Ia3 Is Islam a Peaceful Religion, what does Muhammad's Life Tell us?

George Horton, former U.S. Consul in the Near East, wrote a book about the destruction of the Christians of Turkey by the Muslims, which he titled, The Blight of Asia.  In this book he wrote:

And as is the case in all religions, the example set by the originator has had a greater influence on his disciples than his book. The Prophet is deeply reverenced by all Mohammedans who regard even one hair from his beard as having miraculous power. 

The main facts of his life and his general character are known to them. These salient facts will now be set forth without bias of hostility or irreverence. They are authentic and well established. The reader is invited to confirm them and determine for himself whether or not they are correctly stated. 

1. Mohammed was a polygamist;
2. After leaving Mecca and proceeding to Messina, where he established himself for a time, he organized and conducted raids against caravans, which he robbed to replenish his depleted treasury;
3. He besieged and plundered towns for the booty, which acts he justified by "revelations";
4. He ordered eight hundred Jewish prisoners to be separated from their wives and children and butchered and their bodies thrown into a trench. Their wives and families were sold into captivity. This was the first Mohammedan massacre;
5. He ordered ferocious and inhuman punishments to be inflicted;
6. He removed his enemies by murder and assassination.

We have seen how faithfully this example has been followed by the Turks throughout the years since the fall of Constantinople, and especially by the Young Turks since their accession to power.

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