I Can't Love my Mother Because She's Not a Muslim
UK convert to Islam 

O you who believe! The non-Muslims are nothing but dirt. Allah has created them to be partisans of Satan;
most treacherous in regard to all they do; whose whole endeavor in this nether life is useless,
though they themselves imagine that they are doing fine work. Upon them rests the curse of Allah,
of the Angels and of man collectively.

Caliph Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz sent out a message to the governors of the various Islamic provinces of conquered Spain known as al-Andalus

Muhammad's message to non-believers is: "I come to slaughter all of you...  We are the Muslims. We drink the blood of the enemy, and we can face them anywhere."
Omar Brooks in a debate at Trinity College, Dublin

Hatred of Christians is synonymous with love for God.
Sheikh Yassir al-Burhami

"'Oh dear people, look at this global arena. By whom are we confronted?
We have to understand the depth of the disgrace of the enemy,
until our holy hatred expands continuously and strikes like a wave.'"

Iranian President Ahmadinejad at Tehran Conference 2005


A man was kneeling in prayer before the statue of the revered Madonna,
with the photograph of a loved one in hand, in the small chapel of St. Barnabas in Perugia (Italy),
 when he was attacked by five “immigrants.”
The first thing they did was rip the photo from his hands.
Next they unleashed their hatred against the image of the Virgin Mary.
They broke the statue to pieces and then urinated on it.





Saying Merry Christmas is worse than fornication or killing someone




Muslims who convert to Christianity under Attack by Muslims in the United Kingdom, Jan 6, 2012


“We have rejected you, and there has arisen, between us and you, enmity and hatred for ever, unless ye believe in Allah and Him alone,”
Quran’s 60th chapter verse 4 quoted by Shekau, leader of Boko Haram to justify murdering Christians.

“We don’t kill innocent Muslims. The fact is the bottom line of our struggle is to set the Muslims free from enslavement.
We only kill the unbelievers,”
Abu Qaqa, spokesman for Boku Haram

This is what Islam does to you. When you are in it, your life is nothing but living in the fear of hell,
 and once you leave it, it is not less than hell because you are constantly scared to lose your life.

Anonymous Ex-muslim

VII Islamic Intolerance Toward the Non-Believer 

  The Koran commands that Muslims who convert to another religion must be killed.  Those who hear about this may think "well it's intolerant but at least it doesn't affect non-Muslims".  Muslims forcefully convert Christian girls to Islam and if they escape and convert back the Muslims go on a rampage.  Sometimes they never converted in the first place.  In one rampage Muslims claimed that a Christian girl converted to Islam and the Coptic Church responded by abducting her and torturing her into renouncing Islam.  Raymond Ibrahim wrote:

That these Coptic women have publicly insisted that they never converted to Islam does not seem to matter much; one of them, Camelia Shehata appeared on video months ago proclaiming that she will "live and die as a Christian"; she appeared again last week with her priest husband and young child, emphatically denying that she ever converted to Islam, imploring Muslims to leave them in peace.

    In a Pakistani village in the Punjab province, Christian families were forced to leave because a Christian married a Muslim woman. The Muslims in this village became enraged when this occurred and began threatening them.  This occurred 2 weeks after a Christian couple was burned in a brick kiln by a Muslim mob. The couple had been working there when they were accused of blasphemy.

    Joseph Puder in an article titled The Arab Spring and Christian Persecution wrote:

In Iran, a 32-year old convert to Christianity named Youcef Nadarkhani was sentenced to hang for abandoning Islam for Christianity – a State crime. Nadarkhani has been in jail since October 2010 and has, so far, refused to recant his Christian faith.  If he is hung, he would become the first Iranian to be put to death for apostasy since 1990.

Saudi Arabia, an alleged ally of the U.S., forbids any kind of non-Muslim religious ceremony – public or private. If caught with a Bible, violators are sent to prison and then deported. A story in the Washington Times (11/14/05) underscored the religious intolerance of Saudi Arabia when stating that: “A court sentenced a teacher to 40 months in prison and 750 lashes for “mocking religion” after he discussed the Bible and praised Jews, a Saudi newspaper reported yesterday.”

In Iskenderun, Turkey, the personal driver of Bishop Luigi Padovese, head of the Catholic Church in Turkey, was a Muslim named Murat Altun, who repeatedly stabbed and decapitated the Bishop and then proceeded to shout “I killed the great Satan. Allahu Akhbar.” The brutal murder of Bishop Luigi Padovese, on June 3, 2010, shocked the small and hard pressed Christian community in Turkey. The 62 year-old bishop had been spearheading the Vatican’s efforts to improve Muslim-Christian relations in Turkey...

Throughout the Middle East today, Christians have become endangered species. They are under threat from radical Islamists who have seized the opportunity, with mayhem in the Arab world, to settle the score with their Christian countrymen.

  There is something very ominous about Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani's trial for apostasy and that is that Youcef Nadarkhani was never a Muslim.  According to mainstream Islamic teaching however all people are born Muslims.  Islam also teaches that all who leave the faith should be killed.  According to this rationale all people who don't believe in Islam should be killed because they were all Muslims and all left Islam.

  Muslim Imam's in the West portray Islam as a tolerant religion to Westerners.  Actions, however, speak louder than words and when Muslims are in control as in Saudi Arabia, non-muslims are persecuted.  A good article about this The Saudi Inquisition describes a man dressed as Santa Claus climbing out the window to escape the Muslim religious police and so on.  Although Jews were accused of crucifying Jesus throughout the ages even though it was the Romans who did, it is Muslims who crucify Christians now.  In the Ivory Coast Muslims nailed two Christian brothers with steel spikes to crosses.

    Executions in Saudi Arabia are on the rise.  In May 2011 the Saudis executed 15 people, one for practicing sorcery.

  Gilad Shalit was an Israeli soldier who was captured by Hamas. 

Israel offered Hamas to free hundreds of terrorists in return for Shalit but Hamas kept refusing to release him and would not let the Red Cross see him.  On Thursday Jan 20th 2011 French Foreign Minister Michele Alliot-Marie met with the parents of Gilad Shalit.   The kidnapped soldier holds French citizenship. Alliot-Marie assured his parents that “France has not forgotten Shalit,” and said she would insist that the European Union ask Hamas to allow Red Cross representatives to visit Shalit, as required by international law. The hatred of the Jewish non-believer is so great that Alliot-Marie was mobbed as she entered Gaza, with a crowd surrounding her car, pounding on its windows, and throwing shoes at the vehicle. One person jumped on the car. Two children were pushed in front of the first car in Alliot-Marie's convoy, forcing the convoy to a stop while the attack continued.  Why, because of her sympathy with Gilad Shalit and his parents and her allegiance to French citizens and because she asked Gaza to obey a humanitarian International Law.  Eventually Israel gave Hamas an offer they could not refuse and released a large number of terrorists in return for Shalit.

  Daniel Greenfield wrote in Frontpage Magazine that:

An Israel Radio reporter recently did random street in interviews in Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, where the responders echoed (in fluent Hebrew) Abbas’s characterization of Jews as contaminants.

“Things here will only improve,” argued one fellow, “after the Jews are gone. Yes we want peace, but peace means no Jews.”

Another bystander likewise recommended ethnic cleansing: “Go back to where you came from. Go to Russia, Germany, Poland – anywhere – just not here.”

But there were also kinder voices: “I really don’t like to say so,” remarked a solicitous sort, “but what was done to you in Germany, will be done to you here too.”

These are our peace partners. It’s spine chilling to hear such sentiments from ordinary taxi drivers and greeng

  On August 22, 2010, Gregory Luke a 64 year old retiree from California living in the island of Lombok Indonesia, walked into a neighboring mosque and asked them to turn the volume down.  A group of local youths then pushed him to the ground and pelted him with rocks.  He fled and a mob chased him to his home and ransacked it as police looked on.  Gregory Luke, needed a police escort from his home as the mob tore it to pieces around him. No one from the mob was prosecuted, instead prosecutors said Luke had blasphemed against Islam, when he complained that the nightly Ramadan prayer reading was too loud.  "We recommend a sentence of seven months' jail as he is guilty of blasphemy and committing an act of hatred," prosecutor Baiq Nurjanah told a court in Praya, Lombok. The recommended sentence would have been greater but Gregory had apologized and groveled in order to get a reduced sentence.

  In June 2009, Asia Bibi,

a farm hand from the village of Ittan Wali in Sheikhpura District, of Pakistan was asked to fetch water; and did so.  According to accounts from witnesses heard by the Pakistani court, Asia Bibi, a 45 years old mother of 5, drank from the glass of two Muslim children who then stopped drinking because they considered Christians unclean.  Angered, it was alleged that Bibi verbally abused the two, their religion, and the Islamic prophet Muhammad. My guess is that this led to a row with other women because according to another source she responded to their taunts telling them of her love of Jesus Christ and how much her LORD had done for her.  She then asked them "What has Mohammad done for you?"  The Muslim women reacted by throwing stones at her for "questioning Mohammad."  A few days later, a group of Muslims decided they had to teach Asia another lesson. Joining together, they severely beat her up. Seemingly in a coordinated fashion, the Muslim officers showed up and arrested the Mom who was being beaten up. Then they took Asia to jail to await a public hanging after a trial.  The owner of the farm where the incident occurred forwarded the incident to the village Imam who forwarded it in turn to the village council ('panchayat'). Asia reaffirmed that she had uttered remarks against Muhammad and then restated her remarks in front of the council. She argued in defense of her remarks and made no attempts at an apology. Arrested Bibi told other female prisoners while in custody that she was "proud" of her remarks. Many from her village and almost her entire village council testified against her as to having heard her make the remarks and reaffirm them twice.  The Governor of Punjab, Salmaan Taseer, spoke up in support of Asia Bibi and in opposition to the blasphemy law and as is to be expected in the tolerant Islamic nation of Pakistan was assassinated by Malik Mumtaz, a member of his security team.  Malik was arrested and then thousands of Muslims filled the streets of Karachi demanding his release.

 According to Z News (www.zeenews.com), the “Moaviya group,” a militant organization plans to mount a suicide attack on Sheikhupura district jail, where 45-year-old Asia is being held in order to kill her.

For an ongoing list of Muslim persecution by country see the following link.

  A primary way that Muslims and their supporters respond to critics of Islam is by accusing them of being racist even though Islam is not a race.  Yet Islam divides the world into believers, subjugated non-believers and non-subjugated non-believers who have to be either subjugated or killed.  

  Creators of religious throughout history have created doctrines of hatred against people who will not convert.  Muhammad, angry because he could not convert the Jews, wrote into the Koran that the Jews should live in humiliation and misery.  He also wrote about Holy War against the Infidel.  The fundamentalist Moslem world is against people of all other beliefs including other Muslims.  This has caused endless wars in the Middle and Far East and will undoubtedly cause many more.  There is a widespread misconception that oppression of the Palestinians is the cause of Arab hatred against the West.  Yet what propagandists call oppression, is often simply self defense measures taken by people oppressed by Muslims.  This is diagrammed in the Creation of Oppression web page.  Jihad against an infidel who defends himself is at the root of most Islamic misery in the world.  Dr. Walid Phares in an article in Frontpagemag.com (October 20, 2003) said that Bin Laden's own words confirm this.  Dr. Phares wrote:

Against the attempts by a sea of intellectuals who have, and still attempt to read "social injustice" into the roots of the 9/11, the sultan of al-Qaida reaffirmed that this "Jihad is against the Kuffars (infidels), those who have assembled today under the banner of the Cross." 

   During Operation Iraqi Freedom, many Iraqis became very pro-American because their appreciation of being liberated from Saddam's tyrannical rule dwarfed their Islamic born hostility.  One Iraqi display of affection was reported by the New York Post (4/10/03) as follows:

It was enough to make a Texan president's heart swell: Hassan Atiya, an Iraqi on horseback, riding off into the chaos of wartime Baghdad with a vigorous wave and an exclamation - "I love you, America"

   In another article the New York Post reported (April 10, 2003):

Jubilant Iraqis stomped on a toppled statue of Saddam Hussein and dragged its severed head through the streets of Baghdad yesterday as the despot's regime collapsed in an orgy of cheering, waving and looting...

But the celebration on the streets did not remove some of the difficulties America will face in establishing a postwar government in Iraq - at least according to some Baghdad demonstrators.

"We will never allow [the Americans] to stay," said Ali al-Obeidim, a store owner.  "Whatever Saddam has done ... we are a Muslim nation."

   In spite of being freed from the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein the Islamic faith of Ali al-Obeidim makes him anti-American. 

   Shortly after being liberated from Saddam Hussein thousands of Shiites in Nasiriyah chanted, "No to America, and no to Saddam!" (New York Post 4/16/03).

   Shortly after the demonstration in Nasiriyah there was a Sunni demonstration in Baghdad.  An article in the Home News Tribune (Iraqis say U.S. should leave 4/19/03) described how Iraqis were exercising their new freedoms.

Iraqis exercised new freedoms and jockeyed for power in a new era yesterday, marching in Baghdad to demand the quick withdrawal of the same American troops and tanks that toppled Saddam Hussein.

"No to America, no to Saddam, our revolution is Islamic," chanted the demonstrators who spilled into the streets after prayers at one 1,300-year-old Sunni Muslim mosque...

americaout.jpg (21343 bytes)

Some protesters carried banners that said, "Leave our country. We want peace," and many raised their right fists and chanted, "America is God's enemy."

Inside the 1,300-year-old mosque, Sheik Ahmed al-Kubeisy said, "We will not accept a government that will oppress us. There must be an elected government."

Addressing some of his remarks to Americans, he added, "You are masters today. But I warn you against thinking of staying. Get out before we force you out."

   This sentiment is shared in Egypt.  A well-known singer in Egypt has turned up with a popular new hit: "Better Saddam's hell than America's paradise." (A Journey Without Maps, Fouad Ajami 5/26/03 US News & World Report)

   About 5 days after the Sunni demonstration, Iraqi Shiite Muslims celebrated their holy festival in honor of Hussein, grandson of Muhammad described by the New York Daily News as follows:

For the first time in three decades, Iraq's Shiites were free to mark their holiest festival - free to crawl on bleeding knees, to whip themselves raw and to cut their own heads open with swords.

With Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein no longer able to torment them, millions of Shiite Muslims flooding into the holy city of Karbala eagerly tormented themselves in a remarkable explosion of long pent-up religious fervor.

"This year is particularly important because we're free to do what we want," cried Jamella Mousawi, 50, a housewife who walked for five days from Baghdad.

Many also used their new freedom to express strong anti-Americanism, a bad sign for Washington's hopes of installing a government that is both democratic and pro-American.

Under a blazing sun, the faithful dripped sweat and gore as they circled Imam Hussein's golden mausoleum in dense crowds.

They whipped themselves with chains, sprayed blood from gashed scalps and waved flags - black for mourning and green for Islam...

bloodyshiites.jpg (40206 bytes)

The annual pilgrimage to Karbala marks the A.D. 680 beheading of Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Muhammed, at the battle that split the Muslims into the Shiite and Sunni sects. Abandoned by his followers, Hussein faced down a massive army practically alone and was martyred.

The Shiites are still beating themselves up for failing to come to his aid - literally.

The ritual self-abuse is meant to express their continuing shame.

"Imam Hussein suffered and died for the Shiites. We hope this visitation eases our path to heaven," Mousawi said...

As the Shiites flexed their new political muscle, there was little gratitude for their liberation...

"Down, down with the Americans! Yes, yes to an Islamic state! Down, down with the Americans!

Americans in Iraq, were fired at by people with AK47s who were mingled in a crowd protesting the American presence in a schoolhouse. (Fox News 4/29/03)

Al-Nidaa, a website affiliated with Al-Qa'ida, recently published a series of articles about the war in Iraq. The eleventh(1) part of the series  stated:(MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 498 5/2/03)

one of the greatest threats to the hegemony of Islam and the dominance of Shari'a [Islamic law] is the American secularism that will be imposed forcefully on the region... The Islamic world will change from dictatorship to democracy, which means sub-human degradation in all walks of life." The meaning, stated the article, of the term 'democracy,' is that people rule, instead of Allah.

After the liberation of Iraq by the United States in 2003, over a million Shiites demonstrated many against the continued presence of American troops.  According to Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin 4/26/03, the Shiite leader "Ayatollah Mohammed Bakir Khakim is on record pledging more than once to his followers a plan to impose Islamic rule over Iraq with the help of Iran."

On April 4th Iraqi Shiites revolted against the United States under the leadership of an Iranian backed cleric, Muqtada al Sadr . (New York Post 4/5/04)

   Organized Muslim groups in Iraq have been shooting at American soldiers.  In addition they have been attacking Iraqi Christians.  According to Worldnetdaily (Christian Persecution On Rise in Iraq, posted 6/14/03)

At least two Christian shop owners were shot dead by Shari'ah vigilantes" last month "and there are unconfirmed reports of another owner and a Christian bystander also being killed," said Christian Forum in Support of Persecuted Religious Minorities Worldwide, according to ANS.

"In some areas women are being forced to wear the veil and have been spat upon, vilified and even refused treatment at hospitals when they failed to do so." ...

Basra appears to have the highest level of persecution.

"Christian girls in some parts of the city are now afraid to go to school in case they are kidnapped," and "some Christian families have already begun to leave Basra to the country's Christian heartland around Mosul

    On October 31, 2010 Al-Qaeda attacked a church in Baghdad, killing at least 58 people. One of the gunmen said:

“We will go to paradise if we kill you and you will go to hell.”

Within the next five weeks, two more attacks  have been carried out on Christians in Iraq’s capital city.

   The Palestinian Muslims to whom so much of the Christian world's sympathy and money is directed has no sympathy toward Palestinian Christians.  Ryan Mauro wrote:

Bethlehem is now almost entirely Muslim as Christians have departed their historical city. When I visited the West Bank, a church told me of how a close relative had been brutally murdered for preaching Christianity. His church is frequently threatened and attacked and he said the Palestinian Authority police was uninterested in protecting them. In the Gaza Strip, where there are 3,500 Christians, some have been forced to help Hamas. After the terrorist group took over, Christian graves were dug up so the bodies could be burned so the Islamic land would be pure.

   The Saudis who America saved from an Iraqi invasion after the invasion of Kuwait have not been overwhelmed with love of America either.  According to the New York Post (11/1/04)

In an open letter to the Iraqi people posted on the Internet yesterday, 26 Saudi scholars and religious preachers stressed that armed attacks launched by militant Iraqi groups on U.S. troops and their allies in Iraq were "legitimate" resistance.

The scholars — some of whom have been criticized in the past for their extremist views — issued a fatwa, or religious edict, prohibiting Iraqis from offering any support for military operations carried out by U.S. forces against militant strongholds.

"Fighting the occupiers is a duty for all those who are able. It is a jihad [holy war to push back the assailants," said the letter. "Resistance is a legitimate right. A Muslim must not inflict harm on any resistance man or inform about them. Instead, they should be supported and protected."

   Not all Muslims in Iraq are for violence against America.  On December 10, 2003, 20,000 men and women marched across central Baghdad, while others repeated the move in different cities of Mesopotamia. The demonstrators, from all walks of life and from all religions and ethnicities of Iraq, shouted one slogan in Arabic: "La' la' lil irhab. Na'am, na'am lil dimucratiya." That is: "No, no to terrorism. Yes, yes to Democracy!" (Iraqis For the Occupation, Walid Phares, Frontpagemag.com 12/11/03)

It is interesting that there is opposition to an Islamic state in Iran, perhaps because they have experience living under the heal of one.  An Iranian architect said, "We don't want any more Islamic Republic. It has taken us 25 years to realize that the revolution came to nothing." Like many, he wants "American help for a change of regime." "The Afghans and the Iraqis had their dictatorships taken away," says a filmmaker, "so why not us?" (Le Monde/Watch-Sweden)

   In another article on April 10, 2003, the New York Post reported the shock and disappointment in the Islamic world at the fall of Saddam:

"Why did he fall that way?  Why so fast?" asked Yemeni homemaker Umm Ahmed, tears streaming down her face...In a live report from Baghdad, an Abu Dhabi TV correspondent said: "We are all in shock.  How did things come to such an end?  How did U.S. tanks enter the center of the city?  Where is the resistance?

   The intolerance of Islam for Christianity is the reason that Lebanon, once a prosperous democratic country in which Christians were a strong political force, has become  an Islamic state controlled by Syria.  It's the reason for the long, bloody, ongoing civil war in Sudan between the entrenched National Islamic Front in Khartoum and the Christian south and the enslavements of Christians captured from the south.

   Charles Jacobson, president of the American anti-slavery group spoke about this: (Rocker rescues Sudan slaves New York Post 12/11/01 p10)

Because the blacks in the south, who are mostly Christian, don't want to be ruled by the Koran, there is genocide and two million people have been killed.

As part of holy war, they raid African villages and shoot the men and capture the women and children and have them as Jihad slaves.  They force them to become Muslim.  The women are genitally mutilated and raped, the little boys become goat herders, and God forbid you lose a goat, they chop your fingers off.

   David Pryce-Jones in his piece Islam in Action that appeared in the New York Post  Nov. 18, 2001, wrote that:

Right round the boundaries of the Islamic world, Islam offers neither peace nor tolerance...In Kosovo and Chechnya, Kurdistan, Lebanon and even Cyprus, in the Phillipines, in Malaysia and Indonesia, Muslims are fighting on issues that ought to be susceptible to rational negotiation...A Nigerian journalist, Ulanugu Eneh, has written, "The greatest threat to Nigeria as a nation as presently constituted is Islamic extremism."  ... At Khartoum University, over 20,000 Christian books were burned or vandalized.  In Algeria... at least 100,000 Muslims have been killed in the civil war there, and in addition to these atrocities was the murder of Bishop Clavier of Oran, and the beheading of seven Trappist monks. 

At Hodeidah in Yemen, three nuns from Mother Teresa's order were murdered. 

   Muslims are murdering and beheading Christian girls in Indonesia (Christian Girls Shot Near Church, worldnetdaily.com 11/9/05).  This is a picture of Noviana Malewa who was lucky enough to fall into a ravine after being struck with a machete.  Her friends who weren’t so lucky were decapitated by Indonesian Muslim Jihadis.  (wnd.com 12/21/2006)

 In December 2005 two Christians who devoted their lives to helping African children were murdered by Muslims apparently because they were suspected of trying to spread Christianity (news.telegraph, 12/23/05). 

   On August 23 2002, Yemen's government-run television station broadcast a prayer sermon delivered at the Grand Mosque in Sanaa, Yemen's capital. Here is what the preacher had to say,

O Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters and the Christians and their supporters and followers.O Allah, destroy the ground under their feet, instill fear in their hearts, and freeze the blood in their veins.

   Earlier in August 2002, in a Friday prayer sermon broadcast live on official Qatari TV from the Omar Bin-Khattab Mosque in Doha, the preacher denounced what he termed the "vile Christians" and pleaded with Allah to annihilate them:

O Allah, destroy the usurper Jews and the vile Christians. O Allah, pour out Your anger on them. O Allah, destroy them.

    The Kuwaiti parliament passed a law that all those who criticize Allah must face the death penalty.

   The 10th grade textbook for one of the five required religion classes taught in all Saudi public schools states: 'It is compulsory for the Muslims to be loyal to each other and to consider the infidels their enemy.'  This hostile view of non-Muslims is reinforced through Saudi sermons and TV shows that are controlled by the Saudi government (Saudi Arabia: Pace-seeking image, pro-terrorist reality, The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 6, 02).  On August 28, 02, the feds charged five Middle Eastern men in Detroit with plotting terror attacks in the United States  - including at Disneyland.  The suspects were in the Salafi Group for Call and Combat.  The group is dedicated to the destruction of all infidels who don't accept its members beliefs. (New York Post 8/29/02)

Robert Spencer wrote that:

Preaching in a mosque in Al-Damam, Saudi Arabia, the popular Saudi Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjid recommended hatred of Christians and Jews as a proper course: “Muslims must,” he declared, “educate their children to Jihad. This is the greatest benefit of the situation: educating the children to Jihad and to hatred of the Jews, the Christians, and the infidels; educating the children to Jihad and to revival of the embers of Jihad in their souls. This is what is needed now...”

   On August 23, 02 the severed heads of two kidnapped Jehovah's Witness missionaries were found in a crowded marketplace in the Philippines.   The heads had notes written on them denouncing the victims as infidels and calling for Jihad.  One note said (NYPost 8/23/02):

This is what happens to those who don't believe in Allah.  This is part of our Jihad.

   CNN obtained a video archive which showed that the fight against the infidel is occurring around the world.  They viewed a tape from the east African nation of Eritrea shows fighters there proclaiming an Islamic battle to drive infidels out of the country.

Another, Tape C205, shows Jihadi fighters in 1990 in the south Asian country of Burma, training with an Arabic-speaking instructor, who tells them, "We are fighting this fight because it is an Islamic fight."

According to CNN online other videos from Uzbekistan, Algeria, Bosnia and many other countries show similar scenes (Tapes give evidence of al Qaeda's global reach August 23, 2002 Posted: 9:44 AM EDT (1344 GMT)).

   Islam is intolerant of the non-believer for not believing and is intolerant of the freedom of the non-believer. Michael Rubin wrote:

"Assigning sovereignty to God and placing it in the hands of the people are mutually exclusive. "

This is the gist of the al Nidaa article mentioned previously which stated:

The meaning, stated the article, of the term 'democracy,' is that people rule, instead of Allah.



    To hear Muslims discussing the compatibility or lack thereof of Islam and democracy click here.  Wafa Sultan explained:

No one can be a true Muslim and a true American simultaneously. Islam is both a religion and a state, and to be a true Muslim you must believe in Islam as both religion and state. A true Muslim does not acknowledge the U.S. Constitution, and his willingness to live under that constitution is, as far as he is concerned, nothing more than an unavoidable step on the way to the constitution’s replacement by Islamic Sharia law.

    Ibrahim Saddiq Conlan an Islamic Australian cleric called for Shariah law in Australia and said:

[the Australian legal system is] the primary cause of the spiritual, economic and environmental crisis in Australia...  Democracy is evil, the parliament is evil and legislation is evil...

    In the video below Anjem Choudary explains that Democracy is an idol that people worship instead of Allah and that it must be destroyed.


     Choudary said, "the Muslims don't want democracy and freedom. Democracy and freedom are anathema to Islam and the Shariah."  He also warned Obama:

"I do believe that the only way for him to save himself in this life and in the hereafter is to embrace Islam. Islam will eradicate all his sins; he will be like the day his mother gave birth to him. Otherwise, when we do implement the Shariah, obviously he will face the consequences of a trial under the Shariah court."

      Obama is appeaser in chief especially when it comes to Islamic countries yet for all his appeasement he is still threatened by Choudary because the only way to be accepted by Islam is to be a Muslim.

     Obama said:

”The Libyan opposition, and the Arab League, appealed to the world to save lives in Libya.  At my direction, America led an effort with our allies at the United Nations Security Council to pass an historic Resolution that authorized a No-Fly Zone to stop the regime’s attacks from the air, and further authorized all necessary measures to protect the Libyan people.”

      One concern that arose regarding Obama's intervention is that the population he was saving might have Al Qaeda sympathies.  One of the rebels Abdel-Salam Rigayi told the Associated Press:

 “We want a society based on the Koran.  Freedom of religion—we don’t want it.  We want the freedom to practice our religion, but we don’t want freedom for Jews and Christians and to have naked women and alcohol.”

Jamie Glazov in an article titled Why Islam Hates Democracy wrote:

In the eyes of Islam, the very notion of democracy is demonized. In Islam, after all, Allah is sovereign, which means that humans constructing their own laws is sinful. The Koran and Sharia Law give Muslims all the laws they need...

In Islam, democracy, as well as the very notion of the freedom of human conscience, represents a dangerous deviation from the Koran and the Sharia. Elections are seen as a form of blasphemy. They are Satan’s vehicle to destroy the Koran

An outstanding article titled Can There Be an Islamic Democracy that debunks the arguments of U.S. academics who say that Islam and Democracy are compatible was written by David Bukay and appeared in the Middle East Quarterly.  Paul Marshall, author of Radical Islam's Rules: The Worldwide Spread of Extreme Shari'a Law  said in an interview with Jamie Glazov said there was a difference between the retrogade Sharia law of the Islamists and the Sharia of other moderate Muslims.  He said (Glazov, J., Sharia Goes Global, frontpagemag.com 10/3/05):

The state enforced imposition of retrograde Sharia law is central to the project of Islamist terrorists worldwide, whether in Iraq, Nigeria, Tajikistan or Indonesia. Their explicit, continually reiterated, program is, in brief, to restore a politically unified worldwide Muslim community, the ummah, ruled by a single ruler, a Caliph, governed by the most reactionary version of Islamic law, Sharia, and organized to wage jihad on the rest of the world. We are in a battle with what is most accurately called the Caliphate movement.

A key element of their program and appeal is the replacement of democracy, legislatures and “man-made law” with what they regard as the immutable divine law declared by God to Mohammed. As MEMRI has recorded, bin Laden’s December 16, 2004 “Statement to the Saudi Rulers” said the regime must be overthrown for “ruling by laws other than those which Allah has revealed” and implementing “man-made laws.” His December 27 “Letter to the Iraqi People” told them not to participate in the January 30 election since Muslims are allowed only to elect a leader for whom “Islam is the only source of the rulings and laws.” Palestinian Authority elections are likewise forbidden since “the constitution of the land is a Jahili made by man” (he added another little noticed reason for boycotting the Palestinian elections, by the way. This was that “the candidate Mahmoud Abbas is a Bahai.”) He also condemned voting in Afghanistan since the Karzai government is ‘apostate.” Iraq’s terrorist Ansar al-Sunnah Army has warned Iraqis not to vote because "Democracy is a Greek word meaning the rule of the people…. This concept is apostasy."

    Andrew Bostom in an article titled Radical Islam’s Goal is Global Conquest (frontpagemag.com 7/2/2007) quoted Islamic scholars about the totalitarian leanings of Islam.  He wrote:   

Ibn Warraq has observed aptly that the most fundamental conception of a Caliphate, “...the constant injunction to obey the Caliph-who is God's Shadow on Earth”, is completely incompatible with the creation of a “rights-based individualist philosophy.”..

Almost six decades ago (in 1950), G.H. Bousquet (pp. 104-5), a pre-eminent modern scholar of Islamic Law, put forth this unapologetic, pellucid formulation of the twofold totalitarian impulse in Islam:

Islam first came before the world as a doubly totalitarian system. It claimed to impose itself on the whole world and it claimed also, by the divinely appointed Muhammadan law, by the principles of the fiqh, to regulate down to the smallest details the whole life of the Islamic community and of every individual believer....the study of Muhammadan law (dry and forbidding though it may appear to those who confine themselves to the indispensable study of the fiqh) is of great importance to the world today.

     Although Islam and democracy are incompatible that doesn’t mean that oppressed Muslims don’t want democracy for themselves.  Zawahiri wrote a now famous letter to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the head of al Qaeda in Iraq, in July 2005 in which he says how democracy can be used to impose Sharia. Ephraim Karsh wrote that:

If, Zawahiri instructed his lieutenant, al Qaeda’s strategy for Iraq and elsewhere were to succeed, it would have to take into account the growing thirst among many Arabs for democracy and a normal life, and strive not to alienate popular opinion through such polarizing deeds as suicide attacks on fellow Muslims. Only by harnessing popular support, Zawahiri concluded, would it be possible to come to power by means of democracy itself, thereby to establish jihadist rule in Iraq, and then to move onward to conquer still larger and more distant realms and impose the writ of Islam far and wide.

   Democracy is used to impose Sharia in the West.  Danish Muslim Ahmad Abu Laban, was recorded stating that the West gives his radical co-religionists “a margin of freedom” in which to lobby politically to impose Islamic law on Western and Danish society, and “we use it.”  (PBS Muzzles Moderates)  Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey said:

Democracy is like a streetcar,You ride it until you arrive at your destination and then you step off."

   Abul A'la Mawdudi, founder of the Jamaat-i Islami in India, has argued that if democracy is conceived as a limited form of popular sovereignty, restricted and directed by God's law, there is no incompatibility with Islam, but Mawdudi concluded that Islam is the very antithesis of secular Western democracy based solely on the sovereignty of the people. (Quoted in Esposito and Piscatori, Democratization and Islam, p. 436. See also Abul A'la Mawdudi, A Political Theory of Islam, in, Donohue and John Esposito, eds. Islam in Transition: Muslim Perspectives (New York: Oxford University Press, 1982), pp. 253-54.) On the other hand, Sayyid Qutb, a leading traditionalist theoretician of the Muslim Brotherhood, executed by the Egyptian government in 1966, objected to the idea of popular sovereignty altogether: Qutb believed that "the Islamic state must be based on the Quranic principle of consultation or shurah [on the interpretation of Shari'a], and that the Islamic law or Shari'a is so complete a legal and moral system that no further legislation is possible or necessary." (Quoted in Hudson, "After the Gulf War," p. 436. For more on Qutb's views on Islam, see John L. Esposito, ed., Voices of Resurgent Islam (New York: Oxford University Press, 1983)) Khomeini's successor and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called liberal democracy "the source of all human torment." (Michael Rubin, The Radioactive Republic of Iran, The Wall Street Journal, 1/16/2006)

   Amir Taheri (New York Post 9/4/03) quoted an excerpt from "The Future of Iraq and The Arabian Peninsula After the Fall of Baghdad" by Yussuf al-Ayyeri, one of Osama bin Laden's closest associates since the early 90s as follows:

"It is not the American war machine that should be of the utmost concern to Muslims.  What threatens the future of Islam, in fact its very survival, is American democracy."

   Taheri explains that:

What Al-Ayyeri sees now is a "clean battlefield" in which Islam faces a new form of unbelief.  This, he labels "secularist democracy."  This threat is "far more dangerous to Islam" than all its predecessors combined.  The reasons, he explains in a whole chapter, must be sought in democracy's "seductive capacities."

This form of "unbelief" persuades the people that they are in charge of their destiny and that, using their collective reasoning, they can shape policies and pass laws as they see fit.  That leads them into ignoring the "unalterable laws" promulgated by God for the whole of manind, and codified in the Islamic shariah (jurisprudence) until the end of time...If established in any   Muslim country for a reasonably long time, democracy could lead to economic prosperity, which in turn, would make Muslims "reluctant to die in martyrdom" in defense of their faith.

   Al Ayyeri is making a very interesting point which is that it is not in the interest of radical Muslims for Muslims to prosper economically.   This is why the Arab countries and the Palestinian Authority allow Arabs to suffer in refugee camps.  Those camps become a source of violent Jihadis which is exactly what they want.  This also explains the efforts of Al Qaeda and other radical Islamic groups to sabotage U.S. efforts to rebuild Iraq.  Oil pipelines could bring prosperity to Iraq so radical Muslims blow them up.  Improved medical care might actually lead to some Iraqis liking the infidel which is why on October 27, 2003, a suicide bomber drove a bomb packed ambulance into the Red Cross headquarters in Baghdad and detonated it.  Health care for Iraqis is bad when you Iraqis to be suffer and to blame that suffering on the Americans.

    Amir Taheri wrote another article (New York Post 8/18/04) in which he points out that democracy is actually prohibited in the Koran.  He wrote:

The Koran includes a chapter entitled "Parties" (Ahzab) to warn against splitting the Umma (the community of the faithful) into rival political groups vying for power.

Taheri writes about widespread sermons in the Arab world the United State and Europe in August 2004.  Taheri writes that the sermons say:

"Our Prophet did not run for office in any election.  He did not win any political debate. [Instead] he won the war against the infidel."

  The implication here is that to be like the prophet we shouldn't have democracy and debate issues like those infidel Americans but should instead fight those infidel Americans. 

   In another article titled The Islamic Urge to Vote (New York Post 10/11/04) Amir Taheri wrote that the traditional position of Islam is that it is opposed to any election, however some Muslim theologians have declared voting an obligation for Muslims in non-Islamic lands.  He wrote:

Their argument is that, though Muslims owe no loyalty to non-Islamic states, they must be free to decide when their participation in elections serves the interests of Islam. 

Theologians insisting that voting is an "obligation" include Yussuf al-Qaradawi (an Egyptian based in Qatar), the Lebanese Faisal al-Mawlawi and the Iranian Makarem Shirazi.  Their argument is that Muslims living in non-Muslim lands should regard themselves as missionaries whose task is to convert the citizenry to Islam adn in time, establish an Islamic state.  Thus if taking part in elections is a means of achieving those goals, it is incumbent on Muslims to do so...

Muslim support for Kerry is not inspired by any love for the senator but by the perception that he would withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, thus allowing the establishment of Islamic regimes in Baghdad and Kabul.

   You can vote Islamic radicals in but once you do you can’t vote them out.  They’ll use democracy to seize power and that’s the extent of the value of democracy for them.  The following is a picture of a child pissing on the statue of liberty who is holding a book with democracy written on it.  It appeared in the Hamas weekly Al Risala 5/5/2006 (Palestinian Media Watch Bulletin, 5/31/2006).  Clearly elections brought Hamas to power but that did not instill respect for democracy in Hamas and elections will not remove Hamas from power.

   Benjamin Netanyahu, in a speech to the House Government Reform Committee on September 20, 2001, also argued that hatred of democracy fuels hatred of the West.  He explained:

The soldiers of militant Islam do not hate the West because of Israel, they hate Israel because of the West.  They see it as an island of Western democratic values in a Muslim Arab sea.  This is why they call Israel the Little Satan, to distinguish it clearly from the country that has always been and will always be the Great Satan -- the United States of America.

Nothing better illustrates this better than Osama bin Laden's call for Jihad against the United States in 1998.  He gave as his primary reason not Israel, not the Palestinians, not the "peace process" but rather the very presence of the United States "occupying the Land of Islam in the holiest of places."  And where is that?  "The Arabian peninsula "says bin Laden, where America is "plundering its riches, dictating to its rulers and humiliating its people."  Israel by the way, comes a distant third after "the continuing aggression against the Iraqi people."

For the bin Ladens of the world, Israel is merely a sideshow.   America is the target.

   Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad expressed the view that Jews invented democracy to gain control of the world.  He told a summit of Islamic leaders on Oct 16, 2003 that "Jews rule the world by proxy" and that "they get others to fight and die for them."  (New York Post Oct, 17,2003)   He said Jews "invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy" to avoid persecution and gain control of the most powerful countries.  The leaders gave Mahathir a standing ovation afterwards.  Jeff Jacoby (Boston Globe 1/23/03) wrote that: 

Applauders included not only the Muslim world's dictatorial fanatics, but also its reputed moderates, including President Megawati Sukarnoputri of Indonesia, General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, and Jordan's King Abdullah. Even America's Muslim allies and clients admired Mahathir's views. The foreign minister of Egypt -- a country that receives $2 billion a year in US aid -- pronounced the speech "a very, very wise assessment." Hamid Karzai, the US-installed president of Afghanistan, praised it as "an eye-opener to a lot of us and . . . what the Islamic world should do."

William Hawkins wrote in frontpagemag.com 12/23/05 that:

 Al-Qaeda warlord Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has declared, "a bitter war against democracy and all those who seek to enact it." "Democracy is also based on the right to choose your religion," he said, making it "against the rule of God." He said if freedom of expression is allowed "even cursing God. This means that there is nothing sacred in democracy." He said Islam requires the rule of God and not the rule of "the majority or the people."Islamic clerics must protect the people from politicians who might enact laws that contradict the Koran.

Such a system exists in Iran. In June's election, the Guardian Council, a body of 12 Muslim clerics and religious jurists, excluded from the ballot all women and all candidates critical of the current regime. The Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, appoints six members of the Guardian Council and the other six are nominated by the Judiciary. The Guardians can also veto legislation. Their job is to make sure that democracy does not allow the people to stray from the fundamental principles of Islamic society and faith. The result of such orchestrated elections was the coming to power of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who denies the Nazi Holocaust took place, believes Israel should be "wiped off the map" and wants nuclear weapons.

   The foolish Muslims who attack democracy fail to realize that democracy is the key to their gaining power in countries where they do not have it.   Robert Baer in his book, Sleeping With the Devil wrote about the folly of the American idea that democracy would cure Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia of their radicalism.  He wrote:

Let's start by taking a look at the last time there were true democratic elections held in an Arab country: Algeria in late 1991 and early 1992.   When it became clear the fundamentalists were about to win an overwhelming majority and impose an Islamic constitution, the army stepped in.  The country was immediately plunged into a civil war that killed hundreds of thousands of people.  It's still going on today. 

Why would we expect Saudi Arabia to be different?  According to one poll conducted in October 2001, 95 percent of educated Saudis between the ages of twenty five and forty one support bin Laden.  ...In October 2002 I asked a leader of the Saudi opposition, Muhammad al-Masari what he thought.  There was no doubt in his mind that an Islamic government would succeed the Al Sa'ud if the Saudis were allowed to decide their own political destiny.

   Jeffrey Nyquist wrote an excellent column 1/12/2007 titled Some Things Are Impossible which explained how lack of free speech in Muslim lands makes democracy impossible and how free speech is impossible in Muslim lands because of their violent reaction to speech they don’t like.

   In Iraq the U.S. in an effort to get the constitution passed by the deadline of August 22nd agreed to make "Islamic principles" the standard for legislation (U.S. Backs Down on Islamic Law worldNetDaily, 8/21/05).  According to Saleh al-Mutlak, a Sunni negotiator, the agreement means parliament could pass no legislation that "contradicted Islamic principles."  A Kurdish politician said"

"We understand the Americans have sided with the Shi'ites.  It's shocking.  It doesn't fit American values.  They have spent so much blood and  money here, only to tack the creation of an Islamist state."

    The problem with creating a democracy in Iraq is Islam.  Abu Maysara Al-Iraqi, usually described as head of al-Qaida's "media department" in Iraq said:

We will harshly retaliate against anyone who participates and encourages the writing of the constitution and therefore to rule against God's way,"  

   Another group, the "Islamic Tribunal of the Organisation of al-Qaida in the Land of Two Rivers" warned on its website that it had 

"decided to apply the order of Allah: Kill whoever assumes the right to be a partner of God and draws up a null and void constitution."

   Muslims hate America because Americans are non-believers.    A young Afghan refugee made the following comment about the attack on the World Trade Center when emerging from a Saudi-funded Islamic seminary in Pakistan that confirms this. ( Unbelieving West by Saul Singer Jerusalem Post 11/30/01)

We are happy that many kaffirs [infidels] were killed in the World Trade Center. We targeted them because they were kaffirs, unbelievers.       

   Brigade leader Fawaz Bin Mohammed Al Nashmi in his account of Al Qaeda's capture of a foreign housing compound in Saudi Arabia and execution of 22 people said (wnd.com 6/11/04):

We were asking our brother Muslims, where are the Americans? And they showed us a building where companies have offices...  We did find an American. I shot him in the head that exploded. Then we found a South African and we shot him, too. In our search for unbelievers, we had to exchange fire with the security forces...   Thank God, we cleaned our land from unbelievers... 

The third al-Qaida target was the Oasis Resort, a compound of homes, offices and recreation facilities. Nashmi said the insurgents ate lunch at the restaurant and then began executing non-Muslims.  Al Nashmi said.

We went to the first floor and we found some unbelievers, We slaughtered them.  Now the whole world knows that our goal is to clean our Muslim land.

   One of many sources of Islamic hostility to the United States in addition to hatred of the infidel, is U.S. support of Israel, which they hate because they hate the Jewish infidel, yet when Richard Reid the shoe bomber was sentenced to life in prison on Jan. 30, 2003 he told the judge:

The American flag will come down and so will your country. You will be judged by Allah!... Your government has sponsored the torture of Muslims in Egypt and Turkey and Syria and Jordan with their money and weapons.

   This sentence does not mention Israel at all.  Richard Reid in his statement was holding the United States responsible for the actions of Egypt, Turkey, Syria and Jordan, all of whom are Muslim countries.

American Mosque's teach hate.  Debbie Shlussel in her article Funding Islamic Hate tells of her frightening experience in a mainstream American mosque.  She wrote

When I attended Qazwini's mosque on November 15, 1998, it was one of the most frightening, hate-filled occasions I've ever experienced.

    Joel Mobray in an article titled Jersey Jihadists (frontpagemag 1/31/05) wrote about the radicalism of New Jersey Mosques.

The former imam at the El Tawheed Islamic Center of Jersey City, Alaa Al-Sadawi, was convicted in July 2003 of attempting to smuggle more than $650,000 in cash to the terrorist Global Relief Fund in Egypt in April 2002.


One of Al-Sadawi’s former mosque-goers was convicted last March of murdering in the name of Islam.  Alim Hassan, then 31, killed his pregnant wife, her mother, and her sister on July 30, 2002.  He reportedly stabbed the women more than 20 times each because they refused to convert to Islam.  According to reports, Hassan prayed regularly at El-Tawheed.


Al-Sadawi and Hassan were hardly the first Muslims in the area, though, to appear on authorities’ radar.


Mohamed El-Mezain , the former imam at the nearby Islamic Center of Passaic County, which has close relations with El-Tawheed, worked with the Paterson-based mosque to raise funds for Hamas in the mid-1990s, according to an FBI memo drafted in November 2001 by the FBI’s assistant director of counterterrorism Dale Watson.  El-Mezain, who is no longer affiliated with the Islamic Center, was never charged or arrested.


The FBI document, which served as the basis for the U.S. government shutting down the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development in December 2001, cited a “reliable” source in noting that “during a speech at the Islamic Center of Passaic County (ICPC) in November, 1994, Mohammad El-Mezain, the HLFRD’s current Director of Endowments and former Chairman of the HLFRD Board, admitted that some of the money collected by the ICPC and the HLFRD goes to Hamas or Hamas activities in Israel.  El-Mezain also defended Hamas and the activities carried out by Hamas.”


El-Mezain also openly raised funds for Hamas, according to the FBI memo.  After a speech at a Muslim rally in Southern California in the mid-90’s in which the keynote speaker urged attendees to “exterminate” and “finish off the Israelis,” El-Mezain asked for contributions and told the crowd that $1.8 million had been raised for Hamas in 1994 alone, according to the memo.


Radicalism at ICPC hardly seems to have subsided.  The mosque in February 2003 hosted a lecture by Abdelhaleem Ashqar, long after he was identified by the FBI memo as a prominent Hamas figure.

   Linda Chavez in her column  "Enemies Within" (New York Post 11/7/01) wrote that:

In Cleveland, the head of the local Islamic Center, Fawaz Damra, was exposed recently for having called on fellow Palestinians in Chicago to donate money to Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group, this despite being the model of interfaith cooperation in Cleveland.

Although some members of the mosque's board wanted Damra to resign after the tape became public, his critics ended up being the ones forced out. 

    In 1991 a fundraiser for Islamic Jihad was held in Cleveland's Islamic Center.(What I Saw at Al Arian's Trial, frontpagemag.com 7/26/05)

It opened with cleric Fawaz Mohammed "Abu" Damra introducing al-Arian. Prior to becoming the Imam of the Islamic Center of Cleveland, Damra was the Imam of the Al-Farooq Mosque in Brooklyn, where he set up the flagship office of al-Qaeda co-founder Abdullah Azzam’s Alkifah Refugee Center. Damra stated that al-Arian was the head of the Islamic Committee for Palestine and described the ICP’s relationship to Islamic Jihad. ...

 Al-Arian exhorted his followers to "not befriend Jews or Christians" and proceeded to let out a cascade of violent rhetoric aimed at Jews. He predicted the future destruction of the entire state of Israel, repeating the oft-used Palestinian mantra about their supposed claim to the land "from the sea to the river." He spoke of martyrs sacrificing themselves in the cause of Allah: "Thus is the way of jihad. Thus is the way of martyrdom. Thus is the way of blood, because this is the path to heaven." It was a side of al-Arian hidden for years behind the guise of academia and "interfaith" religious outreach.

Damra again took the microphone, urging the congregants to donate funds for jihad activities and for the families of martyrs. "This is the Islamic Jihad movement!" he stated. "Anyone like to donate for the Intifada? A knife to stab the Jews." The audience responded with thousands of dollars and shouts of "Allahu Akbar!" ("Allah is great!") They also broke out in song: "Khyber, Khyber, ya Yahood, jesh Mohammed sofa ya'ud." ("Khyber, Khyber, oh Jews, Mohammed’s Army will return.") This is a reference to the Saudi city of Khyber, where Mohammed’s followers attacked and enslaved its Jewish inhabitants in the year 628. The Cleveland congregation repeated this chant about four or five times.

   After the attack on America of Sept 11 2001 the Imam at the Westchester Muslim Center in Mount Vernon, New York, gave a fiery sermon demanded Muslim unity above American flag-waving. (The Journal News Tuesday Nov. 6, 2001)

    If you, dear reader have any curiosity about what is going on in your neighborhood mosque it might behoove you to heed the words of Yashiko Sagamori in his article Peacemongers and Jihadeers (Freeman center Broadcast 1/11/04).  He wrote:

It isn't easy, by the way, to satisfy this kind of curiosity. While you, regardless of your religion or ethnicity, would be welcome in any church, synagogue, or Buddhist temple, mosques do not normally extend their hospitality to the “infidel”. In fact, Muslims believe that the mere presence of an “infidel” on the premises desecrates the mosque. Furthermore, some of them seriously think that until the violator is killed for his crime, the mosque cannot be cleansed. I suppose that different mosques exercise different strictness in defending themselves from unwanted visitors, and, in some of them, your life will not be threatened with imminent extinction. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend that you do not attempt to visit a friendly mosque in your multicultural neighborhood: better safe than sorry. 

   An October 17th 2001 report by the Middle East Media Research Institute quotes Sheik Muhammad Al-Gamei'a, Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center and Mosque of New York City saying that:

4,000 Jews did not come to work at the World Trade Center on the day of the incident.

This news item was hushed up immediately after it was broadcast," he said. "The Jews who control the media acted to hush it up so that the American people would not know. If it became known to the American people, they would have done to the Jews what Hitler did.

He also said that:

All signs indicate that the Jews have the most to gain from an explosion like that.  They are the only ones capable of planning such acts.

and that:

Because of them there are strip clubs and lesbians everywhere.   We know that they have always broken agreements, unjustly murdered the prophets and betrayed the faith.

   The shiek suddenly fled from New York City to Egypt two weeks after the attack on America of Sept. 11, 01. 

   Yasser Latif Hamdani, an international student from Pakistan wrote in the Rutgers Daily Targum of January 26, 2001: (Students Against Wahabism, Steven Schwartz frontpagemag.com 5/23/05)


 "The mind of fanaticism and bigotry that I have seen in American Muslims came as a shock to me… ISRU [Islamic Society of Rutgers University] is a prime example of the fanaticism that grips the American Muslim psyche. ISRU has consistently tried to hijack moderate Muslim groups such as the Pakistani and Turkish cultural clubs… It is consistent with the trends demonstrated by American mosques, which are little more than temples of bigotry."

  According to WorldnetDaily (3/26/06) 14 Muslim chaplains received their religious training from a Saudi-backed entity, the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, or GSISS, in Leesburg, Va. WorldnetDaily quotes Frank Gaffney, director of the Center for Security Policy as saying that:

Last year, federal law enforcement led by Treasury Department officials raided the offices of GSISS, along with 23 other Muslim groups allegedly tied to terrorist groups.

   The New York Post of (7/2/02) wrote that an investigation by the Times Union newspaper in Albany and a host of federal documents paint Al-Hanooti Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hanooti, the imam of the Islamic Center of the Capital District near Albany, as a major fund-raiser for Hamas and tie him to at least one of the World Trade Center bombers. Al-Hanooti's mosque was where Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman was said to deliver hate-filled speeches. According to an FBI memo:

It was well known in the Palestinian community in the northern New Jersey area that Al-Hanooti was an active Hamas supporter, purportedly holding fund-raising activities, as well as supporting visitors to the U.S. from Israel and Jordan, to speak on behalf of Hamas...

   A Yemeni cleric Sheik Mohammed Al Hasan Al-Moayad, boasted that he provided Osama bin Laden with recruits, weapons - and millions of dollars he collected from businessmen who worshipped at the al-Farooq mosque on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn and personally delivered the money to the terror chief - prior to the Sept. 11 attacks , according to a federal complaint (New York Post 3/5/03). 

Islamic schools teach hate.  Marc Fisher wrote an article called "Teaching Teenagers to Hate" (New York Post 10/19/01) about the Muslim Community School in Potomac, Maryland.  Marc Fisher wrote:

Almost no matter what they were asked, the students' answers often included something about how the United States should focus not just on bin Laden's terror network but on "the real terrorists," which is their code for Israel, which they refer to as "the illegitimate Zionist regime...  The principal [of the school] would not denounce bin Laden because he does not trust the U.S. government to judge the evidence.  "Being cautious doesn't mean we are turncoats," said Kareen (the principal).  "It means we want to wait until there are sufficient facts.  I don't know Osama bin Laden.  But whatever is said about him, I want it said about the Israeli prime minister.  If we're going after terrorism, let's go at it at the roots, not the branches."

   According to Marc Fisher several leaders of Muslim groups in Washington who wished to remain anonymous, said that this school is not typical.   Yet the Washington Post reported on Feb 25, 2002 that in the elite Islamic Saudi Academy in Northern Virginia the textbooks tell the students that  the Day of Judgment can't come until Jesus Christ returns to Earth, breaks the cross and converts everyone to Islam, and until Muslims start attacking Jews.  The 11th-grade textbook, for example, says one sign of the Day of Judgment will be that Muslims will fight and kill Jews, who will hide behind trees that say: "Oh Muslim, Oh servant of God, here is a Jew hiding behind me. Come here and kill him."  Several students of different ages, all of whom asked not to be identified, said that in Islamic studies, they are taught that it is better to shun and even to dislike Christians, Jews and Shiite Muslims.  Some teachers "focus more on hatred," said one teenager, who recited by memory the signs of the coming of the Day of Judgment. "They teach students that whatever is kuffar [non-Muslim], it is okay for you" to hurt or steal from that person.   Other teachers present more tolerant views, students said.

   In the same article the Washington Post reports how in the Al-Qalam All-Girls School in Springfield maps of the Middle East hang on classroom walls, but Israel is missing.  According to the article:

Muslim elementary and high schools in the United States routinely teach religious hatred:   One 11th-grade textbook, for example, says one sign of the Day of Judgment will be that Muslims will fight and kill Jews, who will hide behind trees that say: 'Oh Muslim, Oh servant of God, here is a Jew hiding behind me. Come here and kill him.' Several students of different ages, all of whom asked not to be identified, said that in Islamic studies, they are taught that it is better to shun and even to dislike Christians, Jews and Shi'ite Muslims."  In addition, "maps of the Middle East hang on classroom walls, but Israel is missing." And the article quotes a 19-year-old American Muslim student at George Mason University: "A lot of the [Muslim] students can't make up their minds if [Osama bin Laden] is a good guy or a bad guy."                    

    The New York Daily News reported that (Response summer 2003, Vol. 24 #2)

Textbooks widely used in New York's Islamic schools contain passages that are blatantly antisemitic, condemning Jews as a people, repeating old canards about the Jews wanting to kill Christ and faking their Holy Scriptures to mock God.

    The 23-year-old Virginia native Ahmed Omar Abu Ali accused of plotting to assassinate President George W. Bush in February 2005, went to school in an American High School that operates under the authority of the Saudi Arabian government and that teaches Wahabi Islam and that has ties to at least three other terrorists, two of them, like Ahmed Ali who are former students. (frontpagemag.com 2/24/05


    The following is a picture of a basketball game at the Muslim school in Bridgeview Illinois, from an article by Daniel Pipes called An American Madrassah, frontpagemag.com 6/20/05.


The following is an excerpt  from a forward by R. James Woolsey to a Freedom House Publication titled Saudi Publications On Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques:

The Wahhabi textbooks in his country, like textbooks in Saudi Arabia, teach that it is the obligation of all Muslims to consider all infidels the enemy. As an illustration of the consequences of such teaching, I have heard that in some cases during the fighting in Bosnia in the early nineties, American churches and synagogues that were raising funds for food and other aid for the Bosnian Muslims would approach local mosques and suggest a cooperative effort. On a number of occasions they were turned down and didn’t understand why. The reason was that for a Wahhabi Imam (and Sheikh Kabbani, perhaps the U.S.’s leading moderate Muslim leader, says that a substantial percentage of American mosques have Wahhabi-funded Imams), it is normally not believed to be permissible for Muslims to work with infidels, even if the purpose is to help Muslims. 

    Muslims are taught to hate infidels so much that they can't even accept help from them!

The Freedom House Report gives many examples of such hate publications.  One explains why it is important for Muslims to hate the infidel and condemns call to interfaith harmony.  It states:

“The effect of this sinful call is that it erases the differences between Islam and disbelief, between truth and falsehood, good and bad, and it breaks the wall of resentment between the Muslims and the unbelievers, so that there is no loyalty and enmity, no more jihad and fighting to raise Allah’s word on earth….”

A Saudi text, distributed in the San Diego mosque declares,  

“It is basic to the belief of Islam that everyone who does not embrace Islam is an unbeliever and must be called an unbeliever and that they are enemies to Allah, his Prophet and the believers….That is why the one who does not call the Jews and the Christian unbelievers is himself an unbeliever….”

    Muslim students at the University of California posted hadiths that called for the death of Jews.  The University of California removed those hadiths.  The student reaction?  Apology?  No, outrage.  The Muslim student union said:

"We are outraged at the censorship of a complete religious and classic text without consulting us or any religious authority first.  The 'compendium' is now incomplete. There are verses in many religious texts (be it the Torah or the New Testament) that when taken out of context can be taken as offensive."

     On 9/11/2005, a man in a videotape threatened that LA and Melbourne will be attacked.  He said:

"We love peace, but when the enemy violates that peace or prevents us from achieving it, then we love nothing better than the heat of battle, the echo of explosion, and the slitting of the throats of the infidels,"

     The speaker's face is partially hidden by traditional Arab garb, but he is believed to be Adam Gadahn, a Californian who converted to Islam at an Orange County mosque. He was influenced by militants at the mosque who took him to Pakistan, ABC News said on its Web site. (Terror Video, LA Next, New York Post, 9/12/05)

    The anonymous author of Terrorist Hunter wrote how in a mosque called the Greater Washington Islamic Center, otherwise known as Dar al -Hijra, on Dec 1998, al-Hanooti gave a sermon in English about how devastated he was to see the suffering of the Iraqi people.  Then he switched to Arabic.  At least half of the people in the mosque were African American who probably could not understand the Arabic which is what he wanted.  In Arabic he said:

The Iraqi people have been suffering for many years, from one war to the other and why?  Just because Israel and the United States are planning to destroy every Muslim center in the world.  History teaches us that they are against Islam and Muslims.  But Allah has the power and He will get even with them...  Allah will rain his curse on the Americans and the British.  Amen....Allah, the curse of Allah will become true on the tyrannical Americans."  Amen...

   The undercover author wrote:

I recognized some of the people leaving the mosque.  The pillars of the Muslim community in the United States, some of its most prominent leaders.  

  Anonymous also attended Islamic conferences and rally's in the United States.  Here is an excerpt of what she wrote about a rally that she attended in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington shortly after the start of the second intifada.   

Hate speeches and exhortations to violence against Jews were heard throughout the rally, and slogans used by Hamas and PIJ such as "With our blood and soul we will liberate Palestine" were frequently uttered by speakers and the crowd.

One of the speakers sang a song in Arabic and the crowd sang along.

Al-Aqsa is calling us,
Let's all go to Jihad,
And throw stones in the faces of Jews.

...One speaker at the rally, Dr. Ayman Sirajuldeen, a member of the Muslim American Society who was introduced as a professor of political science and international law, equated Israel with the regime of the Nazis.  "There is no difference between Barak and Sharon and Hitler.  All are the same," Sirajuldeen said... Comparisons of Jews to Nazis, probably the most cynical and sadistic rape of history, were commonplace at many of these rallies.

Sirajuldeen then continued to praise "martyrdom" and led the crowd gathered outside the Israeli embassy in a chant of "Khaibar, Khaibar."

I looked around. "Khaibar, Khaibar?"  Did the journalists gathered here know how chillling this was?  Obviously not.  In the next day's papers it got written up as "a peaceful pro-Palestinian rally."

A Muslim woman was standing next to me with her three children.   She was holding a baby not more than two months old.  Her other two children, perhaps three and four years old, looked terribly miserable in the cold and rain and congestion.  I pitied them.  Throughout the four hours of the rally, the mother kept screaming, "Death to Jews!" and, "Khaibar, Khaibar!" at the top of her lungs.    Looking at her baby, thinking of my own, sadness overwhelmed me.  I saw a four year old child wearing a T shirt emblazoned with a print of Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hizballah.  The child was chanting along with everyone else.

"Khaibar, Khaibar" was chanted at that rally and at many others.  It echoed all over the country, as Israeli flags burned in the background, from Florida to Texas, New York to California, and back to Washington, D.C.  To an outsider, this chant, "Khaibar, Khaibar, Ya Yahud, Jaish Muhammad Safayood," sounded perhaps like a cheerful freedom song.  Many journalists told me that this was what they thought they were hearing.  But its meaning is somewhat different: "Khaibar, Khaibar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad is coming for you."  This song originates in a tale from the days of the Prophet Muhammad.  As part of his campaign to conquer the Arabian peninsula, Muhammad laid siege to the city of Khaibar, which was inhabited by Jews.  After losing several battles to the city's powerful army, Muhammad decided to try a new tactic.  He sent emmissaries to Khaibar's leaders with a message of peace.  As soon as a peace treaty was signed and the gates of the city were opened, Jaish Muhammad, Muhammad's army, stormed the city and butchered every last one of its inhabitants.  "Khaibar, Khaibar" means "Let's trick the Jews into making peace with us, and when they accept our offer, let's go ahead and kill them all."

Anonymous wrote about another rally that took place in Lafayette Park which drew groups from New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Illinois.  Anonymous wrote:

Protesters sang "Victory comes from Allah, and our model is Hizballah," and "O dear Nasrallah [Hizballah's leader], we are allied with you in liberation."

The rally lasted all  afternoon, and by four thirty the reporters were long gone and the protesters were starting to leave.  I too was ready to take off.  It was then that Abdurahman al-Amoudi, of the American Muslim Council, AMC, climbed the stage fifteen feet from where I stood with my camcorder and addressed the cheering crowd in English:

"I have been labeled by the media in New York to be a supporter of Hamas.  Anybody support Hamas here?"

The crowd cheered in response.

"Anybody is a supporter of Hamas here?"

The crowd cheered again.

"Anybody is a supporter of Hamas here?"

The crowd cheered louder still.

"Hear that, Bill Clinton?  We are all supporters of Hamas.   Allahu Akhbar!"

More enthusiastic cheers.

"I wish they added that I am also a supporter of Hizballah.   Anybody supports Hizballah here?"

The crowd roared in approval.

Even after so many emotional rallies lately, I still couldn't believe my ears.  Was this guy for real, to publicly support terrorist organizations such as Hizballah, the terrorist organization that is second only to al-Qaeda in the amount of American blood on its hands?  The organization responsible for the murder of of hundreds of United States soldiers in Beirut and at the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia?

The American Muslim Council was considered by many a moderate Muslim organization.  Al-Amoudi had made a name as a Muslim moderate.  He was a regular visitor at the White House.  And he publicly supported two designated terrorist organizations - right in front of the White House.

   At the end of her book Anonymous warned:

As long as imams preach violence, violence won't be eradicated.   These imams live with us; they're our neighbors.  They preach in the mosque around the corner.  Their followers listen, absorb, and learn.  Some of them, albeit not many, will decide to take the next step and turn words into actions.

Assassinations in the West of Non-believers

  Those who dare to expose the dark side of Islam risk assassination.  Khalid Duran, the author of Children of Abraham: An Introduction to Islam for Jews had a fatwa issued against him for writing the book by a sheik who called for Duran's blood to be shed in the Jordanian Arab language weekly newspaper Al Shahed on June 6, 2001.  He has gone into hiding.  In an interview with the Jewish Week on July 6, 2001 he explained:

I am certainly not taking this lightly..I have had so many friends and associates assassinated.

   Aaron Cohen told the New York Post (Oct 18, 2001) how there is a fatwa against him because of his campaign to stop Muslims in the north of Sudan from enslaving the Christian/animist tribes in the south.  He learned of the fatwa after returning from a fact-finding mission to Sudan where he videotaped exidence of slavery and gave his footage to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Soon after Cohen's name appeared on a death list in an extremist publication linked to al Qaeda.  He has changed his name.

    Gary Smith is head of religious education at Central Foundation Girls' School in Bow, east London.  Akmol Hussein, 26, Sheikh Rashid, 27, Azad Hussain, 25, and Simon Alam, 19, attacked Gary Smith with a Stanley knife, an iron rod and a block of cement for  'teaching other religions to our sisters'.

   Islam is responsible for a much of the persecution of Christians and Hindus throughout the world.    Represent Dold mentions this below:


Bishop Dolli, an Episcopal bishop from Sudan was in Washington in the week of Oct 15-19 2001 at the invitation of the Institute on Religion and Democracy. He attempted to warn Congress and anyone else who would listen of the dangers to his country and the United States posed by Islam, especially in its militant form.  The Bishop said that The congregation of All Saints Cathedral in Khartoum, a peaceful assembly of Christians, was recently disbanded and many members were arrested, tried in kangaroo courts and either imprisoned or punished by caning.

     In Sudan, says Bishop Dolli, many Christian church buildings have been either bulldozed or bombed from the air.  Non-Muslims suffer persecution in employment, and all women, whether Muslim or not, are forced to wear the black chador and veil. The government army has been renamed "Jundy Allah" (the Army of Allah) and they fight Jihad (holy war) against those in Southern Sudan and non-militant Muslims.

     Slavery continues to be practiced by the murahaleen, members of government-backed militias who regularly conduct raids against Christians in Southern Sudan. The murahaleen have killed thousands, enslaved children and young women, stolen cattle, plundered and burned food stores and crops and are reported by various human-rights organizations to have raped both men and women.  According to the New York Post (10/21/02) up to 15,000 people are held as slaves in the Sudan, and more have been traded to other Arab countries.

     More than 2 million Sudanese civilians are estimated to have died since 1983 as a result of the continuing warfare, according to the IRD. Many millions more have been forced to flee their homes. Bishop Dolli says radical Islam's goal is to dominate the entire African continent with its militant, oppressive, dangerous and increasingly popular brand of religion. So-called "Islamic moderates," in the bishop's view, are among the first targeted for extermination by the extremists, even before they go after Jews and Christians. 

According to Middle East News Line (10/16/01) "Moderate" Saudi Arabia arrested  least 15 Christians from Africa in August to October of 2001 for conducting non-Islamic services in private homes. Three of them are said to have been tortured in prison. Saudi Arabia does not allow the worship of any other religion other than Islam. Jews are not allowed in the kingdom and Christians are warned that they risk arrest if they participate in private prayer gatherings.

   According to Islam those who convert from the faith must be killed.  Jeff Jacoby in his article Durban, racism, and Islamism (Boston Globe, 9/3/2001) wrote how:

Afghanistan's Islamist dictators, the Taliban, announced that six international aid workers who have been jailed on charges of preaching Christianity will be put on trial. As for the 16 Afghans arrested with them, they will face the death penalty if they are found to have converted from Islam.

  Luckily the workers were saved by the Northern Alliance. 

   Muslims in the Sudan enslave non-Muslims.  Rod Dreher wrote about the experience of Francis Bok in his column in the New York Post 5/3/2001.

ONE DAY in 1986, as Francis Bok stood in a market in southern Sudan, trying to sell his family's eggs and beans, a Muslim militia backed by his country's government descended like a swarm of hornets.

"They shot people in the head, and cut off heads with swords," Francis says of the raid he witnessed on the town.

Why did he make it out alive? Because he was 7 years old.

Having murdered all the adults, the Arab militiamen took the children as slaves. Francis and two his sisters, all Catholics, were tied up in baskets and hung like saddlebags on a donkey.

One of the girls wouldn't stop crying for her parents. So the Muslims stopped the caravan and blew her head off. When the other began wailing, they chopped off her foot. "I learned to be quiet," says Francis.

   Muslim regimes oppress their own people if their own people support the infidel.  After the September 11th attacks there were candlelight vigils in Iran in solidarity with the victims.  Jack Kelly (Who Hates Us? New York Post 9/13/02) wrote that:

The most courageous and least reported, Sept. 11 observance took place in Iran.  Thousands of Iranians, most of them young people, braved arrests and beatings by the secret police to hold candlelight vigils in memory of those who died in the World Trade Center, in the Pentagon and in a field in Somerset Country, Pa. 

SMCCDI (Student Mobilization Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran) reported dozens of arrests and beatings and that police had opened fire on demonstrators in the Western Iranian city of Mahabad. 

Muslims and Infidel Holy Places

    A description of how Muslims treat non-Islamic holy places and statues can be read here.

   The shocking level of Islamic intolerance has been described on the Shockers web page of Americans For A Safe Israel

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