Convince People that Non-believers are Evil

[17.4] And We had made known to the children of Israel in the Book: Most certainly you will make mischief in the land twice, and most certainly you will behave insolently with great insolence

[29.68] And who is more unjust than one who forges a lie against Allah, or gives the lie to the truth when it has come to him? Will not in hell be the abode of the unbelievers?

32.20] And as for those who transgress, their abode is the fire; whenever they desire to go forth from it they shall be brought back into it, and it will be said to them: Taste the chastisement of the fire which you called a lie.

[43.36] And whoever turns himself away from the remembrance of the Beneficent God, We appoint for him a Shaitan, so he becomes his associate.
[43.37] And most surely they turn them away from the path, and they think that they are guided aright:
[43.38] Until when he comes to Us, he says: O would that between me and you there were the distance of the East and the West; so evil is the associate!
[43.39] And since you were unjust, it will not profit you this day that you are sharers in the chastisement.

[45.31] As to those who disbelieved: What! were not My communications recited to you? But you were proud and you were a guilty people.

[51.10] Cursed be the liars,
[51.11] Who are in a gulf (of ignorance) neglectful;
[51.12] They ask: When is the day of judgment?
[51.13] (It is) the day on which they shall be tried at the fire.
[51.14] Taste your persecution! this is would hasten on.