What can I do?


BE AWARE: The first step is to be aware of what is going on in the world and what your politicians are doing and who they are.  Joseph Biden's campaigns were financed by Iran.  Knowledge of the extremist fanatical nature of Iran and Biden's background should have raised red flags regarding Obama.  Questions should have been raised as to why Obama would choose such a man to be his vice president.  Now Obama is negotiating a very dangerous agreement with Iran.

Understand your Enemy:  There is widespread propaganda how Islam is a religion of peace.  This propaganda is repeated by people like Obama to convince moderate Muslims that he is on their side so that they won't join the Jihadis.  It may also be an attempt to convince Muslims that their religion doesn't teach violence.  The repeated speeches that Islam is a religion of peace made by western leaders are not made regarding Judaism, or Buddhism, or Hinduism or Christianity because followers of those religions are not engaging constantly in violent atrocities. 

The Islamic state or DAESH is the latest Islamic monstrosity.  They are teaching children to kill.  Abu Hassan a resident of Mosul explained how they get recruits. 

"They are providing their fighters with everything: gasoline, salaries, supplies and women to marry, gifts.

This raises the question how do they get all the things that they give to their fighters. 

According to USA today March 12, 2015 The Islamic States New Killers, they published a guidebook in 2015 instructing mothers to tell their children bedtime stories about martyrdom and heroic jihadists.


CONVERT THE ENEMY  Radical Muslims use the internet as one of their tools to radicalize others.  Join their forums anonymously.  Ask questions that plant seeds of doubt.  Anna Erelle is a girl who went undercover to understand how Muslims radicalize teenagers.