The Phony Moderate Muslims

We talk about love and mercy and tolerance in the lower house, but we don't tell them that mercy means something else in the upper house,
where we kill homosexuals, stone or flog adulterers, kill apostates
this is the way to show them mercy in the upper house,
Hadian, a former Muslim from Iran who defected to Canada

The term "moderate Islam" is ugly and offensive -- Islam is Islam
Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey



 When President George W. Bush visited the Islamic Center of Washington several days after September 11, 2001, in which he argued that Muslims were good Americans like everybody else he invited CAIR's executive director, Nihad Awad, to join him at the podium.  Nihad Awad was public relations director for the Hamas front group, the Islamic Association for Palestine.  CAIR also has links to the Hamas terrorist organization.  In May 2019 Nancy Pelosi invited Omar Suleiman, who compared Jews to Nazis to give the opening prayer in the house chamber.  Omar Suleiman said we need "peace not war".  However in the past Omar Suleiman had called for a violent uprising against Israel.  Why when Bush wanted to show that Muslims are peaceful did he do that with Muslims whose peacefulness was a sham?  Why did Nancy Pelosi choose a violence promoting Muslim to lead the house in prayer? 

One of the arguments I hear from friends about Muslims in America is that the Muslims they know are nice people.  I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt.  If people seem nice I will assume they are nice unless evidence shows me otherwise.  I believe it's important not to generalize bad things about people.  Muslims are human beings who are afflicted with Islam.  Those who are fundamentalist are pulled toward war and hatred of the infidel by Islam.  There is probably a continuum of Muslims from nice to crazy fundamentalist.  Among those there are bad Muslims in Western societies who pretend to be good so they can hold a job and won't get in trouble   One example of this is a Muslim doctor by the name of Javaid Perwaiz.  Dr. Perwaizĺs website is the soul of helpfulness, noting that he has ôpracticed in the Chesapeake region for over 30 years, providing expert and individualized care to his patients.ö One woman tried for years to conceive a child, but couldnĺt. When she finally consulted a fertility specialist, she discovered, according to the Virginian-Pilot, that her ôFallopian tubes had been burned down to nubs, making it impossible to conceive naturally.ö It turned out that, Dr. Javaid Perwaiz of Chesapeake, Virginia, had tied her tubes without telling her was doing it or obtaining her consent. And she was by no means the only woman whom Dr. Perwaiz victimized in this way.  Dr Siyabdeen Mohammed Safi did the same thing to infidel women in Sri Lanka.  One Muslim doctor wasn't as smart as Dr. Perwaiz and announced what she was going to do.  Dr. Lara Kollab wrote on social media that she would give Jews the wrong meds.

There are plenty of stories of Muslims who appear to be nice and turn against their so called friends.  Here is one.



 In the video above the mother talks about how the ISIS members that attacked and killed her children were their own Muslim neighbors, whom they ate with, laughed with, and even provided educational and medical service to. 

      Raymond Ibrahim wrote how there are many stories of Muslims turning on their Christian friends.  One of many stories he quotes was that of Georgios, a man from the ancient Christian town of Ma'loula.  Georgios told of how Muslim neighbors he knew all his life turned on the Christians after al-Nusra, another jihadi outfit, invaded in 2013:

We knew our Muslim neighbours all our lives. Yes, we knew the Diab family were quite radical, but we thought they would never betray us. We ate with them. We are one people.

A few of the Diab family had left months ago and we guessed they were with the Nusra [al-Qaeda front]. But their wives and children were still here. We looked after them. Then, two days before the Nusra attacked, the families suddenly left the town. We didn't know why. And then our neighbours led our enemies in among us.

The Christian man explained with disbelief how he saw a young member of the Diab family whom he knew from youth holding a sword and leading foreign jihadis to Christian homes. Continues Georgios:

We had excellent relations. It never occurred to us that Muslim neighbours would betray us. We all said "please let this town live in peace Ś we don't have to kill each other." But now there is bad blood. They brought in the Nusra to throw out the Christians and get rid of us forever. Some of the Muslims who lived with us are good people but I will never trust 90 per cent of them again.

      Raymond Ibrahim wrote:

One of the most troubling aspects of the recent gang-rape and murder of a 60-year-old Christian teacher in Syria was reported on Arabic media as follows (in translation): Her rapists and murderers are from the [jihadi] organization, al-Nusra.  Some of them are foreigners but others are from the area.  In other words, those who raped and stoned her are themselves from among her former students and neighbors, whom she taught Arabic in school over the course of 30 yearsů.  Surely she never dreamt to see such depraved savagery in the eyes of her former studentsů. Nonetheless, they preyed on her like wild beastsŚeven though wild beasts do not rape their mothers (emphasis added).

Such is the third category of Muslims that lurks between ômoderatesö and ôradicalsö: ôsleepersöŚMuslims who appear ômoderateö but who turn ôradicalö once circumstances become favorable.   For instance, after the Islamic State (ôISISö) entered the Syrian city of HassakŔ, prompting a mass exodus of Christians, many otherwise ônormalö Muslims joined ranks with ISIS, instantly turning on their longtime Christian neighbors. This shift has played out countless times wherever and whenever Islamic terror groups infiltrate...

When asked during an interview why people she grew up with her whole life suddenly joined ISIS and savagely turned on her people, a Yazidi woman replied: I canĺt tell you exactly, but it has to be religion.  It has to be religion.  They constantly asked us to convert, but we refused.  Before this, they never mentioned it.  Prior, we thought of each other as family.  But I say, it has to be religion (emphasis added).

This phenomenon is not limited to the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.  In NigeriaŚa nation that shares little with Syria and Iraq, other than for its IslamŚa jihadi attack that left five churches destroyed and several Christians killed was enabled by ôlocal Muslimsö who were previously on friendly terms with the regionĺs Christians.

     In Iraq Muslims turned against their Jewish neighbors.  There were brave Muslims who stood up for their Jewish neighbors but too few did and too many joined the mob attacking Jews in Iraq.  This is discussed in the video below.


     Many Jews in Israel have experienced betrayal by their Muslim friends.

Sayfullo  Saipov was a really nice guy according to a friend of his.  Kobiljon Matkarov, 37, met Sayfullo Saipov in Florida about five years ago shortly after Saipov came from Uzbekistanô the two connected over their mutual heritage.  He is very good guy, he is very friendlyŽ he is like little brotherŽ he look at me like big brother,Ł Matkarov said by phone Tuesday from his home in Miamisburg, Ohio.

Matkarov said he'd been working for Uber and living in New Jersey as recently as this summer.

Matkarov had a trip planned to Uzbekistan in June and was flying out of JFK with his five children and wifeô he reached out to Saipov for a ride because he was nearby.

"He dropped me to the airport with my family  I called him and said I needed a ride.Ł"

Matkarov said Saipov got along well with his five kids, who enjoyed playing with him.

"My kids like him too, he is always playing with them. He is playing all the the time"

Shortly after 3 pm on Tuesday October 31, 2017 Sayfullo Saipov started mowing down cyclists and pedestrians on a bike path near West Houston Street and the West Side Highway. He drove south for about a mile, leaving strewn bodies and disfigured bicycles in his wake.  He collided into a school bus and emerged with a paintball gun and a pellet gun.  He shouted "Allahu Akbar," before being shot in the abdomen by NYPD police officer Ryan Nash.

    Mouner El Aoual lived with an Italian mother and son who considered him almost as an adopted child. 

In one chat group online, El Aoual referred to himself as the spokesperson for Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Italy. He used the handle ibn dawala meaning son of the state, and swore allegiance to ISIS chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

El Aoual, who lived illegally in Italy since 2008, also shared images of ISIS on Facebook, and praised recent terrorist attacks across Europe.

He also called for non-believers to be roasted on kebab skewers and fed to dogs, according to a police report.

     Ahmad Khan Rahami planted 2 bombs in NYC one of which went off in Chelsea and injured 29 people.  In this video a person who frequented Ahmad Khan Rahami's store says that Ahmad was a very friendly guy and how he never would have suspected that Ahmad would commit a terrorist act.


The father of the suicide bomber who exploded himself at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, Ramadan Abedi, was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting group in the 1990s. The group had links to Al Qaeda. The group disbanded but the father is a member of the Salafi Jihadi movement from which Al Qaeda and Islamic State come from. The father's other son Hashim was arrested for planning an attack in Libya. The father said "we don't believe in killing innocents, that is not us."

 Dr. Danusha Goska grew up,  in Passaic County, New Jersey, which is said to have the second largest Muslim population in the U.S. She grew up with Arabs and with Muslims. She wrote "

I have had Muslim friends, boyfriends, bosses, coworkers, and students. I love many Muslims. I feel for them the kind of love you feel for any close friend. When I was a girl, one day a Muslim friend turned to me and said, "When the time for jihad comes, if you don't accept Islam, I will have to kill you."
The simple truth is that Islam is different from the other world belief systems: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. None of these includes anything like the call to jihad. Islam does.

  In December 2015 Syed Farook, 28, a devout Muslim, stormed out of an office party in San Bernadino, California and later returned with his new wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27. Both wore dark tactical gear and masks while toting assault rifles and handguns, police said.

The murderous duo sprayed bullets inside a conference room, slaughtering colleagues who earlier this year had thrown a shower for their new baby.  A co-worker at the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health, Griselda Reisinger said Farook was a reserved man who had just returned from paternity leave. Farooknever struck me as a fanatic, he never struck me as suspicious, she said.  Patrick Baccari, who shared a cubicle with Farook, said his colleague appeared to beliving the American dream with his new wife and baby.  Baccari and another worker said Farook rarely started a conversation but was well-liked.

Farook's family said they were shocked at the massacre but evidence indicates the family knew more then they let on.

Two weeks before massacring his coworkers, Farook and one of the co-workers he killed, 52-year-old Nicholas Thalasinos, had a heated conversation about Islam.   Farook didn't agree with Nicholas that Islam is not a peaceful religion.

      Tawfik Hamid, a former Jihadi, in an article titled Inside the Jihadi's Mind (The Herald Examiner 9/2007) wrote that:

Muslims who live in the West who insist to outsiders that Islam is a religion of peace and who enjoy freedom of expression, which they demand from their Western hosts have threatened me with murder and arson. I have had to choose between accepting violent Salafi views and being rejected by the overwhelming majority of my fellow Muslims. I have chosen the latter.

    Tawfil Hamid is saying that the majority of Muslims are pretending to be moderate when they are not.

    Muslim groups by pretending to be moderate and anti-terror can gain influence and respectability and actually help the cause of the terrorists.  A classic example of this is the claims by the Muslim Public Affairs Council, MPAC, that they are against extremism (The Muslim Public Affairs Council War Against Steve Emerson, 1/12/05, ).  The 8/3/05 web site of the UK MPAC (MPACUK) raises questions about the so called lack of extremism of MPACIt features an article titled: Zionists Behind Terror Attacks with a picture of a Jew with horns in front of the American flag.

      MPAC accuses others of racism. They tried to discredit Steve Emerson, the investigative reporter who authored Jihad in America, as being an anti-Muslim racist.  They did this despite Steve Emerson's repeated statements that not all Muslims are terrorists, because they want to cripple his effectiveness. 

   On July 28, 2005 U.S. and Canadian Muslim leaders issued at fatwa (religious ruling) against terrorism stating that terrorist tactics violate the Koran.  According to Steven Emerson the very organizations issuing and promoting the fatwa are themselves integral nodes in the terror network. (Anti-Terror Fatwa is Bogus Moonbat Central 7/29/05)  Emerson wrote:

"[I]t is a fake fatwa designed merely to deceive the American public into believing that these groups are moderate.  In fact, officials of both organizations have been directly linked to and associated with Islamic terrorist groups and Islamic extremist organizations."

   Not long after 9/11 Siraj Wahaj, the first Muslim to given an invocation to the U.S. Congress, said:

"I now feel responsible to preach, actually to go on a jihad against extremism."

Robert Spencer in an article titled A Good Moderate Muslim is Hard to Find wrote ( 11/29/04):

But what he thinks actually constitutes extremism is somewhat unclear; after all, he has also warned that the United States will fall unless it accepts the Islamic agenda.´ He has lamented that "if only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate." In the early 1990s he sponsored talks by Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman in mosques in New York City and New Jersey; Rahman was later convicted for conspiring to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993, and Wahaj was designated apotential unindicted co-conspirator.

On a religion blog, Siraj is quoted as telling his followers that a society governed by strict Islamic law, where adulterers would be stoned to death and thieves would have their hands cut off, would be superior to American democracy. Siraj has made statements such as:

"In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing. And the only thing that will remain will be Islam."

"If Allah says stone them to death, through the Prophet Muhammad, then you stone them to death, because it's the obedience of Allah and his messenger nothing personal."

"I see the demise of the Soviet Union as a sign for the American people that what happened in the Soviet Union will definitely happen in America unless America changes its course from the new world order and accepts the Islamic agenda."

     Is this the most moderate Muslim leader Congress could find to honor with giving an invocation? If so that is alarming.

Ahmed Bedier, former chief of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is widely regarded as a moderate Muslim leader in this guise, he even appeared on Glenn Beck's CNN show in March 2007 to speak out againstextremism. Robert Spencer wrote:

He has said that before 1995, when the State Department declared Palestinian Islamic Jihad a terrorist group, there was nothing immoral about associating with the group. The anti-terror advocacy group Americans Against Hate notes that Bedier's answer is startling, given the fact that, prior to 1995, Palestinian Islamic Jihad took credit for five terrorist attacks, which resulted in the murders of eight innocent people. This includes a suicide bombing in the town of Netzarim Junction, in November of 1994.

And when two Muslim college students, Youseff Megahed and Ahmed Mohamed, were found with pipe bombs (and one of whom admitted to making a video about how to use remote-controlled bombs against American soldiers), Bedier claimed that the pipe bomb material was just fireworks and said, Both of them are really na´ve kids. On a Florida TV show, Bedier sidestepped numerous opportunities to condemn the barbaric practice of stoning.

    Muslim student organizations pretend to be moderate.  John Perazzo wrote in Frontpage Magazine 11/13/07 about the Muslim Student Association of the University of California at Irvine as follows:

If one were to judge the Muslim Student Union (MSU) of the University of California at Irvine (UCI) solely on the basis of its self-description and its stated mission, one would have no inkling of the volcano of Jew-hatred that animates this organization. Founded in 1992 by a small group of Muslim students who desired to establish an Islamic presence on campus, MSU says it aims to provide a community or family atmosphere for Muslims enrolled at UCI, and to build an environment that enhances good, discourages bad, and provides networks of resources, knowledge, people, and companionship to its members. Toward these ends, MSU offers daily congregational prayers, daily free iftars [the evening meal for breaking the daily fast] during Ramadan that serve over a hundred Muslims, over eight weekly classes, a quarterly magazine Alkalima, coalition building with other clubs on campus, and a gateway to the larger Muslim community. MSU also provides career advice and a study/tutoring program to help Muslims at UCI.

It all sounds very, very nice.

What the Muslim Student Union does not mention in its literature, however, is that its members commonly wear green armbands during the events it sponsors, to signal their allegiance to the terrorist group Hamas. Nor is there any mention of the fact that MSU has displayed posters on the UCI campus that equate the Star of David with the Nazi Swastika.

    Perazzo went on to describe the extremist rhetoric of Muslims haters the MSU brought to campus.

  Peter Hammond, author of Slavery, Terrorism and Islam was invited to lecture on "Slavery - The Rest of the Story" at three university campuses in Minnesota.  He wrote:

"After numerous students claiming that Islam was always peaceful and tolerant, that no Muslims take these Jihad verses literally, and that no one who participates in terrorism or violence could possibly be a true Muslim, I asked one student whether she regarded Osama Bin Laden as a true Muslim or not.  "Of course he is a Muslim" came her response.  "Even though Osama Bin Laden has planned and organized terrorist attacks which have led to the death of thousands of American civilians, do you recognize Osama Bin Laden as a Muslim?"  Yes, of course he is a Muslim." She asserted. "We cannot judge him!" agreed other Muslim students.  Uniformly, the large group of Muslim students nodded their heads and agreed and verbally asserted that of course Osama Bin Laden was a true Muslim.

Then I questioned them concerning the Al Qaeda suicide bombers.  "Are the suicide bombers true Muslims?"  Incredibly these Muslim students defended the suicide bombers, not only in Israel, but in England as well!  They claimed that because of what Israel had done in occupying the West Bank, and Gaza, the suicide bombers were justified in blowing themselves up in order to kill as many Jews as possible.

"But what about the civilians in London?" I asked.  "Surely you cannot support suicide bombing in London?"  Yet, the Muslim students persisted in defending the suicide bombers, even in London, asserting that England was "a Crusader state!" and that I deserved to die because I was "a white male!"

After so many passionate assertions of how Islam is only peaceful, and always tolerant, and that they never support violence or terrorism, it was shocking to those present to hear those very same Muslims passionately defend Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda's terrorism and suicide bombers, including those who attacked the commuters in the London underground.


    Robert Spencer in an interview with Frontpage Magazine mentioned that former Cleveland Imam Fawaz Damra, signed the Fiqh Council of North America's Fatwa Against Terrorism while elsewhere affirming on secretly filmed video that terrorism is the path to liberation)

Debbie Schlussel  wrote an article about the phony moderate Fawaz Damra as follows (frontpagemagazine 1/3/06):

Damrah was respected as the leader of the largest mosque in Cleveland (reportedly, the largest in Ohio), and was a nationally respected Islamic figure. To the public, he represented himself as a moderate who opposed terrorism and only wanted peace. Easily duped Jewish and Christian leaders frequently had unity dinners, lunches, and townhall forums, all for the purpose of embracing this "peaceful" Muslim man who played the role they craved, especially after 9/11.

But the real Fawaz Abu Damra was a violent, hateful man, who supported the destruction of Christians, Jews, and America. An FBI transcript of a 1991 speech shows Damra imploring Muslims in attendance to give to Islamic Jihad movement through fraudulent means, and he makes it clear that the money will go to stab and kill Jews:

Tonight, Dr. Sami al-Arian...he is the president of Islamic Committee for Palestine and a short briefing about the Islamic Committee for Palestine, it is the active arm of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, and we like to call it the Islamic Committee for Palestine here for security reasons.

Donate to the Islamic Jihad! Nidal Zaloum from the Islamic Jihad held a dagger and stabbed four of the Jews in the courtyard of Al-Haram Al-Qudsi...For the Intifada, for the Islamic Jihad, I say it frankly for the Islamic Jihad. The jihad is still erupting in Palestine from village to village, I tell you it is not for the organizations with respect to everyone but for the jihad. The jihad! One of them would leave his house with a knife to stab the Jews--twelve Jews after the events of the Gulf War. Brothers, the Intifada calls you. Five hundred dollars! Who would add to five hundred dollars? Who would add to five hundred dollars? If you write a check, write it for the Islamic Committee for Palestine, I.C.P. Who would add to the five hundred dollars of Hajj Ahmad?


[Muslims should be] Directing all the rifles at the first and last enemy of the Islamic national and that is the sons of monkeys and pigs, the Jews.

The money Damra helped Sami al-Arian raise for Islamic Jihad went to fund Islamic Jihad terrorist attacks on innocent people, such as the bus bombing that murdered New Jersey college student Alisa Flatow, the daughter of my friend Stephen Flatow.

    Joe Kaufman wrote an article in Frontpage Magazine titled The Two Faces of Zulfiqar Ali Shah, about an event which ostensibly was dedicated to promote a greater understanding and respect for and among people of all faiths, colors, and gender.  for its inaugural event  Shaikh Abdur-Rahman Al-Sudais, was invited to speak.  He is the the chief cleric of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, who had called for the murder of Jews, Christians, and Americans.  Al-Sudais had also described Jews as the scum of the human race, the rats of the world, the killers of prophets, and the grandsons of monkeys and pigs. Due to Kaufmans exposure of the event, Al-Sudais's appearance was cancelled

 Investors Business Daily wrote about three phony moderates Sami al-Arian, Abdurahman Alamoudi and Ali Al-Timimi as follows:

Sami Al-Arian: The popular and respected Muslim activist was a White House guest of both presidents Clinton and Bush. He assured his hosts he was both peace-loving and patriotic. "I am a very moderate Muslim person," he said. "I also condemn violence in all its forms."

All the while, Al-Arian was secretly running a U.S. beachhead for Palestinian terrorists. In a speech at a Cleveland mosque, he once thundered: "Let's damn America, let's damn Israel, let's damn their allies until death."

He's now a convicted terrorist.

Abdurahman Alamoudi: This pillar of the Muslim community also went from the White House to the Big House. But not before developing the Pentagon's Muslim chaplain corps, and acting as a goodwill ambassador for the State Department.

He, too, strongly denounced terror. "We are against all forms of terrorism," he claimed. "Our religion is against terrorism."

Privately, however, he raised major funds for al-Qaida and was caught on tape grumbling that Osama bin Laden hadn't killed enough Americans in the U.S. embassy bombings.

Also, at a Muslim conference, he was recorded saying the following:

"Muslims sooner or later will be the moral leadership of America. It depends on me and you. Either we do it now or we do it after a hundred years, but this country will become a Muslim country. And I think if we are outside this country, we can say, 'Oh, Allah, destroy America.' But once we are here, our mission in this country is to change it."

Ali Al-Timimi: A noted imam and native Washingtonian, he also put on a moderate face in public while secretly plotting against us. The internationally known Muslim scholar had government clearance even worked with a former White House chief of staff and was invited to speak on Islam to the U.S. military.

Publicly, the imam denounced Islamic violence. "My position against terrorism and Muslim-inspired violence against innocent people is well known by Muslims," he said.

But privately, a darker picture emerged. Five days after the 9/11 attacks, he called them "legitimate" and rallied young Muslim men at his mosque to carry out more "holy war" and "violent jihad."

Al-Timimi even cheered the Columbia space shuttle disaster, calling it a "good omen" for Muslims because it was a blow to their "greatest enemy." He also said the U.S. "should be destroyed."

This high-profile moderate is also now behind bars, for soliciting terror and treason.


     Ali Asad Chandia was a third grade teacher from the D.C. suburbs who was described as a dedicated teacher, a great family man and so gentle that he wouldnt hurt a tree branch in his yard. Chandia, 29, trained at a jihad camp in Lahore, Pakistan, run by the terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba.´ Within months of 9/11, Chandia joined the so-called Virginia jihad network dedicated to preparing for holy war against U.S. troops deployed to Afghanistan. After his conviction, some 350 Muslims including Islamic scholars, activists and other leaders, as well as government employees and contractors, donated generously to his defense fund. (The Terrorist Next Door, 8/31/06)


 Patrick Poole wrote an article Hometown Jihad about the Islamization of his community of Hilliard Ohio and was attacked for spreading hate speech and likened to a neo-Nazi. He wrote a followup article (Hometown Jihad Blowback, 5/24/2006) in which he further exposed the radicalism of one of his new neighbors, Salah Sultan and how the Muslims pretend to be moderate he wrote:


As I said in Hometown Jihad, what concerns me most about Salah Sultan is that he is my neighbor; and as a result of his well-known terror ties, he poses a standing threat to the community I was raised in and where scores of family and friends live. He not only resides here, but freely spreads his message of hate and violence in our community. Just is troubling is that, Sunrise Academy, while claiming to be run by peace-loving, moderate Muslims, unapologetically hosts and promotes an individual like Salah Sultan.

If anything, what´s happening here in the Columbus area should serve as a warning to the whole of America, because there are probably hundreds or possibly thousands of communities across the country just like Hilliard, Ohio, which unbeknownst to most residents harbor would-be jihadists and/or active terror apologists and jihad preachers. At present, these individuals and groups plead moderation and sign statements opposing terrorism, but they nurture hatred for America and defend violence against America and our allies when they think no one is looking. Anyone who doubts that should watch the video Terrorists Among Us: Jihad in America by former CNN reporter Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project.

This faux moderation is a deliberate part of their strategy of Islamic conquest, as Salah Sultan made clear in a speech he gave in April 2004 for the New York chapter of the Muslim American Society, where he said:

Da'wah [conversion] work can never succeed unless Muslims embed themselves within the very marrow of American society.


Salah Sultan has embedded himself into American society here in Hilliard, Ohio, making good on his threat and serving as an example for those like him. If the blackening of my name by the Columbus Dispatch by likening me to a Neo-Nazi is the price I have to pay to warn my community about who is living amongst us and the potential threat they pose, I will gladly pay it.

    Patrick Poole wrote another article Columbus´ Hometown Jihad 7/11/07 which revealed that

Abukar Arman, a vocal supporter of the Somali terrorist group and al-Qaeda-linked Islamic Courts Union (ICU), as well as several other terrorist individuals and organizations, was currently serving on the blue-ribbon board that oversees Central Ohio Homeland Security.

   3 months after the attack on America on Sept 11, on December 11, 2001, the Global Relief Foundation, a Chicago-area Muslim charity, issued a statement, urging Americansto remember the tragedy as we unite against terrorism and disaster worldwide. . . . To forget the tragedy would be acquiescing to terror, and to the misery it brings. We will join hands and fight against terror wherever it strikes.´

   It turns out that in October 2002, the Global Relief Foundation was placed on the United Nations list oforganizations subject to sanctions´; because of its support of terror organizations and its assets were frozen to prevent them from going to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

   Paul Sperry in an article titled Veiled Threat ( 11/22/05) wrote that:

Authorities are still looking for another Pakistani woman who they believe to be a "fixer" for al-Qaida in the U.S. MIT-educated Aafia Siddiqui is said to have been involved in a plot to blow up underground gas tanks around Baltimore. The mother of three is known as a "good sister" who has memorized her Quran and is willing to help al Qaeda out when they need her. She was a hard-line Muslim activist on the MIT campus, where she wore head-to-toe traditional black gown and matching headscarf while raising money for jihadists around the world. The Bostonians she ran into outside that circle of hate, however, knew her only as a soft-spoken "philanthropist."

   After Sept 11, American military chaplain Yousef Yee, said that the attacks wereun-Islamic and categorically denied by a great majority of Muslim scholars around the world.´ But now he has been charged with attempting to give classified information to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. (Moderate Muslims, Where Art Thou, Robert Spencer, 11/6/03)

   Sami Omar al Hussayen, head of the Muslim Student Association at the University of Idaho declared after the September 11 attacks that the University's Moslems

condemn in the strongest terms possible what are apparently vicious acts of terrorism against innocent citizens.

   Robert Spencer in his book Onward Muslim Soldiers writes that:

the FBI charges that such statements were just a cover for his terrorist activities.

   and that:

An American convert to Islam, New York prison chaplain Warith Deen Umar asserted that "even Muslims who say they are against terrorism secretly admire and applaud" the September 11 terrorists

    If we can't tell if Muslims are peaceful based on what they say can we judge Islam by the nice impression some Muslims make on us?  Daniel Pipes answered that question in an article called "Those 'Jolly Fine' Terrorists" (New York Sun 12/2/03) about the nice impression some of them give.  He writes that Mr. Badat who one admirer called "a walking angel" and "the bright star of our mosque" was arrested because of his training with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and his possession of PETN, one of the most powerful high explosives known.  Wail al Dhaleai, who carried out a suicide attack against American troops in Iraq was given a eulogy as follows:

He was a very nice person.  He used to train our kids.  He was very jolly and always laughing.

Another mosque figure called Dhaleni a "jolly fine gentleman" and a neighbor noted how he went "out of his way to help the children."  Dhaleni's martial arts coach added "He just made you laugh.  I cannot say enough nice things about him.  He was such a nice guy."

   Dhaleni in some ways may really have been a nice guy as long as you weren't an infidel he was probably very nice. 

   Another very nice guy (if you were Muslim) was Mohammad Sidique Khan, father of a 14 month year old daughter and a learning mentor for children of immigrant families who had just arrived in Britain.  Those who worked in his school said he was endlessly patient and immensely popular with children.  Mr. Khan is no longer with us having blown himself and at least seven other people up in the Edgware Road subway station in London. (The Chilling Double Life of 'Beloved' Teacher Who Was Bomber, New York Post 7/14/04)  Another bomber of the London subway, Jermaine Lindsay, was described as very kind and very nice by Magdy el-Nashar an Egyptian chemist who found him a place to stay in Leeds. (London 'bomb' chemist freed in Egypt, New York Post 8/10/05). 

    A 2001 yearbook from South Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte shows him smiling with short black hair combed over his forehead. Another photo shows the teen racing his Mitsubishi Eclipse at a Fayetteville drag strip.

   He was secretary of tutoring for Spanish his senior year and a member of the Sabres high school football team.

   In the ninth grade, he was student council president. His junior and senior years, he belonged to the National Honor Society and the Spanish National Honor Society.  Taheri-azar was all these things as well as the avenger who bought a 4 wheel drive Jeep Cherokee because it would keep going after running over people so that he could run over more people.  Taheri-azar chose to run over his fellow classmates at UNC and planned the attack for 11:45 AM on Friday because that's when he expected the largest number of people to be congregating at the Pit.  (Fayetteville Online 3/8/2006)

 Youssef Mohamed E., a 22-year-old Lebanese studying in Germany was described by friends as friendly, inconspicuous and pious.´ He was apprehended on August 19, 2006, in the northern German city of Kiel for trying to blow up two German trains with suitcase bombs three weeks previously. (German Train Terror II, 8/22/2006)


 Robert Spencer ina an article titled Why´s a Nice Guy Like You Doing a Terrorist Act Like This? ( 5/18/07), wrote:


According to former Detroit Public Schools Superintendent Eddie Green, Kifah Jayyousi isa great guy, one of the nicest people I´ve ever met.´ While Green was superintendent, Jayyousi oversaw the Detroit school district´s capital improvement program, which had a $1.5 billion budget.


Jayyousi is now charged, according to the Detroit Free Press, withconspiring to kidnap, maim and murder by providing money, recruits and equipment for Islamic struggles in Bosnia, Kosovo and Chechnya from 1993 to 2001.´ He could get life in prison.


Christopher Paul, a martial arts instructor at a mosque in Columbus, Ohio, is also a terrific guy. Ahmad Al-Akhras, vice chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations chapter in Columbus, said:From the things I know, he is a loving husband and he has a wife and parents in town. They are a good family together.´


Yet now Paul, a Muslim, has been charged, according to Associated Press, withproviding material support to terrorists, conspiracy to provide support to terrorists and conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction.´ He is accused of training with Al-Qaeda in the early 1990s, training people for violent jihad attacks on targets in Europe and the United States, and more.


But another one of Paul´s friends, Hisham Jenhawi, was skeptical:I don´t think it´s even close to his personality to act upon something like that. He´s a very kind person. You would meet him on the street and he would want to hug you with the heart that he has.´ One of his neighbors, Mike James, added:He seemed like a nice guy, always waving


This kind of thing is nothing new. A friend remembered Gokhan Elaltuntas, a Muslim who carried out a suicide bombing on a synagogue in Istanbul in 2003:We went partridge hunting together. I still cannot believe how such a quiet person could have been involved in an incident like this.´ A friend of Naveed Haq, the jihadist killer who murdered one and wounded five at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle in July 2006, described him aspretty much just a normal guy´.He was the kind of guy when you talked to him he was always laughing.´


According to a Southern California friend of Raed Albanna, who killed 132 people in a suicide attack outside a medical clinic in Iraq in 2005,He was into partying. We hit some pretty wild clubs in Hollywood.´ Frank Lindh, the father of John Walker Lindh, a.k.a. Suleyman Al-Faris, the convert to Islam from Marin County who joined the Taliban and was captured in Afghanistan fighting against American troops, has said:In simple terms, this is the story of a decent and honorable young man embarked on a spiritual quest.´


 In May 2007 6 Muslims were arrested for planning to kill U.S. soldiers in New Jersey. John Shiffman and Jan Hefner wrote in the Philadelphia Inquirer that:


Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer (the alleged ringleader) is a 22-year-old taxi driver who was born in Jordan and is a naturalized citizen.

Danielle Lee, a dispatcher for All City Taxi in Philadelphia, said she was shocked by Shnewer's arrest.

"He's such a nice man," she said. "We never had any complaints. He always kept to himself. No problems."


 The three Duka brothers were going to participate in the mass killing of soldiers.´ Shiffman and Hefner wrote:

Neighbors said the Duka family appeared friendly, sharing backyard-grown tomatoes and cucumbers.´ Michael Levine, 38, who lives two doors away, said he was "blown away" at the news of the arrests.´ "They seemed like normal people - you'd have no idea," he said. "It's unsettling. You don't know who your neighbors are."

´Regarding Serdar Tatar another of the would be terrorists they wrote:

A 7-Eleven spokesman said Tatar "came in and did his job like all the employees."´ "This was a person who got along with his coworkers," he said. "He was friendly toward the customers."

 Gandina a friend of the Tartar family told the Inquirer:

"I have a very good opinion of this family, very good opinion," she said. "I cannot believe, I cannot believe that something can happen to them."

 Perhaps the most startling example of niceness is Dr. Aiman Al-Zawaheri, Al Qaeda´s second in command (frontpage magazine 10/24/2006)´ Dr. Hamid, a former extremist Muslim when asked what Al-Zawaheri was like, Dr. Hamid does not hesitate.

´Al-Zawaheri was a very nice man on the personal level,´

Michael Adebolajo and another soldier of Allah ran over Lee Rigby in London and hacked him to death with a machete.  I believe it was Abelojado who said he would help an old woman up the stairs because "That's the kind of guy I am".  One neighbor of Adebolajo's said :Michael seemed a lovely guy I am in total shock. I used to see him in the lift and we would joke about football.´ In the period since his conversion, it was clear yesterday that Adebowale had become increasingly radical and overt in voicing his beliefs.

Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez came fromyour average Chattanooga family,´ said a former high school classmate.  Kagan Wagner who went to High School with him, told the Chattanooga Times Free-PressTheir whole family seemed normal,´ .  Abdulazeez´s high school teachers recalled him as a brilliant student, who went on to earn a bachelor´s degree in electrical engineering at University of Tennessee Chattanooga.  Wagner described Abulazeez asquiet´ but well-liked.

Mr. Abulazeez shot 4 marines in the Naval Reserve Center in Chattanooga.

´He was friendly, funny, kind, Wagner told the
Chattanooga Times Free-PressI never would have thought it would be him.´

Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss-born Muslim academic and professor has been celebrated by intellectuals and news outlets; including, which stated that hecould be one of the most important intellectuals in the world,´ comparing the Islamic scholar to a modern-day Martin Luther; and Time, which named Ramadan one of the world's top hundred scientists and thinkers.

In truth, Ramadan, like the late Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, is amaster of double talk,´ relaying to Western ears an amicable message of unity between Western and Muslim peoples, but expressing his true feelings of Western hatred to his Muslim brethren.

   What about if Muslims are engaged in interfaith dialog.  Then surely they are nice.  Yehudit Barsky wrote an article in the Jewish Week (10/8/04) in which she spoke about Imam Muhammad Gemeaha a former leader in interfaith dialogue with Jewish and Christian colleagues.  

Shortly after 9-11, Imam Muhammad Gemeaha, the respected leader of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York and and representative of Cairo's Al-Azhar University, told Lailat Al-Qadr, the unofficial university Web site publication in Arabic, that Jews planned the terrorist attacks. 

"If the Americans knew that the Jews carried out the Sept. 11 attacks," he said, "they would do to them what Hitler did."

Imam Gemeaha went on to accuse American Jewish doctors of poisoning Muslim patients.  "Muslims and Arabs are now not safe, they cannot go out for their usual business, their children cannot go to schools and some Musims even cannot go to hospitals after some Jewish doctors in a hospital poisoned Muslim patients who died because of that," he said...

Clearly his interfaith activity was a ploy to gain respectability, serving as a cover for his true beliefs....

Jewish-Christian dialogue has promoted mutual understanding, as virtually all mainstream Christian leaders have denounced anti-Semitism.  But the same has not happened with Muslim groups, as many leaders who pretended to engage in honest dialgue with us have supported terrorists.  

   The problem of the phony moderates and distinguishing them from the real ones was discussed by Daniel Pipes in an article titled Moderate Muslims, Real and Phony (frontpagemagazine 11/23/04)

   The way we can determine the effect of Islam on people is by the behavior of Muslims as a whole.  In this web site I review Muslim behavior through history and the inescapable conclusion is that belief in Islam makes people more warlike on the whole.  The fact that there are nice peaceful Moslems leaves hope that someday a more moderate peaceful version of Islam may emerge but is irrelevant in evaluating the current nature of Islam.  Dennis Prager, in his article "A Letter to an American Soldier in Iraq" (11/26/03) explained this as follows:

Of course, there are hundreds of millions of fine people among the world's 1.3 billion Muslims. But that is, unfortunately, as irrelevant to understanding today's war as the fact that there were millions of fine Germans living in Hitler's Germany was to understanding World War II.

It is not the fine Muslims who rule most Muslim countries, some of which are among the cruelest on earth. It is not the fine Muslims who dominate the Islamic schools around the world that teach that it is right to subjugate women and to slit Christians' and Jews' throats. It is not the fine Muslims who wish to impose a violent, hate-filled religion on others. It is not the fine Muslims who burned 13 churches in Nigeria just last week.

And sadly, most of the fine Muslims, including those in America, rarely condemn their civilization-threatening co-religionists.

   Those who do condemn their civilization threatening co-religionists often find themselves targets of hatred from other Muslims.  

   In the video below Robert Spencer says there are moderate Muslims but that there is no moderate Islam.


Lebanon allowed their PLO friends to escape Jordan which had had enough of them.  The Christians of Lebanon paid a terrible price for rescuing their Muslim friends.  Here Brigitte Gabriel discusses the price she paid.


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