This is a collection of videos about the shocking policies of the Obama Administration.  If you are outraged by this please help publicize this web site.


Obama and Benghazi


Obama and Rules of Engagement




Understanding Obama, 2016 by Dinesh D Souza



Fast Tracking Muslim Immigration into the U.S.

Obama is speeding up immigration of Muslims into the United States while the process is very slow for Christians who are persecuted and killed by Muslims in the Middle East and Africa.  This fits in with Dinesh D'Souza's theory that Obama given in his movie above that Obama is hostile to Christians and associates them with colonialists.  It also fits Obama's statement in Dinesh's movie that shows he sees the Muslims as victims of colonialism.  This despite the fact that Muslims have colonized much of the world and have murdered over 100 million people in their long bloody history.

Some links to this topic are given below.

Muslim Refugee Raped 4’11 Woman Behind “I Love NY” Pizzeria

Obama unilaterally changes law to allow Muslim immigrants who provided material support to terrorists

Obama Immigration Rules Favor Muslims over Christians

150 million Muslims to be brought to the US by 2018

Drone Terrorist Laughs at Obama Deportation Rules

Fast Tracking Muslim Immigration, Citizenship in a Day

Fast Tracking Muslim Immigration

Jihad Migrating to Red States with Obama's Blessing

UK: School at center of Muslim takeover plot had “morality squads” of boys bullying girls not wearing veils and confiscating Easter eggs

 Here are movies about what some of the Muslims who have come to America are doing.





Persecution of Christians In Dearborn Michigan.



Here is a good video about Obama's disregard for the Christians who are being persecuted.




Harassment of Opponents by Obama Administration

Harassment of Dinesh D'Sousa







Fraud in the Obama Administration

Voter ID Fraud


 The Birth Certificate



Lies of the Obama Administration



Obama and the Iranian Threat



Obama Turning Over Control of the Internet to the UN opening up the possibility of censorship of those who speak out against human rights abuses in Russia, China and the Muslim World.




Obama and the Debt