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About Isa
Christian Tells Muslims about Jesus User friendly and available in Indonesian and Turkish language. Please look out for an excellent comparision between the Bible and the Koran. Interesting essays on known forgeries such as the 'Gospel' of Barnabas

Ahmed & Mohammed

Humorist The life and times of the world's wackiest terrorists. A very comprehensive collection of jokes about islam and muslims.


Secular AIME was created in 1997 aimed at the North African World, to promote secularism, equality between women and men, to reject fundamentalism and to take a critical look at religion. In French. Founded by a courageous Tunisian woman, Samia Labidi whose brother was an Islamic terrorist at one point in his life.


Assyrian Documents muslim genocide against Assyrians The suffering of the Assyrian nation under the Islamic rule
Al Nour
Christian Tells Muslims about Jesus Easy to understand discussions on the fallacies of Islam and common Islamic allegations about the Bible.
Al-Quida Exposed (1)
Al-Quida Exposed (2)
Secular Exposes Enemies living in the West. Videos of Muslim extremists living in the West. Member of Yahoo Groups. Informative Links and information on terrorists living in the West.
America at War (1)
America at War (2)
Christian Salem the Soldier's Homepage This site tells us about America and its war against islamic terrorism.
Anti Terrorism Campaign
Secular Exposing terrorist Nations. Exposes General Pervez Musharraf and his backstabbing speech.
An Open Challenge to my Muslim Friends
Atheist Questioning the Koran. Funny facts about Islam and astronomy...includes a great drawing.
Answering Islam
Answering Islam (Germany)
Christian Devoted to refuting, and criticising Islamic claims, doctrines, history, and the Koran. It is well-documented, and is one of the few anti-Islamic websites that is very careful to give the proper references, and thus one has all the more confidence in its pronouncements.

Answering the Claims of Islam

Christian Small site, many links. The links are good. Several of the Islamic claims are addressed in a non-biased manner. The link about Kuran and Yemeni scrolls are interesting.

Anti-Islamic Art Gallery

Artist Gallery of paintings against Islam. The descriptions are in Danish. But the paintings cdon't need any language.
Anti-Jihad International
"Kafir Unity"/International An international network promoting unity among those who face the threat of Islamic terror Cool site for a crash course in resisting terrorism. Great links and forums. Only site with active campaigns
Anti-Jihad : Europe
"Kafir Unity"/European European branch of Anti-Jihad Facts on Islamic terrorism and Islamization in Europe
Anti-Jihad : North America
"Kafir Unity"/North American North American branch of AntiJihad. Call to North Americans to unite.
Anti-Jihad : West and South Asia
"Kafir Unity"/West and South Asian West and South Asian branch of AntiJihad. Call to Israelis, Hindus and other kaffirs to unite.

Anti-Muslim Society

International Islamic claims and the FACTS. Reveils the ugly side of Islam with many pictures and interesting data
Anti-Terrorism Coaltion 
International Site
International International organization against Islamic terrorism. Coalition to unite those who fight against terrorism. The ATC is anti-terrorism while underlining Islam as the greatest form of terrorism.
Anti-Terrorism Coaltion 
Canadian Canadian branch of the Anti-Terrorism Coalition Information about the Islamic terrorists activities in Canada
Anti-Terrorism Coaltion
Indian Indian branch of the Anti-Terrorism Coalition Information about Islamic terrorism against Hindus.
Anti-Terrorism Coaltion
Israeli Israeli branch of the Anti-Terrorism Coalition Information about Islamic terrorism against Israel.
Anti-Terrorism Coaltion
US American American branch of the Anti-Terrorism Coalition founded by Ben Schlimazel Information about the infiltration of the USA by slamic terrorists.

Apostates of Islam

Apostate A website founded by ex-Muslims for ex-Muslims Professional designed and very important website, because nobody can understand better, how Muslims think, than an ex-Muslim.

Armenian Genocide

Armenian Documents muslim genocide against Armenians The first genocide of the 20th century
Attacks on Freedom
Secular Pro-American website. It is highly critical of Islam - exposes many facts about Islam and its founder Mohammed. The site also raises many questions as regards the current politics.
Aweful Truth about Islam
Secular Small site, great facts Systematically dissects Islamist duplicity
Bat Ye'or
Academic Good site, great facts Thoughts on Islam by an Egyptian woman

Behind the Veil

Christian An online book The Truth-seekers (both Kafirs and Moslems) will find this book interesting. This is a thorough documentation on Islamic doublespeak and fallacies


Belgian Website in French about the increasing Islamization of Belgium. News, articles and a forum.

Benyamin Ben-Schlimazel's Website

Conservative Zionist Wesite about the Islamic threat Exposes Muslim countries involved in terrorism
Bharatvani Institute
Hindu Hindu website, with on-line books, by K. Elst, R. Swarup, Sita Ram Goel, critical of Islam. An informative and a must visit site for every Hindu who wishes to rediscover his roots and dharma.
Blacks Who Oppose Islam
Afro-American Biggest and most effective Kafir organization in America with about 200+ (and growing) active members. KU now has over a 1000 members worldwide. Really interesting site, Updated quite often. Has an active forum. Facts on various issues, like modern slavery in the Islamic world.
Brotherhood of the Lamb
Secular Small collection of Muslim Videos. Not Religion, Not Politics. Just Truth.

Bürgerinitiative Wertheim

German German citizens protest against building a mosque in their town. One-page-website in German
Campus Watch
Secular This website reviews and critiques Middle East studies in North America. The project mainly addresses five problems: analytical failures, the mixing of politics with scholarship, intolerance of alternative views, apologetics, and the abuse of power over students.
Chaldean News Agency
Christian A small catholic non-arab community from Iraq. Tells about the ethnic clensing and religious prosecution in Iraq.
Chechen Truth
Pro-Russian Tells the truth about the Muslim-Russian war. Informative site with many photos.
CHICK Publications
Christian Publishing house offering a lot of information about Islam Useful resource

Christliche Mitte (1)
Christliche Mitte (2)
Christliche Mitte (3)

German They expose Islam and the strategies this cult uses to conquer European/Western societies. Great website in German
Citizen Soldier
American-Christian Very informative, it exposes Islam for what it is, it also exposes the misguided politics of some politicians. Patriotic site.
Coalition against Terrorism
Israeli-American CAT 2002 Serves $1 Billion Demand Letter Containing 178 Pages of Evidence on Terrorists, Banks, United Nations, European Union and Others Excellent and a very professional website.
Contre l'islam
French This website is in French. It gives us a lot of information on Islam and its barbaric laws, the Islamization of the West, the opression of women. Website also offers extensive news on current events and books dealing with the opression of women in Islam.
Christian The official site of the persecuted (Christian) Copts in (Muslim) Egypt Daily documentation of Islamic atrocities on Christians of Africa, with links.
Critical Analysis of Islam
Christian Christian-Islamic thoughts Good links. The testimony of ex-Muslims make good reading. Also available in Arabic

Daniel Pipes

Academic Daniel Pipes is a Middle East expert hated by Muslims and political correct pseudo-intellectuals likewise.  Daniel Pipes commenting the Middle East crisis

Debate Islam

Christian Christian-Muslim Debates. Interesting website Fairly new website. Lots of information on Quran and islam.


iranian Articles about Islam in Persia Zoroastrians answering Islam

Destroyed and Damaged Churches In Kosovo

Serbian Destroyed or Damaged Serbian Orthodox Churches and Monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija Documents the destruction of churches and monastries in Kosovo
International "(We) still endure the ravaging effects of an ideological movement that is intolerant, discriminatory, racist and even genocidal: a Radical Islamist-Jihad culture." Interesting.


Jewish-Christian Website focuses mainly on the history of dhimmis (Christians and Jews) under the Muslim rule. It explores the oppression of non-Muslim majorities under the regime of what was originally Muslim minority. Website shows how the lowly status assigned to the non-Muslims by Muslim conquerors has made them second-category citizens in their own countries.
Die konservative Informationsbasis im Internet: Islam
Conservative This site offers a number of essays on the subject of the Islamization of Europe. In German. Informative, great!
Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation
Women's rights Pictures, campaigns, articles and link A great website for women wanting to learn the hidden face of Islam
End of this Age
Jewish Good site, great facts. Tells us about the real secrets of islam and its views on Jews and Christians.
Ex Muslim
Ex Muslims Muslims for Christ Wonderful forum. Great info about ex muslims and how they left islam.
Faith Freedom Foundation
Ali Sina's site
Apostate/Humanist HUGE site by a former Muslim. Has everything one might need. E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T !

Fatwa Sam

Humorist Humor designed as online shopping for muslims. Articles include "dirty bombs" (TNT & camel dung) and palestinian sex-dolls dressed in veil & dynamite belt, and nothing else.
Fight Islam
ČESKY Map on islamic worldwide population. Audio-Video clips on islamic murders. Pictures etc.

Secular Tells us how the Air India bombing was planned by khalistani millitants in 1985. Did Al Quida get their idea of crashing planes into buildings from this incident? These websites indirectly relate to the underground secret relationship between muslims and many khalistanis. The terrorist Khalistani Movement caused 20,000 deaths.
Norwegian Site of Forum against Islamization This Scandinavian site is mainly in Norwegian, with some information in English
Norwegian Well indexed documentation of holocausts and genocide in the name of Islam Even though this site is in Norwegian, the pictures do not need a language


French Website in French about the Islamic invasion of France. The advance of the Islamization of France is scaring. This website is a warning for what is about to come if there is no change in the French politics.

France Avenir

French Website in French Navigation of this website requires Java.
Freedom and Faith
Democratic Pictures, Videos and articles on Islam. This site is intended to be a gateway for people to share and learn about Islamic religious oppression and violence.
Freedom Society
Democratic Links Good links for global war against terrorism
Free Persia Now
Persian-Greek Website exposes Islam and its immorality in a very straight-forward manner by quoting the sick "teachings" of Khomeini on women and sex. calls for Hellenic-Persian friendship. It provides the link to the Holy Crime site which deals with human rights abuses mainly in Iran.
Free Thinking
Secular Exposes islam. Excellent image gallery, articles on islamic terrorism.
Freethought Mecca
Humour A very funny, and totally irreverent look at Islam and Christianity. Cold facts and logical reasoning unraveling hot rumors and claims
German Friedenshilfe is a site in German that exposes Islam. Nice articles, questions Muhammed's islam and if islam is really a religion of peace, then why did Muhammed kill innocent people who refused to convert to islam.

From Islam to Jesus

Christian Website from Switzerland in French, Arabic and English. Testimonies of apostates 

(Free the US from the Saudis)

US American To stop buying oil from Saudi Arabia - Liberate America from Saudi Arabia! This website takes on a major problem, which is so far completely ignored by the US government.
Geo Islam
French/Secular Exposes Islamic teachings and goals in French Exposes Islamic world-wide expansion via immigration.

Glistrup Homepage

Danish Website by the former Member of Parliament Mogens Glistrup who was one of the earliest fighters against Islam in Denmark  Site with downloadable books and articles about Islam and Islamic Immigration (in Danish)

Grand Mosque No Thanks
(Danish Version)
(Swedish Version)

Danish Website in Danish, Swedish and English Website by a group of Danish citizens who want to stop a possible erection of a grand mosque.


Islamic A search engine covering the four most acknowledged collections of hadiths. Not exactly anti-islamic, but nevertheless part of the truth and useful for reference.
Hammihan Irani
Secular Democratic Articles, hadits and links on Islam and theocratic Iran Excellent content
Hindu Awareness!
Hindu-nationalist Essays and pictures Well written essays. The essay on Hindu-muslim marriages is a must read for everyone.
Hindu Jagran
Hindu Essays, articles. Well written articles. Forum, archive.
Hindu Sitah
Hindu "Real eye opener about muslim jihadi activities in south asia. Call for Hindus to unite and protect their motherland. " Hindus from India tell us about their struggle with islamic and koranic terrorism.
Hindu Holocaust Museum
Hindu "The massacres perpetrated by Muslims in India are unparalleled in history..." Sheds light upon a virtually unknown part of history.
Hindu Human Rights Hindu Human rights abuses against hindus in Pakistan an Bangladesh Documentation with horrifying pictures of Muslim atrocities
Hindu Net Hindu Ducuments muslim genocide against Hindus in East-Pakistan in 1971 Interesting article
Hindu Struggle
Hindu Islam Exposed, Good Collection of Quotes. A huge collection of hateful quotes from koran
Hindu Unity
Hindu Nationalist Excellent message board, huge collection on islamic terrorist activities in India. A huge collection articles, and facts on islam and muslims.
Holy Crime
Democratic The site exposes human rights abuses under the Islamic regime in Iran. It contains numerous GRAPHIC images of torture and executions. It lists quotes from the Koran that justify cruelty, murder and violence. Not for faint-hearted to look at but certainly very informative.
Indonesian Christians and Buddhists Pictures, eyewitness accounts and details on recent atrocities against "Kafirs" in Indonesia Warning: Has graphic details and pictures of atrocites against Christians in Indonesia
Human Rights Abuses in Islamic Countries
Secular Multi-ethnic, multi-religious organization committed to combating abuses in Muslim countries, focuses on Islamic Law. Good read. The inflammatory hadits and abuse of human rights are clearly documented.
Infidel's Bunker (1)
Infidel's Bunker (2)
Israeli-nationalist About Israel and the US. Many interesting articles.
Christian Tells Muslims about Jesus Easy read for Moslems who wish to renounce violence


Pakistani Women The international network for the rights of female victims of violence in Pakistan  Cruelsome pictures
Into the Light
Christian Tells Muslims about Jesus Thought provoking Muslim-Christian discussions
Iran Freedom
Nationalist, Zoroastrian Anti-Islamic Iranian-Nationalist site Cool effects, nice summary on the founder of Islam and excellent links
Iran Politics Club
Iranian Secular Website explores Iranian history in great detail, especially the Arab Islamic conquest of Iran. It shows how these conquests destroyed the great Iranian civilization. It shows how Islam brought the oppression of women to Iran. seeks to awaken Iranian people's awareness to stand up against the mullahs and abandon Islam. It's a very informative site.
Secular "The Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society (ISIS) has been formed to promote the ideas of rationalism, secularism, democracy and human rights within Islamic society." A good source of quotations, event-documentations and skepticism. This site addresses issues ailing the current Islamic world.
Islam and the Church
Byzantine Catholic Website gives a brief but good insight into the history of Islam, its wars and expansion. It exposes the violence and brutality of Islam including the violence and brutality of Mohammed. Shows the current Islamic terrorism as part of the fourteen centuries of Jihad.
Hindu-nationalist A brief history of Islam Annoying structure, but includes a lovely song!
Islam challenges Christianity
Islam challenges Christianity (England)
Secularism Questions and contradictions on Kuran Good layout, easy read, answers Islamic and Kuranic 'miracles'

Islam Danger

Secular/Humanist Website in French revealing the true face of Islam. Overview over everything Islam stands for: Anti-Semitism, Slavery, Homophobia, Social Injustice, Misogynism, Nazism, Pedophilia, Polygamy etc.
Islam Exposed
Atheist Does what it says: exposes concealed truths Beautiful layout
Islam Exposed (Archives Only)
Hindu-nationalist Big archive, something for everyone. Great resource.
Islam Faith Examined!
Christian A Resource for the Study of Islam Great material and good read on claims of Islam and Prophethood
Islamic Society
Secular Open directory and links to islamic literature Great links, arguments
Islamic Studies in Christian Perspective
Christian Studies Islam from a Christian Perspective, and obviously tries to convert Muslims Great web page, nice design, cool material on Islam and Kuran
Islamic Terror sites on the Web
Secular Gives a list of Islamic Websites which promote Jihad. Great web page, Links updated regularly. Feel Free to send them jihadi websites you come across.
Danish A Danish site with an alternative view on Islam, and Danish Islam-related news. In Danish. Excellent site for Scandinavians!
Islamist Watch
Secular The purpose of the site is to help students, lay people, professionals, politicians, and clergy to find out what the Islamist movement is, what its goals are, its methods, its beliefs. The idea of this website is to let the Islamists speak for themselves, and bring together into one place evidence that reveals the Islamist goal to overthrow secular democracies and replace them with a Caliphate. Islamist theory is the glue that holds together all the various groups involved with world jihad.
Islam i Sverige: Jihad mot folkhemmet? (Islam in Sweden: Jihad Against the Swedish Welfare State?)
Swedish nationalist This site is about a campaign against Islam by the Swedish nationalist party Nationaldemokraterna. They've made a brochure that one can read online. In Swedish. The professional look of the site, and the fact that an official party has launched this campaign, will hopefully give it the impact it deserves.


German The site may seem anti-German but it was in fact created by a German - Leo Bauer.
Website in
English and German.
Le Bauer exposes pro-Muslim attitudes of some German politicians or political groups. . He also shows how Kaiserism of the old days contributed to the birth of Turkey and how it shaped later German politics.
Christian Persecution of Christians by Islam Great resource for persecuted Christians and Muslim converts into Christianity. Well documented atrocities with insights into the Jihad theory.
Islampencereleri Ex-muslim Great articles on islam Great material and good read on islam, mohammed, human rights in islam, quotes from koran and hadiths.
Islam Review
Christian "This site is about Islam and not Muslims" Good web design, good material and good read. An eyeopener to the mistreatment of blacks in Islam
Islam: The Greatest Threat
Secular Discusses "THE GREATEST AND MOST IMMEDIATE THREAT TO HUMAN CIVILIZATION" Good page design, easy read, a 'gumbo' of quotations from The Bible, Hindu-Islamist dialogues and Kuran
Islam via Hadis
Hindu A book by Ram Swaroop Rudimentary web design but great material on Islam and Islamists
Israelcities Israeli Satiric Pro-Israel website in French  Satiric news about Israel and their fight against Arab terrorism.
Israel Storm Israeli This web site was built by a Hindu who supports the cause of Israel. Pledoyer for Israel and against an Arab Palestinian State.
Jesus is Lord
Christian Facts notebook Basic design but great material on Islamists. Interesting facts on black Islamic movement
Jewish Task Force
Jewish Pro-America, Israel and India Right-wing, patriotic Jewish website. Selective verses from Koran. Facts backed by pictures on islamic barbarism.
Kaffir Resistance
Anti-terrorist "Our silence has only encouraged the Jehadis. If you wish to know what might happen to the US in future, take a good look at the problems faced by Israel and India." Focuses on South Asia. New site, will add review soon.
Kashmir: A Paradise turned into Hell
Kashmiri/Indian Exposes islamic terrorist activities in Kashmir. Tells us about the persecution of Kafir Hindus and Buddhists in Kashmir at the hands of muslims.

Kashmir Information Network

Anti-Terrorist Gateway to a lot of sites about Kashmir Kashmir, a paradise turned into hell by muslim Terrorists
Kashmir News Network
Kashmiri Excellent website that tells us about the history of Kashmir and how islam destroyed Kashmir. Tells us about the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus by muslims.
Kobe Headquarters
Secular Computer Hackers who are united against the fight against islam. Website has news, humor and forum sections. They have members from all over the world
Kommt der Islam?
"Kafir" This site describe it as fascism wearing the mask of religion. It also shows the difference between Christianity and Islam, and calls for kafirs to unite. In German. Really interesting site, it's great that it suggests what can be done about the problem...
Koran and Kafir
Hindu/Sikh Online book by A. Ghosh; "All that a kafir needs to know about Islam but is scared to ask" The page design could be better but the material is fantastic

Les Justiciers

Feminist Exposes the truth about the increasing delinquency that is in its majority caused by Muslim immigrants, in French Militant feminists against the increasing number of delinquents from Muslim countries. 
Let us reason
Christian Answers to Islamic questions and claims Good material
Light of Life
Christian Investigates Islam from a Christian point of view. Great webdesign, good material comparing Allah with God from a Christian perspective
L'islam, religion ou systeme politique?
Secular Defines Islamic ideology and roots in French. Basic webdesign, good discussions on Islam as Imperialism rather than a peaceful religion, excellent references
Lone Wolf
Secular Investigates 'scientific' claims of Islam Basic design, advanced material
Loving a Muslim
Christian Support group, memoirs Good page design, rivetting stories
Marrying a Middle Easterner
Same article:
Marrying a Middle Easterner
Western woman's Real life experience One page of actual experiences
Masada 2000
Israeli-nationalist Synopsis of the trouble spots Good design, good material on the truth
Media and their Atrocities
Serbian Exposes the Liberal American Media and the lies it spreads about Serbia. Tells us why Serbs were targeted for demonization because they were the largest nationality and the one most opposed to the breakup of Yugoslavia.
Menschenrechte auf islamistisch?
Human Rights (?) An insight into the Shariah - Islamic laws, and how Muslims seek to have these laws recognized. Text in English, and in German. Interesting
Military Week
Secular Information on Islamic terrorist groups and their acts of terror. Information on Air India blast. Great website with links.
Ministry of Truth
Christian Jesus said: "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." Christian History and its view on Islam and koran. Tells us about the true side of Islam.
Mi paso por el Islam (My experience as a Muslim)
Humanist-Rationalist The story of a Spanish man who has been a Muslim. In Spanish and English. A moderate, intelligent analysis of Islam.

Miss Afghanistan

Feminist Comparison between Miss America and "Miss Afghanistan" An elegant website run by an American web-designer, Lizy Bordom, contrasts the life of a 'Miss America' and a 'Miss Afghanistan' under the Taleban.
Monument to Muslim "Tolerance"
Serbian Talks about the walls of 952 human skulls in Serbia. Interesting site, Pictures, History of Serbia and Islamic Jihadis operating in the Balkans.
French Excellent website in French. Site proves that Islam is not a peaceful religion AT ALL with articles, and pictures.
Christian Review of Islam Sophisticated site with excellent information on issues pertaining to Islam and Christianity
Bengali Nice Bengali and English website. This site exposes so called scientific myths of Quran and welcomes the other critical view on Islam.

Murtads of Malaysia

Malaysian apostate The site is basically ex-muslim/apostate. It is run by Malaysian apostates and deals in particular with people who have left islam in Malaysia. This site contains both articles and personal testimonials.
Muslim Freethinkers
Apostate "Its goal is to combat against dogmatism and blind faith." Good review of Ibn Warraq?s 'Why I am Not a Muslim', and some articles very critical of Islam.

Muslim Terrorists

Australian Islam starts to become a threat in Australia, too. Very professional looking website with a precise overview of muslim terrorist organizations.

Musulmanes Online

Satiric Satiric website in French that exposes the disgusting habits of Muslims. Muslim women demanding to be oppressed.
National Unity Coalition For Israel
Judeo-Christian A site promoting solidarity with the only democracy of the Middle East. Has some info about Islam. Lots of advise and arguments that will help one win any debate about the Jewish-Islamic conflict in the Middle East.
New Horizons
Iranian Promotes the ideals of secularism, democracy, and rational inquiry to Iranians. Good design, some material, good links for Iranians, small discussion board


Western Web site about the Islamic threat against Western culture in French. General information about Islam
Orthodox Info (1)
Orthodox Info (2)
Christian Orthodox Christian Orthodox demonstrate the moral/ethical superiority of Christianity over Islam. Good information about eastern Europeans and middle east christians who suffered under islam.
Our Enemies
Democratic Exposes the faces of OUR ENEMIES. Excellent collection of ISLAMIC TERROR VIDEOS
Pakistan Facts - Secrets of a rogue nation
Secular Exposes the role of Pakistani intelligence and Pervez Musharaf on the war on terror. Great articles on terrorism. Informative links on islamic republic of pakistan, which is the most dangerous place to live on the planet.
Pakistan: Terrorism (1)
Pakistan: International Terrorism (2)
Secular Exposes pro jihad pakistan. Great articles on pakistani sponsored islamic jihadi terrorism. Informative links on islamic republic of pakistan, and its role in international islamic terrorism.
Pakistan - The Heart of Islamic Terrorism
Secular Exposes the role of Pakistani intelligence and its role in the 9-11 attacks. Exposes the islamic mission to convert the whole earth to islam by force and violence. Informative links on islam and pakistan, which is the most dangerous place to live on the planet.
Panun Kashmir
Kashmiri Hindu Truth on Kashmir can be found here. Essays and links related to Islamic atrocities in Kashmir Informative video clips from kashmir about terrorists who confess on TV regarding their Jihad in Kashmir.

Peaceful Islam

Christian Education website by Florida First Baptist Church Christians show the truth about Islam without taboos.

Persecution in Sudan

Sudanese Faith and Belief in Sudan
in the Midst of
Persecution, Slavery, and Genocide
Documents the ongoing Muslim genocide of Christians and animists in Sudan
Persian World Outreach
Christian/Iranian Promotes the love of Jesus. Good design, news, good links for Iranians.


Secular Q&A on Islam Basic design, good material and links
Project: Open Book
Christian A watchdog, keeping an eye on the persecution of Christians in the Islamic World. Devotes some pages to the history of and theory behind the persecutions. Good documentation of atrocities on Christians by Muslims
Secular Psychoanalysis On hatred of women and Islamic terrorism


Islamic Online edition of the three most acknowledged English translations of the Quran. Not exactly anti-islamic, but nevertheless part of the truth and useful for reference.

Radio Bergen

Norwegian Partly in Norwegian, and partly in English. The section on Islam at the website of this local radio station was probably the first anti-islamic material on the Internet in Scandinavia. 

Rajput Resistance

Hindu Rajput Resistance to the Muslim Aggression. Important information about Indian history.
Real Islam
Kashmiri Sufism Writings of Anwar Shaikh Good design, great articles unraveling the myth of peaceful Islam
French In French A european platform against the islamisation.

Résistance Féminine

Feminist Website of feminists in French and English Website of women who resist the gynophobic influence of Muslim immigrants in the Western society.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

Afghan Women RAWA is the oldest  organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights in Afghanistan. Reports about the situation of women in fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan before and after the US intervention.
Ripoublique Bananière de Francarabia
French French webring Good design, novel ideas and excellent links in French.
Secular Great site. Tells us about islam straight up!! Muslims should not get offended by this site. This site tells us about real islam. Instead they should learn something from this site.
Russian Society
Russian "a group of Russian students who want to protest against the evil religion of Islam" Basic design, some pictures and notes on terrorism in Chechnya
Saffron Tigers
Hindu-nationalist Wake up call for the Hindus Well designed website with a Shiv Sena perspective
Danish Contains articles and a FAQ-section in danish on islam New site under construction with info on islam.
Sita Ka Sansar
Hindu-nationalist The personal website of a Hindu patriot, includes an "Islam exposed" section Well designed site, information on Hinduism and the truth on Islam
Sosfrance French Website in French of the resistence against the Islamic infiltration of France Website telling the truth about the situation in France and in Western Europe in general which is much different from the official policy of French politicians.
SOS-Occident French Website in French with interesting articles. Europe, France, secularism, democracy, civilization and culture 
Immigration, Islamization, Marxism, totalitarism, delinquency, racism
Sources of Islam
Academic/Research Online book, by W. St. Clair-Tisdall Good design, intricate details on the 'origin' of Koran
"Kafir" (?) A site with info about Islam and Islamic terrorism. Professional layout and very informative. SPLENDID!!!!!
Strange teachings of Islam
Christian Coptic site, in Arabic and English versions. Exposes the "great", "moral" teacher.
Sword of Truth
Hindu-nationalist Hindu website; material on the writings of Anwar Shaikh, and Islam in India. Very informative discussions on topics related to Hinduism. Excellent source for Islamic doublespeak and atrocities. Anwar Shaikh's (ex-Muslim) articles are eye openers

The Cult of the Moon God

Australian Christian Revealing the pagan roots of Islam. A website that investigates the pagan traditions of Islam that are still present in modern Islam
The Good Way
Christian Tells Muslims about Jesus Cool web page, great for Muslims attempting to understand Christianity
The Islamic Monitor
Secular "The rising influence of Islam in the West will be the greatest threat to our rights to freedom of speech and religion." Basic design but great material for everyone. Essay on Jemmima Goldsmith is revealing.
The Islamization of Betlehem by Arafat
Israeli Info about persecution of Christians in the areas ruled by Muslim terrorist Arafat. In the same site you will also, among other things, find a list of books about Islamization... Great site, especially for Christians!
The Islam Threat and the Enemy within
British About the Islamic threat in UK B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ! Great site with video-clips!
The Koran: Testimony of AntiChrist
Christian Essays, comparisons between Christianity and Islam The color combination of this web page is tedious, but has good material for Christians
The Lynch
Israeli An Israeli site in English and French. It shows Arab Islamic brutality in all its forms. It contains strongly GRAPHIC material showing lynching, torture and executions and other horrific scenes. Website offers articles on Islam and the Nazis (neo-Nazis), on the media and Jenin and on other related issues.
The Prevailing Myth
Athiest Unravels the inherent logical inconsistency of Islam Basic design, but has good material and links on logical inconsistencies of Islam
The Quran
Christian "Examines" Islam from a Biblical perspective. Has useful information.

The Raphi

Pro-Israeli, Zionist Personal Website dedicated to Israel's struggle for survival against Muslim terrorists. The sections of this web site are Jokes, Links, Jonathan Pollard, Editorial, Ilan Ramon and a  forum for your comments.
The True Furqan
"Islamic" Preaching peace and brotherhood A testament for the Muslims to shed the way of atrocity and adopt the way of peace

The Truth about Islam

Humanist Focuses on the cruelty of Islam. Excellent content, and very well written
The Truth Only
Israeli-nationalist Tells the truth about the Arab-Israeli conflict. Great, huge resource.
Things that Muslim missionaries won't tell you
Apostate Contains quotes from the Koran and Hadith. Made by a young Turk who has left Islam. Many interesting hadiths.
Tidens Tecken
Christian This link leads to one of the great articles about Islam at the site Tidens tecken. In Swedish. Informative site with useful information on persecution against Christians in Islamic countries.
Top Ten Anti Kafir Areas
News Article This link exposes the myth that islam is a peaceful religion and that majority of muslims are peace loving people. In Swedish. Shocking information about how muslims persecute kafirs especially in areas where muslims are in absolute majority or near majority.
True Factor of Islam
Secular "Can you still say that Islam is the religion of peace?" Good read, good materials and links and nice humor
True Islam
"Islamic" Collection of jehadi thoughts, pictures and hadits Strange reading, but has good collections of hadits. One can obtain insight into jehadi's thought process.
Truth about Kashmir
Indian Collection of pictures, articles, weapons on islamic terrorists in Kashmir. Tells us about islamic terrorists in Kashmir.
Truth Alone Triumphs
Hindu-nationalist Essays and links related to Islamic atrocities The 20 articles help understand Islam without the usual masquerade or frills. Eight links including one to the Armenian genocide page.
United Zionistic Israelites
Pro-Israeli Israeli website Great articles on islam.
Victor Mordecai
Judeo-Christian Home page on Islamism and threats to peace Great web design and thought collection
Welcome Home Lost Sheep of Israel
Judeo-Christian (?) Has an article with information on the difference between the Judeo-Christian culture and Islam, and then suggests how we can solve the problem. Good article.
Welcome to the World of Hindu Holocaust
Hindu Documentation of the history of Islamic massacres against Hindus. This is very useful information. GREAT!!!
German Religion and Politics in Islam This website is in German
Wenn der Papst den Koran küsst
Democratic It explores the al-Taqiyya strategy, and criticizes the politics of multiculturalism, among other things... In German. A very good site!
What Arab Civilization?
Assyrian A letter, about Islamic "achievements" and "tolerance", written by an Assyrian Exposes many myths. EXCELLENT!

What is Islam?

Ex-Muslim Basic info on Islam geared to non-Muslims who don't know much about it VERY IMPORTANT SITE! The experience of a woman who converted to Islam, but left it when she saw the true face of the Islamic cult.
"What the hell is going on?"
Israeli-nationalist Site under construction Has pictures and commentaries on Arafat's terrorism
Win the War
Christian The purpose of the site is to inform people about the true nature of Islam. Has articles, facts, and links.

Women in Green

Israeli Nationalist Women for Israel's tomorrow. Israeli women concerned about the future of their country.

Zennah Ministries, Inc.

Christian True Story of an American woman who escaped from her muslim husband. Marriage is one of the most dangerous weapos of the Islamic Jihad. The experience of W. L. Cati may be a warning.

Zionist Organization of America

Israeli/US American A Pro-Israel lobby group fervently working to protect American and Israeli
Professional website from a zionist organization with long tradition.

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Terror and terrorism. Jihad and Islam in Africa, Europe, Asia and America. Arafat of PLO, Osama bin Laden, Basayev and other Islamic terrorists. What can I do about terrorism? How can I fight it? Islamic. How to fight terrorism? Defending India, the US, Russia, Israel, England and all other countries threatened by it. Islam is Islam is Islam. Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and Chechenya. Women and Islam. Crusaders and Kafirs. Sharia, or the Hadith or even the Koran. Quran, facts, info and some information. What is the root? Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism. Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. The Fatwa by the Mullah and the Imam. The Mosque of Mecca and Medina. Muhammed, Mohammed, Muhammad or Mohammad, why not Aisha? Abu Bakr, Khalid or Ali. Links, anti and Islam. Islamic sites, anti-Islamic sites and Islamic resources. Hate and I. Islam.

List of sites with an 'alternative' view on Islam
Terror and terrorism. Jihad and Islam in Africa, Europe, Asia and America. Arafat of PLO, Osama bin Laden, Basayev and other Islamic terrorists. What can I do about terrorism? How can I fight it? Islamic. How to fight terrorism? Defending India, the US, Russia, Israel, England and all other countries threatened by it. Islam is Islam is Islam. Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and Chechenya. Women and Islam. Crusaders and Kafirs. Sharia, or the Hadith or even the Koran. Quran, facts, info and some information. What is the root? Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism. Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. The Fatwa by the Mullah and the Imam. The Mosque of Mecca and Medina. Muhammed, Mohammed, Muhammad or Mohammad, why not Aisha? Abu Bakr, Khalid or Ali. Links, anti and Islam. Islamic sites, anti-Islamic sites and Islamic resources. Hate and I. Islam.

List of sites with an 'alternative' view on Islam


List of sites with an 'alternative' view on Islam


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