link in the the Viewers Give an Opinion section.  A list of videos will appear from which viewers can select the video they wish to rate.  Some videos will be listed as paid videos and users will be compensated for rating those.  

     When a viewer selects a video it will start playing.  Beneath the video there will be 5 radiobuttons with which he can rate a video and once he does a textbox will appear in which he can enter a comment about what he just saw. 

     If the owner of the video clicks on those comments the part of the video the comment is referring to will play.  In order to get to the comments the go to the Posters of content - Get feedback! section on the home page and click on See viewer comments
on your content
.  The page you are taken to will allow you to view specific comments and give you tools to analyze quickly the response of a  large audience.

     There are several advantages of getting feedback this way as compared to just asking someone to view your video on Youtube and to make a comment on it.  To illustrate the difference we asked someone to comment on a video they saw on Youtube and to then comment on it with RateForSuccess.  The video he chose is an ad for a company called Booher consultants and is embedded below. 


Here is what the viewer said after watching it on Youtube. 

     "I think this was a good ad for Booher consultants. It was funny."

Here are his comments when using RateForSuccess.

      Clearly with RateForSuccess you get much better feedback. 

With RateForSuccess you can click on a comment and see the part of the video it is referring to.  Another advantage of RateForSuccess is that it provides you with a larger choice of viewers to rate your video. 

    The fourth section on the home page is for interactive feedback.  It is for  someone who wishes to develop their interviewing or social skills.   Real or practice interviews can be conducted with the interactive feedback chat.  Likewise it can be used to get feedback on how comes across socially or to actually meet someone socially.  After the chat is over you will get the feedback from your chatting partner and vice versa.  The chat is set up so that specific portions of the chat can be rated and commented in a way similar to the way videos can be rated and commented on. 


For more information on the home page read below:

The home page leads you to various operations you can do to give feedback or receive feedback on videos, audio, text, or formatted text. In what follows, I use the term "video", but most options apply also to text, audio, or formatted (web-page type) text. Not all options apply to all content, and also, you have 3 modes that change what the home page looks like - quiz mode, regular mode, and subtitle mode. The home page has a section (a box) for people who want to view videos that others have uploaded. When you first see the page, the website assumes you want to rate videos, but there are two other "modes". One is "subtitles mode" where you just want to view a video that has subtitles, and the other is quiz mode, where you want to answer a quiz, which could be associated with a video, or audio, or text. (The quiz gives you questions as you watch the video, and pauses until you answers) In the next section, If you have already posted videos (or other content) and even gotten user responses on some of them, then in 'rate" mode, you see an option to view the feedback the users gave you (or in case of quiz mode, their answers). You can view charts and also the text of their replies. Another box is for management tasks - you can upload a video (or text, or audio, or text formatted as a webpage). This option is called "post new content". If you are in "rate" mode, there is an option where you can specify that the viewers of your videos will not be asked to enter text, but will be asked to click various custom buttons (radios, checkboxes, lists, etc) that you create for them. For instance, if you want to know at what point the user feels suspense, when watching your video, you could add a checkbox with the label "this is exciting!" or alternatively, a radiobutton list (they go from 1 to 5) labeled "degree of suspense". (these buttons are not necessarily exclusive of text, you can ask for both text and buttons).

If you are in quiz mode, the option will look different, since the purpose here is to let you add questions to a video, so that when the user views it, He sees it stop at various points to ask him a question on the section he has just seen. The default type of answer is text, but you can give the user choices instead (radiobuttons checkboxes, etc.) Another option is titled 'Manage users and videos...' which takes you to a page where you can view lists, where the lists are the lists of all videos you've ever added, or of all viewers that you've registered so that they are allowed to see your videos. The option titled "Demographics Questionnaires" lets you design a questionnaire that users will see just before their video page appears. You can ask the user his age, level of schooling, religion, or anything else that you feel might be relevant in interpreting the results of the user opinions that you collect. For instance, if you are a psychologist trying to understand how viewers feel toward political ads that they disagree with, you might want to know if they see themselves on the left or right side of the political spectrum, amoung other things. You can also specify "correct answers" for a questionnaire, so that if the user doesn't fit a desired profile, he does not get to see the video (though it might make him eligible for other videos). The option titled "Search" lets you search for a particular term that the user might have used. You could search for a word like "awesome" and get all comments by all your viewers that contain that word. You can search for phrases, or word combinations, etc. You can also search subtitles for a particular term (first go to subtitles mode), and you can search storyboards, if you have created any. There is a chat box as well - this is not meant for chatting with technical support, but rather to chat with other users. This is for people who wish to improve their conversational skills - the chat can be saved just like a screenplay or other text content, and commented on later by any users that you specify. Note: Administration is not done via this page, instead the administrator should click on the picture of the little man at the botton left of the web-page).

You can select which mode you want to be in with the options (with icons) at the top of the page. "Subtitle mode" lets you create subtitles for videos, and so makes a home page that is tailored for subtitle tasks. "Quiz mode" lets you make a video with questions at various points, and so the home page you see is tailored for quiz type tasks. Some general notes about using the site:

There are several little icon images at the top right of the screen and also at the bottom. They appear on most screens, and if you hover your mouse over each image, you get a text tooltip telling you what they do. Among the icons at the top, is a MORE option, which itself puts up a little screen with icons - these include a login icon, and a register icon for people to get login credentials. You can log-in to the site with the log-in icon that becomes a log-out icon when you are logged in. Other icons let you can go back to the previous page, or to the home page (the initial page). One icon gives you the ability to contact the owners of the site (us). Another icon takes you to pages where you can change your password, or retrieve it if you have forgotten it. The log-in icon is not really needed, since if you ever access a page that requires a log-in, you will be asked at that point for your credentials. Note that when watching very long videos, or perhaps going off for lunch, there is the possibility that the website's "memory" of who you are will expire, and if so, you will have to log in again. Some screens will have lists, whether lists of videos or lists of people who have watched videos etc. If these lists are long, they will show only ten rows at a time, and you can page through them by page numbers below the list. (Usually there is also the option to see all rows on one page) We welcome ideas for improvements, and of course bug-reports (use the contact form).