Ways The Koran Convinces People to Believe and to Fight the Non-Believer

     The links below are full of quotes from the Koran that demonstrate the technique.  For example the Scare People into Believing link points to a page full of quotes that do just that, they threaten eternal hellfire for those who don't believe. 

    If you want power and money and want to use religion to get it, the way to do it is not to announce that you have special powers and everyone should give you money and serve you.  People aren't that dumb at least most aren't.  If on the other hand you present yourself as someone who cares about them and who is a preacher of God who preaches for their own benefit, then you have a better chance of convincing them.  If you tell them what they want to hear you have a better chance of convincing them.  Telling people that they will go to heaven is what they want to hear and is what Muhammad did but he made it conditional on them believing.  Combining reward with the threat of punishment if they don't believe is an even more powerful technique and is one Muhammad used.  I read an article by a woman who had a Muslim "friend".  The friend told her that she'd have to kill her when the time for Jihad came.  The woman asked her friend if she ever questioned her belief but the Muslim said she couldn't question her belief because doubting in Allah even for a second could result in eternity in hell.

     I have been reading the Koran and cutting and pasting verses that fit the different brainwashing techniques in the respective web pages.  I haven't included every sentence that is an example of a brainwashing technique but as one can see by clicking on the links there are overwhelming numbers of examples. 

    Reading the Koran for me is a very sad experience because I come across the victories Muhammad had and realize how his brainwashing techniques led to massacres of innocent people and to monstrifying of his followers.

This is currently a work in progress, I haven't finished the Koran yet. 


For examples of these techniques being used by the Koran click on the links.

  1. Scare People Into Believing

  2. Tell your followers not to mix socially with the nonbeliever

  3. Tell your followers to be hard on or kill the non-believers

  4. Tell your followers that if they are slain in battle with the Non-believer they will go to Heaven.

  5. Tell people there are great rewards in store for them if they do believe.

  6. Tell people there are great rewards in store if they give Allah (you) money.

  7. Convince people that Allah is all powerful so people will want do do what you say he wants them to do.

  8. Tell people they must conquer the non-believer and that there are rewards for victory over the non-believer and punishment for running away

  9. Make people feel guilty for not believing

  10. Pretend that what you say is God's word.

  11. Retell the Bible as if God is speaking through you about what he did.

  12. Answers to Questions such as.
         a) Why don't you give us a sign?
        b) Why do some people not believe?
        c) Why do some infidels who don't believe in Allah live well?

  13. Pretend you are preaching for the benefit of those you preach to and not your own.

  14. Command your believers to be good to other believers so they will believe that you are good and not after their money.

  15. Convince people that Believing in Allah is Seeing the Light

  16. Convince people that the non-believer is evil.

  17. Convince your followers that victory over the non-believer is Allah's doing.

  18. Get them to Pray to Allah

Ways Muhammad used His followers Belief he was a Prophet to Justify Exploiting Others

  1. Justifying immoral sexual relations.

  2. Getting them to pay him a poor tax

Why would someone try and get people to believe?  Muhammad got 1/5th of the spoils from war.

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