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   Two other web pages in this web site have information regarding Islamic hostility to the West.  They are the Creation of Paranoia and the Creation of Delusion web pages.

The following are links to pages about Islam.  If they no longer link to anything a possible reason is that Muslims have shut them down.  The following are good sites on Islam.

The Koran and the Kafir

The Complete List of Sites Offering an Alternative View On Islam

Arab Masters Raping Boy Slaves

The AntiJihad Forum

Islamic Law

Islamic Nations Slaughter, Enslave Christians

Yazdgird Letter to Omar

Islam Awareness

Islam Unveiled With Rational Thinking

Institute For the Secularization of Islamic Society

Islam Review

Slavery In Islam

The Spirit of Islam

The Truth About Islam

Books on Islam include:

Unveiling Islam: An Insider's Look at Muslim Life and Beliefs


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