In my article Truth or Propaganda  I gave some examples of Palestinian lying about Israeli atrocities.  As time goes on I learn about new examples and I will add them here as I learn about them.  The following example is from an article titled Meet the Parents Circle by Lee Kaplan ( 6/10/05)

Two women, an Israeli named Robin “Robi” Damelin, and a Palestinian woman named Nadwa Saranda have been touring the United States giving seminars.  Their goal according to Damelin is to stop violence and promote peace.  The attendees were led to believe that both women had both lost loved ones in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Supposedly, both women had family members killed by the opposite side, tragedies that compelled them to reach out together to create a “dialogue” in the name of peace and non-violence.

Lee Kaplan wrote:

It is true that Robi Damelin lost her son, David. A 28 year-old graduate student in education at Tel Aviv University, David was killed while guarding a checkpoint in the West Bank that was set up to prevent suicide bombers and terrorists from getting into Israel to kill Israelis. But Nadwa Saranda explains her presence at these seminars as an attempt to come to terms with the death of her sister, Naela, a Palestinian activist, who was supposedly knifed to death in East Jerusalem by a “Jewish settler."


Yet an investigation into the details of Nadwa Saranda’s story reveals that, her claims notwithstanding, her sister, Naela, was not in fact killed by a “Jewish settler.” She was, rather, killed by a Palestinian Arab who confessed to killing her. According to Al Quds, the Palestinian national newspaper, Naela was killed after being stabbed in the chest several times near the Jerusalem Municipality building in al-Musrara quarter. She was killed by 23-year-old Mohammed Sha'lan from the village of Hizma , who claims he thought she was an Israeli.


Lee Kaplan asked Naela


“Will you condemn the killing of Jews?” She replied, “I don’t discuss it.” Again, I pressed, “Is it wrong to kill Jews?” She refused to answer.


If Naela is unwilling to condemn the killing of Jews how can Damelin say that their goal is to stop violence?