The Good Muslims


Norwegian Muslims form a protective ring of peace around a synagogue after a Muslim attack on a synagogue in Denmark
The person who organized it said "I hate Jews" in the past.  Many of the thousand Muslims looked like ethnic Norwegians.  They
were also protesting Islamophobia. 

Yeh Hum Naheem

The song, "Yeh Hum Naheen," is Urdu for "This is Not Us,"
and was turned from an idea into a YouTube video
by Waseem Mahmood and his sons, Khurrum and Khaiyyam.
"This story that is being spread in our names is a lie …
The name by which you know us we are not" are the lyrics.
(wnd 8/11/07)

While there are peaceful Muslims, there is no peaceful Islam
Gregory Davis

(interview 8/14/07)

It is a tragic mistake to lump all Muslims with the forces of darkness. Moderate, enlightened, free-thinking Muslims do exist.
Daniel Pipes, The Clash to End All Clashes?, National Review Online 2/7/2006

What's happened of late is that many Americans have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as moderate Islam, all Islam is the enemy. I can understand that. Especially if one started looking at this topic only after 9/11. Beheadings, Jihad, Honor Killings of women, it's an unpleasant picture. But I who have been in this field since the late 60s who has lived in the Middle East who have seen another side of Islam can tell you that it's not all like that. It need not be like that that there are plenty of Muslims who don't want to live under Islamic law who don't endorse this. It's that they're quiet They're cautious they're fearful. They need to be emboldened...
Daniel Pipes at UC Irvine 1/31/2007

Yes, there are moderate Muslims. But are they essentially akin to “cafeteria Catholics,” who conveniently pick and choose which practices they want to take from their religion, while ignoring the more stringent, or “outdated” ones? In other words, is Islam itself moderate? Or is it, if taken literally, an inherently violent faith incompatible with modernity and Western values?
Erick Stakelbeck, My Year Inside Radical Islam, 3/8/2007

Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities...but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.
(Sir Winston Churchill, The River War, Vol. II, pp. 248-50, London: Longman, Green & Co., 1899)





Sarah Zuabi is a very brave Muslim women who has publicly stated that she loves the state of Israel.  She is in danger of her life from other Muslims because of her saying that.  A video of her is embedded below.


Here is another video with Ms. Zoabi.


Miss Iraq took a selfie with Miss Israel and had to flee Iraq as a result.  She says that Ilhan Omar is spreading the very Shariah that she fled from.  She says that there are good Muslims want to reform Islam.  A video of her speaking is embedded below.


Dalia Al-Aqidi is running against Ilhan Omar.  She is against the bad things Ilhan is doing.  Here is Dalia's campaign ad. 



When I argue with my friends against Islamic immigration into the West one comment I have heard is that they know nice Muslim people.  One thing we need to keep in mind is that being nice does not preclude having dangerous beliefs that aren't nice.  Hunter Stuart wrote about how nice the Palestinians were that he met.  He wrote:

I spent close to six weeks visiting Nablus and Ramallah and Hebron, and even the Gaza Strip. I met some incredible people in these places; I saw generosity and hospitality unlike anywhere else I’ve ever traveled to. I’ll be friends with some of them for the rest of my life. But almost without fail, their views of the conflict and of Israel and of Jewish people in general was extremely disappointing. First of all, even the kindest, most educated, upper-class Palestinians reject 100 percent of Israel ‒ not just the occupation of East Jerusalem and the West Bank... They almost never speak of coexistence; they speak of expulsion (of the Jews).

    Hunter Stuart started his journalistic career in Israel as very pro-Palestinian and hostile to Israel.  One thing that changed his mind was the violent attacks by Palestinians that kept him texting his wife to see if she was OK.  Another was when he was almost killed by a mob of Palestinians yelling Yehud who changed their mind when he said "ana mish yehud" (I am not Jewish) and explained that he was an American who loves Palestinians.

     Yes there were a lot of very nice Palestinians but that didn't prevent mobs from trying to kill him and from endangering his wife.

    There are Muslims who are good from the perspective of the West.  From the Muslim perspective many who we see as bad are good.  Those Muslims who commit acts of violence believe they are doing good.  A Saudi explained how as part of their desire to promote virtue and prevent vice Muslims blew up things.  He said: (Rafaeli, N., A Saudi Glastnost, 10/19/05)

Why did they [who were responsible for the terrorist acts in Riyadh] wave the banner of jihad? The answer is this: ibn Taymiya... said... that if the ruler does not observe the commandment of promoting virtue and preventing vice, this obligation is incumbent upon the clerics... it is these words that are the real problem. We must stop cajoling and say: These words are a mistake, and a true disaster, that leads to anarchy, and a threat to national unity, and the return to al-jahiliyya,  because anyone who thinks himself a cleric will try to remove everything he considers vice. Anyone who thinks music is forbidden will blow up stores that sell tapes; anyone who thinks smoking a narghila [hookah] is forbidden will blow up the shops offering them for sale, and so on. This is no exaggeration; the day is not far off when they will open fire on satellite dishes.

Saudi journalist Abdulhameed Al-Ghobain has been interviewed numerous times by both the international media and Israeli television.  “Saudi Arabia seeks good relations with Israel and the Jewish people and a fair, just, lasting, and prosperous peace for the region. Some call it ‘normalization’; I call it common sense,” Al-Ghobain wrote in Israel Hayom.  Al Ghobain was arrested by the Saudis and faces 10 years in jail.

    The New York Post reported on December 12 how a Muslim, Hassan Askari, came to the assistance of a Jew, Walter Adler. (Jew's Subway Hero a Muslim):

It all began when Adler, his girlfriend, Maria Parsheva, and two other pals boarded the subway at Canal Street bound for Brooklyn and someone in another group wished them "Merry Christmas."

Adler and his pal Angelica Krischanovich responded: "Happy Hanukkah."

Apparently, those were fighting words.

"They just came at us so fast. The first thing that came into my mind was, 'Yeah, this is going to be violent,' " said Parsheva, 20.

One of the group immediately hiked up his sleeve to reveal a tattoo of Christ.

"He said, 'Happy Hanukkah, that's when the Jews killed Jesus,' " said Adler.

The group of about 14 men and women then allegedly began taunting Adler and his pals as "dirty Jews" and "Jew bitches."

Amid a huge scrum, Askari jumped in.

"I'm bleeding all over the place, there's lots of people, they're fighting with Hassan still, and I'm like, why isn't anyone else doing anything?" Adler said.

He pulled the emergency brake right before entering the DeKalb Avenue station.

Police came aboard and arrested 10 people, charging six with assault and four with unlawful assembly.

   A Muslim woman came to the defense of a Jewish man and his son on the London tube.  A  man was reading antisemitic statements from Christian texts to a Jewish passenger and his little boy.  The text is:

Revelation 3:9 - Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you.

Unfortunately for Jews there is anti-semitic hatred embedded in both the Christian and Islamic religions.  The Muslim women argued with the man and pointed out that there was a child involved.    The video of the incident is embedded below.


   Perhaps the best example of a good Muslim country is Senegal where Muslims coexist peacefully with Christians and even celebrate Christmas.  That may be because Muslims in Senegal have become secularized.  According to an article in the Union Leader 12/25/05:

Senegal is a peaceful oasis among some strife-torn neighbors.  It's a budding democracy under the motto "one people, one goal, one faith," but doesn't decree which faith that should be.  Secularism elsewhere may mean the freedom not to celebrate a religious holiday. In Senegal many interpret it to mean they should celebrate all of them.

"Here in Senegal, it's a secular country. Everyone wants to buy cakes and gifts. We respect Christians and they respect us," says Fatou Mata, 40, a mother of two.

And she faces the yuletide pressures familiar to parents everywhere: "If my kids don't have a present on Christmas, they'll cry."

    Despite being occupied by Italy and then Germany, Albania not only protected its Jewish population but offered refuge to Jews from elsewhere in the region—and this is a country with a Muslim majority.

    An Iranian Muslim diplomat went to great lengths to save Jews from the Nazis.

    When Jews were expelled from Spain they fled to the Ottoman empire.  Sultan Bayezid II of the Ottoman Empire, learning about the expulsion of Jews from Spain, dispatched the Ottoman Navy to bring the Jews safely to Ottoman lands, mainly to the cities of Thessaloniki (currently in Greece) and İzmir (currently in Turkey).  Immanual Aboab, a Portuguese Jewish scholar claimed that Bayazid II asserted that “the Catholic monarch Ferdinand was wrongly considered as wise, since he impoverished Spain by the expulsion of the Jews, and enriched Turkey.”  Turkey today is becoming radicalized and its leader Erdogan makes anti-Jewish statements but there was a time when Turkey was kind to the Jews.

    James Woolsey gave a speech in February 2006 in which he said:

There are millions of good and decent Muslims in the world. If you want to have an interesting speaker, sometime invite Sheik Kabanni from Detroit, the head of the Sufis in the United States, an absolutely wonderful man. His followers are far from what you would see in some of the organizations like the Counsel of American-Islamic Relations and the Islamic Society of North America. Those organizations leaning toward the Wahhabi view of things tend to ostracize Sheik Kabanni and his Sufis and keep them on the sidelines, because they’re far too moderate from the point of view of those who lean in a Wahhabi direction.

   Dr. Tawfik Hamid, a former extremist Muslim told Andrea Jacobs in an interview ( 10/24/2006) that

I am morally obligated to help Muslims understand the Koran in a peaceful manner. Enabling Muslims to live in harmony with the rest of the world is far more important to me than my life. I always say that in certain times in history, there are people who stand against evil. I am honored to be among them.”

He also warned her about the hostility of the extremism of U.S. Muslims.  He told her:

“Ask Muslim kids what they think about Jews. Kids do not lie. They will tell you what they are being taught. If they say, ‘Jews are nice people and we can live with them in harmony,’ I will be the first person to congratulate their parents. But I assure you, if you ask Muslim kids living in the US what they think of Jews, you will be shocked.”

He warned that you can't trust Muslims when they say how peaceful they are.  He said:

Do not give them a chance to blame the world for their own actions. They know how to play with the words. I know, because I was one of them.

“For example, a Nazi can say Nazism is peaceful. But if they don’t denounce the Holocaust or the killing of Jews, what they say means nothing.” Dr. Hamid proceeds to offer his method for cracking the fundamentalist Islamic code.

Khalim Massoud, the president of Muslims Against Sharia argues that the modern day Koran has been corrupted.  He told Frontpage Magazine (11/13/07)

The Koran contains verses that command us to subjugate or murder non-Muslims in order to create Islamic rule. On the other hand, the Koran teaches preciousness of human life. How can a logical person believe that those diametrically opposed concepts came from the same source? How could Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate be the source of "kill [infidels] them wherever you find them"? The only logical explanation is that the Koran has been corrupted over the centuries, and all we want to do is to revert it as close as possible to the original.

   It's interesting that other Muslims argue that the Jews and the Christians corrupted the word of God.

We often hear of Palestinian parents who are proud of their child suicide bomber but when a 9 year old Palestinian boy, Amin Salhuth, died in a traffic accident, his family decided to offer his heart lungs, kidneys and liver to those who needed them including Jews.  Amin's uncle explained

For us, there is no difference between Jews and Arabs

Yunis Owaidah is one of the few Palestinian Arab who's not afraid to admit that he is a "collaborator" with Israel (Jerusalem Post 10/6/04). On the contrary, the 63-year-old father of 12 even boasts of the fact that he has been collaborating with Israel since 1967.

"I've saved the lives of many innocent people," Owaidah said in an interview at his home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras el-Amud. "If saving the lives of innocent civilians means that I'm a traitor, so be it."

Oweidah, who has two wives and 46 grandchildren, has also been the target of several attempts on his life.  

An e-mail and a telephone message for the office of the Palestinian Observer Mission to the United Nations were not immediately returned Thursday evening.

He moved to Ras el-Amud, where he purchased a small piece of land and built a new home. Most of his neighbors have since been boycotting him and his family. "Their children still refuse to play with my children," he said.

   Ali Mahmoud Ali Shafi  is a Palestinian Arab who lived in the West Bank town of Qalqilya from 1948, when the state of Israel was created, until 1994, when he moved to Haifa. Before moving to Israel, he helped the Israeli security services prevent terrorist attacks on its citizens, it says.

   In September 2001, he returned to Qalqilya so his daughter could visit her grandmother, and members of the Palestinian security service entered their house and asked him to accompany them to their headquarters for 10 minutes, the lawsuit says.

   When he arrived at the headquarters, he was stripped, handcuffed and beaten, and hot salt water was poured onto his wounds. He escaped when Israel Defense Forces soldiers passed through town, scaring his guards.  He sued the Palestinian authorities, saying he was tortured after he helped Israel prevent terrorist attacks on its citizens by Palestinian militants.

The lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan says Ali Mahmoud Ali Shafi was kidnapped on September 22, 2001, in Palestinian Authority-controlled territory and tortured for six months.

Mithal al-Alusi, the descendent of a famous family of Sunni religious judges, has been attacked four times--and both his sons murdered--by terrorists, precisely because he has sought to work with Iraqis of other faiths and to make peace with all of Iraq's neighbors, including Israel. Al-Alusi is an unusually brave man, and has not quit. (David, Frum,. A Sunni Hero in Iraq, American Enterprise Institute For Public Policy Research, 8/30/05)

    Ishmael Khaldi is a Muslim bedouin who speaks at campuses around the world in defense of Israel.  His web site is

    Professor Khaleel Mohammed, Assistant Professor at the department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University, publicly argues that the Koran says that Israel belongs to the Jews. 

  Walid Shoebat was Muslim a terrorist in the PLO who became a Christian and who says that:

"I realized everything I had been taught about Jews was a lie."

He is now is an outspoken advocate for Israel ( 4/1/05).   Another pro-Israel Arab, Salma Abdallah, had the courage to say that:

"The Palestinian refugee problem and the escalation of the Palestinian situation [are] largely the fault of the Arab world, not Israel,"

Salma said that:

"Palestinians from all over the world have contacted me, and told me that they wanted to say the same things, but didn’t have the courage to speak out. I was surprised that I received such a positive response to something that was largely denied by other Arabs."

  Nonie Darwish  is a Muslim who was inculcated as a child with the teachings of hatred in the Palestinian-Arab schools of Gaza; she is now an activist for Israel and the Jewish people.   You can hear her speak by clicking on  part 1 and moving the slider to 22:50 to skip the unrelated first 23 minutes of the audio. You can hear the second part by clicking on part 2.

    Tawfik Hamid was a member of Jemaahia Islamia who used to pray together with Alzawaherri, the number 2 leader of Al Qaeda.  After a few months he developed his own Islamic sect  that was peaceful and promoted love to every human being irrespective of his or her religion. He started to preach in Mosques to promote his message of peace and as a result became a target of many fanatics who threatened his life. He said: "As a Muslim, I am willing to speak out against the hate filled Islamic Fundamentalism that prevails in the world today,"  His web site is

   Jamal Miftah had a column published in the Tulsa World Newspaper in October 29, 2006, against the exploitation of Muslims in general and Muslim youth in particular by terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda. He told frontpage what happened next.

"On the night of November 18th 2006 I went my mosque to offer my last prayer of the day (Ishaa prayer). After the prayers and a small lecture by one of the member of IST, I was meeting and chatting with other members of society when the Imam of the mosque, Ahmad Kabbani, approached me and said to me that I should be ashamed for writing the article.

I asked him what was wrong with the article. He replied it was anti-Islamic. I replied that I had more understanding of Islam than him and there was nothing wrong or anti Islamic in my article, to which he responded loudly by calling me anti- Muslim and that he will pray to Allah to straighten me out. I told him to keep his prayers to himself and walked out of the prayer hall along with Khan Muhammad Zareef. I was standing in the hall way with Zarref Khan and another member of the community, Mr. Ibraheem (who is Muazan of the mosque) and talking.

At this time Houssam Elsouessi approached me along with two other Arabs. He started accusing me in a very loud voice of being anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim with the very apparent motive of inciting other members of the community against me. One of his companions waved his shoe at my face and said that I was a traitor and no better then his shoes, while Houssam kept calling me anti-Muslim and almost pushed me to the wall.

He told that I could no longer come to the mosque...  On November 19th, 2006 Houssam Elsouessi sent a message to me through Khan Muhammad Zareef, telling me that he had obtained a restraining order against me from entering the mosque... On the night of November 20th, 2006 the mosque leadership, including Houssam and others, discussed my article after Ishaa prayer and said to everyone that if they saw me inside the mosque that they should immediately call police and have me thrown out of the mosque."


   There are Palestinian Arabs who have come out against the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Gaza.  Worldnetdaily interviewed some of them (Palestinians, Gaza Evacuation Bad For Us, 7/20/05).

Fhaud, 63, a greenhouse supervisor, said he has grown attached to his Jewish employers.

"I've known my boss since he was a kid and I worked for his father," he said. "Some workers here have known three generations of Jewish families. I was invited to all the bar mitzvahs and weddings."

Mahmoud, who works in the same greenhouse, said, "I don't want the disengagement to go through. Not just because I'll lose a job, but because I'll lose friends."

Mahmoud said he thinks the Gaza withdrawal is immoral. "The Jews who live here didn't do anything wrong. They were put here by a lot of help from the Israeli government, and told they would stay forever," he said. "Now the Israeli government wants to rip them out. It's not right."

 Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is a Muslim journalist who wrote articles that urged his nation of Bangladesh to recognize Israel, and engage in interfaith dialogue.  He also condemned terrorism and radical Islam.  This was a very courageous thing to do and he was arrested for espionage.  He was released 17 monthes later thanks to the intervention of Rep. Mark Kirk, R-Ill. (Muslim Journalist Freed From Prison, 5/4/05)

   The late Abdul Haq who was killed by the Taliban in his heroic attempt to rally support against them was a Muslim.  A lawyer by the name of Mohammed saw POW Jessica Lynch being slapped around by her captors and became outraged.  He said he walked 6 miles to alert Marines of Lynch's whereabouts because "a person, no matter his nationality, is a human being."  Using Mohammed's information, Army Rangers and Navy SEALS led a daring nightime rescue mission on Wednesday April 2, 2003, to rescue her.  Mohammed "is an extremely courageous man," said Lt. Col. Rick Long, spokesman for the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (New York Post 4/4/03).  Another Mohammed, Mohammed Salman Hamdani, a 23 year old Muslim medical research student and NYPD cadet was on his way to his research job at Rockefeller University when the Islamic terrorists crashed planes into the World Trade Center.  He immediately changed his route and raced to the burning towers to help. His body was found at the site. 

Steve Vincent, the author of In the Red Zone told the story of a heroic Muslim named Nour who he met in Iraq.  In an interview with frontpage magazine in 12/9/04 he said:

In the Red Zone I dedicate an entire chapter to the most memorable Iraqi I encountered:  a beautiful Shia woman named Nour.  She works for a major NGO in the southern city of Basra, where she’s helping Iraqis learn the fundamentals of democracy (because her life is under threat by religious extremists, I can’t reveal her last name or the NGO’s identity).  I spent several weeks with Nour, crisscrossing Basra, interviewing everyone from religious radicals to tribal leaders, newspaper editors to the families of Christian wine merchants murdered by Islamic terrorists.  Along the way, she saved me from at least one potentially dangerous scrape with mysterious “intelligence agents” who detained me one morning in my hotel.


Young, intelligent, vivacious, Nour is the embodiment of what liberated Iraq could become. But the more I came to know her, the more I discovered how difficult her life had been.  She had suffered beatings from her brothers, imprisonment by Saddam’s secret police, the murder of her fiancé, and today, along with the daily tensions of war, she experiences constant harassment by thuggish Iraqi men who thrive on humiliating and intimidating women.  And yet she is determined to stay in Iraq and fight for women’s rights and democracy.  One thousand Nours set loose in Iraq would transform the country overnight; I just pray the one I met survives.

   Kenneth Levin in an article titled Ignoring the Good Guys wrote ( 9/9/05):


Said Al-Din Ibrahim has campaigned for open and transparent elections in Egypt, criticized the absence of basic freedoms, and urged an end to the abuse of Egypt’s large Coptic Christian population. Ibrahim was arrested in 2000 and sentenced to seven years in jail. He was released in 2002 and two years later was a key participant in a Cairo conference of reformists calling for religious as well as political liberalization and promotion of an Islamic reformation to counter the spread of radical Islam.

Kuwaiti author and teacher Ahmed Al-Baghdadi has attacked the politics of tyranny that dominates the Arab world and taken to task Arab artists for being intimidated by their governments and not using their art for social and political criticism. Earlier this year, he joined several other Kuwaiti educators and intellectuals in criticizing Kuwait’s Islamic education curricula for purveying an extremism that helps foster religiously-inspired violence. Baghdadi complained that current teaching, "focus[es] on the Jihad verses and the war verses [of the Koran] and... that the infidel must be cursed." Baghdadi has repeatedly advocated education reform and liberalization.

Tunisian human rights activist Muhammud Bechri has urged an Arab secular response to Islamism and has complained that, instead, "Arab/Islamic governments are rather colluding with the Islamists, hoping that anti-Western diatribes will help deflect the attack of the masses from their own failures." But Bechri also recognizes that secular alternatives are not necessarily panaceas and notes that Islamism is not the only murderous ideology popular in the Arab world. He points to the other of what he calls "the twin fascisms of Islamism and pan-Arabism" as likewise an ideological engine of mass murder. Bechri sees pan-Arabism at work in the Sudanese Arab genocidal campaign against the Muslim but black population of Darfur and in the wider Arab world's indifference and silence.


   The Free Muslims Against Terrorism are petitioning the UN Security Council and the United States government to establish an international tribunal to prosecute religious leaders, including clerics who issue “fatwas” which are religious opinions, edicts, rulings and conclusions that incite violence and justify the use of terrorism. ( 11/30/04, Holding Islamic Preachers Accountable)  

   The Free Muslims Against Terrorism held a Muslim March against Terror in Washington DC on the weekend of May 14-15 2005.  Only fifty people showed up in spite of the fact that it was well advertised. (Infiltration, How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington, Paul Sperry)  

 Joel Mobray wrote an article titled Islamic Hall of Shame ( 5/27/05)  that 

The leaders of every other major Muslim organization shunned the march and declined to take a public stand against terrorism and extremism.

At the march, human rights activist Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi gave a speech warning about the nuclear threat Iran poses to the world and criticized the appeasement policies of the West towards Iran.  He said (Standing Up At the Muslim March Against Terror, 5/18/05):

The Islamic regime’s rapid deployment of nuclear weapons has also become a huge and looming threat to the world. On May 13, the regime once again faked out the world, promising to stop enriching Uranium. And the Europeans once again believed this. Now they are essentially giving Iran more time to construct its doomsday machines on the sly. These weapons, whose technology and materials come from North Korea, China, Russia, Germany, Pakistan and Libya, will be inevitably used against the West and its’ allies. They will be used against anyone who dares stand in the Islamists’ way...

A suicide bomber who killers innocent civilians is indeed committing terrorism. But terrorism is also perpetrated in a more subtle way. For instance, by defending the status quo in the Middle East , and by advocating appeasement and engagement with tyrants, Western politicians and media are, in effect, condoning terrorism.

     Kamal Nawash, who apparently is a member of Free Muslims Against Terrorism wrote an article titled My Fellow Muslims: Wake Up, ( 2/23/05) after Muslims reacted to a Freedom House investigation that found extremist Islamic literature in American mosques by accusing Freedom House of Muslim bashing.  In the article Mr. Nawash argued that Muslims need to stop blaming imaginary Jewish conspiracies and take the lead in the fight against Muslim extremism. 

    Although only 50 people showed up to a Muslim demonstraton against Terrorism, over ten thousand Muslims came to a rally across from the White House that denoucned the Jews and supported Hamas and Hezbollah.

   Fatwas have been issued by some Muslim Western organizations against terrorism.  (Fatwa Frenzy, Weekly Standard, 8/18/05)  The problem as Mamoun Fandy, a fellow at the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University, put it is that: "A fatwa from Brooklyn or the National Press Club--that's not where Muslims go to get their fatwas."

   Talal El Khatib is a patriotic Arab American who joined the U.S. military.  He did this inspite of the lack of support in the American Arab community for his doing so.  His father Moufid, whose country Kuwait was liberated by Americans from Iraq, told reporters Jeff Seidel and Richard Johnson that: (Father Deals with Tension Over Son's Role in Military, Detroit Free Press, 2003)

"None of the Arab guys come to say hi or good luck or wish you the best," Moufid says. "They feel my son is Arab. He is from the Middle East. He is not supposed to be in the U.S. Army."

   Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani is a courageous foe of radical Islam who at a State Department open forum had the courage to warn America that 80% of the mosques in the United States have been taken over by Islamic radicals.

  Muslim human rights activist Shirin Ebadi won the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for her work fighting for democracy and the rights of women and children, the first Muslim woman and the first Iranian to receive the accolade. She was jailed by Iran's Muslim government for doing so. 

  Irshad Manji is a practicing Moslem who grew up in Canada and who had the courage to expose the problems of Islam in her book "The Trouble with Islam: A Wake-up Call for Honesty and Change".  She calls herself a "Muslim refusenik," a phrase she borrowed from Soviet Jews.  She explained (The Jewish Week 4/16/04):

That doesn't mean I refuse to be a Muslim; it simply means that I refuse to join an army of automatons in the name of Allah.

According to the New York Post (1/18/04)

WHEN Irshad Manji was 11 years old, already clad in a white chador for modesty, she began asking questions during her Saturday madrassa classes.

"Why can't girls lead prayer?"

"Why would the prophet Muhammad have commended his army to kill an entire Jewish tribe when the Koran supposedly came to him as a message of peace?"

Her irate teacher wouldn't give her answers and instead told her to read the Koran. When she tried to look elsewhere for help, the school did everything it could to keep her out of its library, where women didn't belong.

   According to the Jewish Week (4/16/04)

Her book is also deeply personal, and she recounted her early experience in a madressa or Islamic religious school: Because she asked too many questions, namely about anti-Semitism and the role of women, she was expelled at age 14.

Irshad Manji when speaking about her book said:

I appreciate that every faith has its share of literalists, Christians have their Evangelicals, Jews have the ultra-Orthodox.  For God's sake, even Buddhists have fundamentalists.  But what this book hammers home is that only in Islam is literalism mainstream

    Daniel Pipes in his article "Voices of Islam" (New York Post 9/23/03) about moderate Muslims and what happens when they speak out told what happened to Irshad Manji after she wrote the book:

For her efforts, Manji has been called "self hating," "irrelevant," "a Muslim sellout" and a "blasphemer."  She is accused of both "denigrating Islam" and dehumanizing Muslims.

This outpouring of hostility prompted Manji to hire a guard and install bullet proof glass in her house.

   There are Muslims who support Irshad Manji but they are afraid to so publicly.  Ms. Manji says that she has been gratified by the support she has been receiving from Muslims around the world, particularly women and young people - most of whom can't speak publicly out of fear.

   In April 2005 the Islamic Society of Rutgers University held an election.  This was a cover for imposing a Wahabi controlled organization on the Muslims of Rutgers.  A Rutgers student, Fatima Agha, had the courage to speak out against this. ( 5/18/05)

   Saudi journalist Mansur al-Nuqaydan is a Muslim who favors Taqarub (rapprochement between Muslims and non-Muslims).  This noble aspiration predictably created hostility among his fellow Saudis.  Al-Khudayr a Saudi cleric accused al-Nuqaydan of apostasy and of having committed the crimes of "secular humanism" and "scorn for religion, its rites, and devout people."  He and other Saudi clerics were especially offended by al-Nuqaydan's conviction that:

We need an Islam reconciled with the other, an Islam that does not know hatred for others because of their beliefs or their inclinations.   We need a new Reformation, a bold reinterpretation of the religious text so that we can reconcile ourselves with the world.

    On the basis of this expression of Taqarub he was sentenced to death, with the edict posted publicly on al-Khudayr's web site (The Saudi Paradox, Michael Doran Foreign Affairs Jan/Feb 2004).

   Ali Al-Dumaini, Abdullah Al-Hamed and Matruk Al-Faleh are Saudi academics who called for a constitutional monarchy, an independent judiciary and freedom of speech.  They were arrested on March 2004 and sentenced from 6 to 9 years for sowing dissent. (The Washington Times 5/16/05)

   According to the Washington Times (Saudi Promises 4/21/04) Twelve Saudi men had the courage to sign a petition asking the House of Saud to adopt a constitutional monarchy featuring women's rights, religious freedom and freedom of the press. They also requested the implementation of local elections and planned to establish a human rights committee independent of the Saudi government. 

   To date, three of the reformers — former university professors Abdullah Al Hamed and Metrouk Alfaleh and poet Ali Dumaini — remain in prison, while the others have been released under conditions that they cannot leave Saudi Arabia or talk to the media. They were also required to sign a letter of retraction vowing to cease from campaigning for reform. 

   Mohammad Al-Harbi, a high school teacher in the Saudi town of Ein Al-Juwa who taught chemistry felt it his duty: (The Saudi  State vs. the Anti-Terror Teacher, 11/23/05)

"to enlighten his students and warn them of terrorism and its consequences. He went to great lengths by talking to students, hanging anti-terrorism signs around the school and speaking against terrorism.”  That seems to have upset some Islamic studies teachers at the school. When al-Harbi went so far as to post an antiterrorism article by a Saudi columnist on the school bulletin board, it was “ripped off and torn to pieces.” Al-Harbi told Arab News that the Islamic teachers would “visit students in their homes, encouraging them to disobey [him] and calling him names.”

Students who failed the monthly chemistry test were convinced by Islamic studies teachers to file a lawsuit against Al-Harbi which included allegations that Al-Harbi said good things about the Jews and the Bible and prevented students from washing their hands for prayer and was himself a student of witchcraft...

The Saudi Education Ministry removed Al-Harbi from his teaching job and transferred him to an administrative post in a government education office.  Al-Harbi has been sentenced to three years in jail and 750 lashes to be administered in a public market.

   Akbar Ahmed chair of Islamic Studies at the University of Washington D.C. and two of his students, Frankie and Hailey traveled to India and spoke with radical extremists there.  He wrote about his trip (Talking Can Stop Hate, American Association of Retired Persons Magazine, March and April 2007):

During our trip, Frankie and Hailey were the first Americans that many people had ever met.  The effect was often startling; the stereotypes about Americans were replaced by real people.  I spoke often on our trip of the friendships I enjoy with Jews, Christians and Muslims.  I spoke of how inspired I am by my friend Judea Pearl, who lost his only son, reporter Daniel Pearl, in a brutal and senseless killing in Pakistan - and who has used this tragedy as a bridge to reach out to Muslims.  And yet few Americans in the Muslim world go beyond their high-security walls to meet merchants or cabdrivers.  Imagine the impact if a high-profile American visited an ordinary Muslim at his home.  Imagine the cultural and psychological barriers that would vanish...

No one experienced a more radical change in thinking than Aijaz, the scholar from Deoband who had so forcefully defended Osama bin Laden.

After our initial visit, Aijaz accompanied us for the next week to many of our meetings in Delhi.  He had arranged some of these himself, such as a visit to the headquarters of Jamat-i-Islami, the orthodox Islamic party of South Asia.  Aijaz listened to my speeches about my American friends, both Jews and Christians.  At every forum, he heard me emphasize the need for dialogue and understanding as a Koranic duty.  And he would have long conversations with Hailey, Frankie, and Hadi Mubarak, a Brookings Institution research assistant who had joined us.  (Although Aijaz was initially reserved about speaking directly with women, he opened up to them after a few days in the field.)  These were likely the first Americans he had met, and certainly the first he had spoken with for such long periods of time.  He could now put a human face on the "American barbarians."  Here were Americans who listened to his opinions and discussed them....

Toward the end of our visit, Aijaz approached me and said he would like to translate my book Islam Under Siege.  this was an astonishing shift for him.  The book discusses the need to create trust between societies through dialogue and understanding-a far different theme than that of Aijaz's book on jihad.He could now relate to Americans and even Israelis because  they were ultimately human.  His anger and ignorance were checked.  And by translating the book, he will spread these ideas over a vast network of madrassahs and mosques.

During their trip Muslims who had been very anti-American became friendly to them.

Hailey later wrote:

We must approach the world not from the position of fear, as I have done before this trip, but from that of love and friendship.  If two Americans with their professor can make such a difference, what can a whole nation do with the power of compassion and dialogue?"

   David Ouelette wrote in frontpagemagazine (9/28/04) about Muslims who have had the courage to face reality and speak out against radical Islam.  He wrote:

In the aftermath of the Beslan tragedy, Abd Al-Rahman Al-Rashed, former editor of the London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, wrote under the headline “The Painful Truth is that All of the Terrorists are Muslims” that “Islam has suffered an injustice at the hands of the new Muslims. We will only be able to clear our reputation once we have admitted the clear and shameful fact that most of the terrorist acts in the world today are carried out by Muslims.” (Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, September 4, 2004)

* Under the title “Butchers in the Name of Allah,” Khaled Hamad Al-Suleiman wrote in the Saudi government daily Okaz: “The propagandists of Jihad succeeded in the span of a few years in distorting the image of Islam, while the enemies of Islam did not succeed in doing this [even] in the course of hundreds of years. They turned today's Islam into something having to do with decapitations, the slashing of throats, abducting innocent civilians and exploding people.” (Okaz, September 5, 2004)

* Columnist Bater Wardam, wrote in the Jordanian daily Al-Dustour that “It is always easy to flee to illusions and to place responsibility for the crimes of Arabic and Muslim terrorist organizations on the Mossad, the Zionists, and on American intelligence, but we all know that this is not the case and that those who murder innocent civilians in Iraq after having kidnapped them, those who turned civilian airplanes into destructive bombs, those who exploded trains crowded with innocent civilians and those who fired on children in a school in Ossetia - they came from our midst. They are Arabs and Muslims who pray, fast, grow beards, demand the wearing of veils, and call for the defense of Islamic causes.” (Al-Dustour, September 5, 2004)

* Author and journalist Dr. Shaker Al-Nabulsi wrote in Rezqar that “If the Arabs had today a well-burnished mirror in which they can see themselves, and if they had the requisite courage to look in it, they would be stricken by fear and panic at the sight of themselves. The image [would be] that we have become the most terrorist nation and the greatest spillers of blood in the world.”   (, August 14, 2002)

* More recently yet, Syrian scholar Mundir Badr Haloum wrote in the Lebanese daily Al-Safir: “Islam is in the names of all of the organizations that decapitate using knives, all the while saying the Fatiha [the first chapter of the Koran, said as a prayer] before the slaughter (...) Indeed, we as Muslims produce terrorism, succor it, and praise it. We condemn it only when forced to. Motivated by considerations of power, interests, and diplomacy, we wear a pained expression on our faces but in our hearts we rejoice at the brilliant success - a large number of casualties.”

* Journalist and former Kuwaiti communications minister Dr. Sa'ad bin Tefla said on Jordanian television: “Slaughter, destructive abuse, anarchy, and bloodshed in no way resemble Jihad according to Shari'a and resistance. These are anarchy and terrorism [and not Jihad ], and they are indications of frustration and of a culture of collective suicide reminiscent of whales (...) I maintain that we are all responsible for this culture, and that Zionism and imperialism have nothing to do with it (...) I maintain that there is, unfortunately, a culture of violence that existed before the Americans came to Iraq and the Gulf, even before the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and before the American occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq.”

  Unfortunately there are many Muslims, who condemn those who speak the truth about terrorism and Islam.   After Canadian media conglomerate’s (CanWest) inserted of the word “terrorist” in Reuters news stories concerning groups such as Hamas and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades the Canadian branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), the Canadian Arab Federation and the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations, called on the Canadian Senate to investigate CanWest’s editorial policy.  According to David Ouelette

Arab and Muslim lobbies in North America agitate racism accusations at those journalists and media enterprises objective enough to call a cat a cat

   One example of how there are both moderate and radical Muslims was both the opposition and support among Muslims for the nomination of Daniel Pipes by President Bush to the United States Institute of Peace.  While radical Muslim organizations such as CAIR and the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee opposed his appointment, Tashbih Sayyed, president of the US Council for Democracy and Tolerance, said:

Bush won my heart that he is serious about fighting terror and fostering a more peaceful world when he nominated Daniel Pipes... He goes the extra mile to distinguish between Islam, which he respects, and its militant form.

  On April 25, 2004, an Arizona physician named Zuhdi Jasser the head of the American Islamic Forum For Democracy organized America's first rally against terrorism.  The Muslim community of Phoenix is estimated at 50,000 persons; Jasser worked strenuously to reach out to the Valley Council of Imams, Valley mosques and major Valley Islamic organizations.   Daniel Pipes wrote in an article titled Moderate Muslims March in Phoenix ( 4/30/04) about the poor turnout to the rally as follows:

 The number of Muslims, I heard, was between 30 and 100 persons. Most participants were not Muslim but (the Arizona Republic recounts) “people like Michael Fischer, 18, of Glendale, who wanted to denounce the stereotyping of Muslims; and Grace Clark of Apache Junction, who wanted to promote peace.” .. very few Muslims did show up. And those who did held up “peace” and “anti-war” signs, not anti-terror or anti-Islamist signs.

    In 2007 a group of Imam's decided to frighten passengers on an airline.  Passengers and the flight crew say the imams were disruptive, did not take assigned seats, asked for seat-belt extensions they didn't need, loudly criticized the war in Iraq and President Bush, and shouted about al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. The men were escorted off Flight 300 to Phoenix, handcuffed briefly, searched and questioned for several hours by airport police and members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.  The Imam's sued the airline and said they would sue other people as well.  Dr. Jasser said that his group will raise money for the legal fees of the any of these people if they were sued.  From where they will raise this money is the question that enters my mind if they can raise it at all.

According to the Washington Times 3/21/07

Gerry Nolting, whose Minnesota law firm Faegre & Benson LLP is offering to represent passengers for free, says the judicial system is being "used for intimidation purposes" and that it is "just flat wrong and needs to be strongly, strongly discouraged."
    "As a matter of public policy, the FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] presently tells traveling passengers to report suspicious behavior as part of its homeland security program," Mr. Nolting said. "This has nothing to do with race or ethnicity, but trying to intimidate and discourage reporting of suspicious behavior and [also discourage] the promotion of safe travel."


    On the other hand in Germany there was a rally of 20,000 Muslims carrying banners that read "not in our name" and "terrorism is a crime against humanity." This happened several months after the killing of Van Gogh and after national broadcast station ZDF taped Islamic fascists in a Berlin mosque saying, "Those Germans - those atheists - what good can they do us, since they are unbelievers, they can only burn in hell." (New York Sun 12/21/04)

     On May 27, 04, Washington's Wardman Park Marriott Hotel hosted the second annual convention of American Shia Muslims, organized by the Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA). The majority of those attending support the Coalition's operations in Iraq even against rebel Shia leader Moktada al-Sadr. (Weekly Standard, May 31, 04).

    The organization Muslim WakeUp! writes in its description of itself that it

seeks to bring together Muslims and non-Muslims in America and around the globe in efforts that celebrate cultural and spiritual diversity, tolerance, and understanding. Through online and offline media, events, and community activities, Muslim WakeUp! champions an interpretation of Islam that celebrates the Oneness of God and the Unity of God’s creation through the encouragement of the human creative spirit and the free exchange of ideas, in an atmosphere that is filled with compassion and free of intimidation, authoritarianism, and dogmatism. In all its activities, Muslim WakeUp! attempts to reflect a deep belief in justice and against all forms of oppression, bigotry, sexism, and racism.

    That may be but a lot of the opinions on the web site are slanted in the direction of hostility toward the war on terror.

     Nine days after Kenneth Bigley, a 62-year-old civil engineer was taken hostage by Islamic terrorists prominent Muslims from Britain courageously  flew to Iraq to plead for his release.

"I believe and always maintain hope in the mercy of Allah," said Daud Abdullah, a member of the two-man team from the Muslim Council of Britain.

"We are hopeful that Mr. Bigley is alive and that we will be able to exert some influence with those who hold him hostage," Abdullah said (New York Post 9/26/04).

  Steven Emerson in his book American Jihad has a chapter on heroic Muslims who have opposed and exposed the growing fundamentalist Islamic threat to the United States.  There are Moslems who oppose terrorism who have the courage to speak out.(Israel National News April 14 02)  Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi, a leading Muslim religious thinker and secretary-general of the Italian Muslim Association, has called on Prime Minister Sharon to continue his military campaign against Yasser Arafat until the latter is "executed or jailed." Palazzi stated specifically that he asks Sharon to continue the operation "against the boss of terror until the day when the Egyptian criminal Abdel Ra'uf al- Kobdah [a.k.a. Yasser Arafat]" is neutralized for good.  Moderate Muslim leaders in Italy issued a document arguing that the Palestinians are desecrating the true Islam

   Unfortunately the majority of Muslims are not as moderate as Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi.  Nonie Darwish wrote an article called the Islamic Muzzle ( 4/2/04) about how Muslims from the University of California at Santa Barbara's Muslim Student Association opposed him.  She wrote:

Those who demonstrated against Sheikh Palazzi's presentation could have learned from his message against terrorism. Many U.S. politicians say that Islam is a religion of peace, but I sadly felt that the Muslim students at UCSB rejected the courageous message of peace offered by Professor Sheikh Palazzi.

  In November 2003, courageous moderate Muslims in New Zealand tried to block the radical Al Qaeda supporting Al Haramain organization from setting up a Wahabi school in New Zealand and from gaining control of the Christchurch Mosque. (The Rocking of the Dome, Investigate, Nov 03)

    Sarah Nasser, a courageous Muslim woman from Canada, openly supports the right of Israel to exist (The Canadian Jewish News 12/18/03).   As a result she has received a lot of verbal abuse and a group of Canadian Arab students went so far as to tell her that she doesn’t have a right to exist. She travelled around the West Bank and Jerusalem and had the courage to say that :

I saw that Palestinians had cars and homes and [I realized] that parts of Canada were worse than even the most downtrodden parts of the West Bank.  It confirmed my views that members of the Muslim community were misrepresenting what was going on.

    Zainab Al Zuweij is another courageous Muslim woman who fought against Saddam Hussein and who created an organization called The American Islamic Congress which promotes tolerance and peace.  Her remarkable story was published by the New Republic.  Another, perhaps even more courageous woman Shahnaz Bukhari, is the founder and head of the Progressive Women's Association in Pakistan which protects abused women, raises awareness of their plight, and pushes for legal and societal reform. One of the ways Muslim men kill women in Pakistan is by pretending they accidentally got burned by their stoves.   According to the Civic Courage web site:

Mrs. Bukhari campaigns against the systematic oppression of women, and particularly against so-called "honor killings," especially "chula deaths" (accidental stove deaths). An Amnesty International report of 17 April 2002 describes 160 women burned to death and 540 suicides in Karachi alone in 2000.

PWA has collected data showing that, from March 1994 to March 2003, more than 5,000 women in the Islamabad-Rawalpindi area (an area covering a 200 mile radius) have been doused in kerosene and set alight by family members. Less than 1% survived. These "stove deaths" are essentially never successfully prosecuted; the conviction rate is barely 4%. Since 1987, the PWA has dealt with more than 15,000 cases, involving wife beating, child abduction, honor killings, incest, the trafficking of women and children, and rape.

Mrs. Bukhari has suffered death threats, warnings, and abuse in the course of her work. In the spring of 2002, the PWA shelter was raided and shut down, while Mrs. Bukhari was accused of "abetting an attempt to commit adultery" and was tried under traditional Federal Sharia (Islamic) law.

   Ghada Jamshir from Bahrain had the courage to attack Islamic clerics for fatwas authorizing sexual abuse of children and polygamy. Click here to see a video of her doing this.

    Wafa Sultan is a former Muslim who had tremendous courage when she spoke with Al Jazeera about what's wrong with Islam.  She can be seen on TV by clicking here and a transcript of her speaking can be viewed by clicking here.

   Michael Savage interviewed Mr. Aziz Al-Taee, Chairman of the Iraqi American Council on April 12, 2003 (The New Face of Islam).  Mr. Aziz argued that there are many moderate Muslims in Islam.   He said:

I have to say all Iraqis today are thankful to the American people and I think they will rebuild the economy of Iraq, without any doubt. I still hear voices saying "Oh the Shi'as and Sunnis are going to fight." Well as a Shi'a (75% of the population), I can tell you not only will we have a democratic and free Iraq, but we will have a state based on the rule of law and will be the best ally of the United States in that area...

I can tell you one thing that the Shi'a Muslims in Iraq who are 75% of the population; they denounce Al-Qaeda. We are trying to reclaim Islam from the Wahabi cult and terrorist Bin Laden. We do not believe in suicide bombing and all of that; it is against Islam.

   Although Mr. Aziz makes this argument, when U.S. forces mounted an assault on Sadr, thousands of Shiites took to the streets in Basra and a Baghdad district to protest.  According to the (New York Post 8/13/04) the protesters chanted

"Long live Sadr. America and Allawi are infidels."

   This chant is very significant.  The main problem these Iraqis have with Americans are that they are infidels.  Intolerance of the infidel is one of the main problems with many religions, but in this century it is much more widespread and severe among Muslims than in other mainstream religions.

   After Hurricane Katrina, countries all over the world pledged aid to the United States including Muslim countries.  Qatar pledged $100 million in humanitarian assistance Saturday to help Americans recover from Hurricane Katrina, heading a list of more than a dozen countries joining an outpouring of support.

They added to the more than 50 countries who had made pledges by the end of the day Friday.

“In these difficult circumstances, the people and the government of the state of Qatar would like to assure the people of the United States of its support and desire to assist the people in the affected area along the United States Gulf Coast,” said a statement from the oil-rich Persian Gulf state’s embassy.

“Please accept our solidarity as well as our heartfelt condolences for the tragic loss of so many precious lives,” the statement said.(Qatar Offers 100 Million in Aid, 9/3/05).  This same Qatar funds Hamas.

     Asia Bibi is a Christian woman who made the mistake of drinking water from the same cup as Muslims.  Muslims targeted her religion she defended it and was accused of blasphemy and sentenced to death in Pakistan.  Salman Taseer the governor of Punjab expressed opposition to the blasphemy law.  His guard shot him to death.

About 2,000 Muslim volunteers helped victims of Hurricane Katrina at the city's downtown convention center Sunday, the fourth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.( Muslim Groups Help Hurricane Victims, 9/11/05)

    In contrast,
the director of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowment’s Research Centre, Mohammed Yussef Al Mlaifi said to the daily Al Siyassa:

“When the satellite channels reported on the scope of the terrifying destruction in America (caused by) this wind, I was reminded of the words of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): ‘The wind sends torment to one group of people, and sends mercy to others.’ “I do not think — and only Allah knows — that this wind, which completely wiped out American cities in these days, is a wind of mercy and blessing. It is almost certain that this is a wind of torment and evil that Allah has sent to this American empire,”

“But how strange it is that after all the tremendous American achievements for the sake of humanity, these mighty winds come and evilly rip (America’s) cities to shreds? Have the storms joined the Al Qaeda organisation?”

He also cited a passage he found in the Holy Quran:

“The disaster will keep striking the unbelievers for what they have done, or it will strike areas close to their territory, until the promise of Allah comes to pass, for, verily, Allah will not fail in His promise.”

    Many Muslim sites on the internet made similar statements (Bloggers hail soldier sent by God, Times of Oman, 9/5/2005)

    One way to get a list of the good Muslims is to find which Muslims have a fatwa out against them.  A list of Christians and Muslims on a Muslim hit list can be seen by clicking here.

    The main question being addressed by this web site is whether Islam promotes peace or war and terrorism.  I have given examples of good Muslims above and will give many examples of bad ones below.   Does the fact that there are both good and bad Muslims not indicate that Islam has nothing to do with promoting terrorism?  One would expect that if Islam was the cause of Islamic terrorism then all Moslems would be terrorists.  One could argue that the bad Muslims have a distorted interpretation of Islam, and the good Muslims have the correct interpretation and that it is not Islam that is to blame for the atrocities committed in the name of Islam but rather faulty interpretations of facist terrorists hijacking Islam for their own purposes.  This is an explanation that many well meaning people including President Bush would like to believe.  Their reasoning probably goes something like this.

If we believe that Islam is responsible for the mass murder of Americans on September 11, then that could promote hatred of the billions of Muslims on the planet and war with them and we certainly don't want that.  It must be that  Islam was hijacked by misguided radicals who misinterpreted Islam.

The problem with arguing that a belief would promote conflict and therefore we should not believe it is that the truth or falsity of a belief does not depend on whether it will make us hostile or affectionate to another group.  The consequences of a belief do not determine whether it is true or not.  In addition the consequences of believing the truth are always better than the consequences of believing a lie.  If Islam is the problem we need to address that problem and not ignore it and hope it goes away. 

   There is another possibility and that is that the Islamic terrorists are interpreting Islam correctly and that peaceful Moslems are interpreting it incorrectly.  A former Salafi Muslim, Tawfik Hamid who believed in the violent passages of the Koran discussed them with a few Sufi clerics who suggested that one “should be good and peaceful to all mankind” and that “the understanding of the violent verses will be clarified on the day of judgement.”  Tawfi Hamid wrote that:

“ these views were not based on rigorous Islamic eschatology, however, or on an objective analysis of the religious books.  They merely embodied a desired perception of Islam.  My secular parents offered the same tolerant perspective, insisting that Islam is a religion of peace.  But for me both responses were unsatisfactory because they suffered from the same problem --  they were not theologically grounded. "

     If we believe the benevolent interpretation is wrong why say it?  Why antagonize peaceful Moslems by criticizing their religion?  Why argue that their religion leads to war when they say their religion is peaceful?  The answer to this question can be found by asking another question which is, are Muslims in general more prone to be violent to non-believers than non-Muslims?  If they are than their religion promotes violence.  How do we evaluate how radical or moderate Muslims are in general.  A web page that addresses this question is called The Paranoia Indicator of Islamic Radicalism.  How do we determine if Islam is a religion of peace?   Can we simply listen to Muslims who say their religion is peaceful?  Some Muslims who say that their religion is peaceful may not believe that their religion is peaceful but may simply say that to protect themselves.


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