Steven Emerson wrote a shocking book called the American House of Saud about how the Saudis manipulate American Foreign policy.  One way they do this is by demanding that American businesses who do business with them become lobbyists against Israel and the American businesses are all too willing to sacrifice their principles for money.  Political leaders whose election campaigns benefit from donations from these businesses are told that they won't get those donations if they don't cooperate. 

Muslims influence who is in the U.S. government.  Bill Gertz, The Washington Times' national security correspondent, wrote how Stephen Coughlin was fired for not softening his views on Islamic extremism after this angered a Muslim in the government by the name of Hasham Islam.

  Frank Gaffney wrote that Karen Hughes, President Bush's close friend and, until recently, his point-person in the War of Ideas as undersecretary of state for public diplomacy, reportedly considered as her "guru" a professor at Georgetown University whose program is underwritten by a $20 million grant from a Saudi prince.
FBI personnel continue to receive "sensitivity training" from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, even though the Justice Department has also designated it an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land terrorist case.  This is a great way for Islamic enemies of the United States to find out who is an FBI agent.


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