Introduction Fabrications about American Atrocities in Afghanistan Fabrications about Israeli Atrocities in Lebanon
Fabrications about Israeli Atrocities in Gaza Arafat's Fabrications Bizarre Allegations of the Palestinians
Burning Sheep Libel was Faked Fabricating Tearing Boy Away From His Mother Glorifying Terrorists and Terror
Allegation that Israel is Illegally Occupying Judea and Samaria Allegation that Israel Was Taken Away From the Palestinians by Jews in 1948 Palestinian Lies Update
The Al Durah Affair Video of Palestinian Street Theater The Goldstone Report
Hamas Confessions If Israel Would Withdraw from Judea, Samaria and Gaza There Would be Peace Israel imprisons Students for non-violent dissent
Israel is a Racist Apartheid Oppressive State Israeli Soldiers Brutally Open Fire on Non-Violent Palestinians The Al Dura Hoax
The Stated Goal Method of Determining the Guilty Party in a Conflict The Goldstone Report The Jews Committed a Terrible Massacre at Deir Yassin
The Jews Committed a Terrible Massacre at Jenin The Jews Committed a Terrible Massacre at Rafah The Jews Drove the Palestinians Out of Palestine
The Jews Introduced Terror Into the Middle East Israel was mostly Arab therefore it belongs to Them More Palestinians than Jews have Died, Therefore Israel is the Aggressor
Israel is Occupying Muslim Land Allegation that Israel Stole Arab Land Israel Fires Missiles at Innocent Palestinians
Israel Oppresses the Palestinians Palestinian Emissaries of Slander Palestinians become Suicide Bombers Because They Have No Way Out of Their Terrible Situation
The Rise of the Suicide Protests The Settlers are Crazy Religious Fanatics Sharon the Monster