The Bombing Innocent Palestinians Atrocity Allegation:


            In October of 2000 a news bulletin interrupted the Arabic music on the Voice of Palestine radio: Israeli jets had just bombed the West Bank town of Bethlehem, the report said. 


"The Israeli criminals have fired missiles into the homes of innocent Palestinians," a breathless correspondent said. "Palestinian blood is flowing in the streets! Oh God, God, how can the criminals kill our innocent children?"


An hour earlier, another breathless Voice of Palestine correspondent had reported that the West Bank town of Hebron was "under siege" by armed Jewish settlers who were


"shooting Palestinian women and children."


   According to the correspondent Israeli troops were also burning homes in the West Bank town of Nablus.


An investigative reporter for USA Today, Jack Kelley, decided to investigate these allegations.[i] Immediately after hearing the broadcast about the Israeli attack on Bethlehem he hurried over and found no evidence of an attack. He went to Hebron to report on the siege by the Jewish settlers and found calm and quiet.  He went to Nablus to see the burning buildings and nothing was burning. 

Why report false information?  Tape editor Mahi Adwan explained.

"With my task here, I feel I complete the work of those who throw the stones."


Soon after she spoke, another bulletin was broadcast by the station. "Palestinian people: Our war is about to begin," yet another breathless commentator said. 


"Our brother and liberator in Iraq, President Saddam Hussein, has just phoned us to say that hundreds of jets and helicopters are taking-off from the aircraft carrier belonging to the criminal occupation force. They are heading this way to destroy our --"


Suddenly, the report came to an end. Perhaps the commentator realized that Israel's navy doesn't have -- and never has had -- an aircraft carrier as part of its fleet.”


[i] Kelley, J. “All the News That Fits the Cause, USA Today 10/25/2000 pg 21A