Just a few Twisters of the Muslim Faith


President Obama argues that Islamic terrorists who commit atrocities are not really Muslims but are twisting the Muslim faith to justify their actions.  He argues that atrocities that Muslims commit are the actions of a few people. 

There are a couple of points to make here.  The first is a few people can make and carry out death threats.  A few people killed thousands of people on September 11.

The second is that the problem isn't just a few people.  Ayatollah Khamenei said "Death to America" and the Whitehouse said that was just for domestic consumption.  Lets assume that's true for a moment.  That means Ayatollah Khamenei doesn't mean it but the masses of Iran want to hear it.  The masses are not just a few twisters of Islam.  Reality is that a large number of Muslims in Iran as well as Ayatollah Khamenei do mean it.  There are Iranians who are pro-Western in Iran and probably at least some of the the "death to America" shouting masses are compelled to do so but the horrific state of Iran would not be as powerful as it is if a lot of them did not believe it.

When Pakistan massacred Bangladeshis that wasn't just a few Pakistanis, that was the entire state of Pakistan. 

Islamic propaganda against the infidel is spread by Muslim states such as Egypt and the Palestinian Authority .  Entire countries of Muslims are indoctrinated.  Nonie Darwish used to believe outrageous things about Jews.  Brigitte Gabriel believed they were evil too and was ashamed when she found out they were not.  Muslims are being indoctrinated in the West to become Jihadis.

"Nice" muslims become radicalized, Jihadi John being an example.

If ISIS is just a few misguided men how does one explain the "frenzied crowds" that taunted orange-clad captives being paraded in cages in the city of Hawija.

If radicals are so few than why is the doctor who helped the CIA find Bin Laden in a Pakistani jail?