IX Corruption and Islam

  Many Muslims consider themselves highly moral and have extremely strict moral codes.  They consider the "Satanic" West to be immoral and corrupt.  Although there is a belief among Moslems that the "Satanic" West is immoral and corrupt, and although they consider themselves highly moral, many are extremely immoral to non-Muslim's as discussed previously in this article.  In addition many are immoral to each other. 

   An example of the strictness of Islamic Law is Iran where it is unlawful for a man to shake hands with a woman in public.  The National Review (Oct 28, 02) wrote about what happened when fiftysomething actress Gohar Kheirandish presented a film festival award to twentysomething movie directory Ali Zamani.  When she did she committed the heinous sin of planting a kiss on the recipient's forehead.  The two were arrested, together with a local Culture Ministry official thought to have been complicit in the outrage.   Thundered an editorial in one government newspaper: "Our enemies are trying to harm Islam through out culture." 

    Iran stones violators of Shariah law to death and has regulations regarding the proper size of stones. (Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi, Tehran's Killing Fields, frontpagemag.com 1/27/05)

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 Iran also employs several types of body mutilation, from the amputation of hands, arms and legs to the macabre procedure of plucking out the eyeballs of the sentenced. Several photos exist to document such occurrences, in dossiers kept by human rights organizations.

While they were in control of Afghanistan the Taliban moral code was so strict that their religious police punished the playing of music with lashings or worse.   Anna Mulrine in her article "Unveiled Threat" U.S. News and World Report, Oct 5, 01, quotes a woman named Laila, as saying:

Kites, once a favorite children's toy, are banned.  So are chess, and music, and dancing at weddings...Women are not allowed to laugh out loud-anything that would bring you a second of happiness.

   According to an article in the Washington Times (1/3/2004) during the Saudi religious police is so strict that it seized Barbie dolls from toy stores.   According to the article these religious police:

were raiding toy stores and gift shops in the desert kingdom to seize anything related to the Western holiday season, including flowers, candles, stuffed animals, Barbie dolls and other items considered evil.

The squads of police from the "Authority for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice" are targeting the New Year period, which is considered a non-Muslim festival, in an attempt to eliminate Western corrupting influences.

   Wahabism, the Islamic religion of the Taliban believes luxurious living as a chief evil.  Perhaps this is why they ban music.  When Taliban religious police were dispersed because of the threat of an American attack after September 11, Afghans started playing music (New York Times, Friday, September 28, 01).

   Serge Trifkovic, in his outstanding book The Sword of Islam gives an example of how there are Saudis who also do not approve of music:

Just outside the city of Riyadh there is a magnificent concert hall seating 3,000 known as the King Fahd Cultural Center...Completed in 1989 at a cost of $140 million, it boasts the finest marble and precious woods, a state of the art laser lighting system and a hydraulic stage.  But the hall has never staged an event...According to one report, on hearing about Western style music played by mixed casts (meaning men and women) to mixed audiences, the country's religious leaders "went berserk."

Niles Lathem wrote in the New York Post (Oct 18, 01) how:

Agents of the Vice and Virtue ministry have routinely beaten women on the street for wearing nail polish or walking outside without a male relative, forced men to wear beards, and have banned TV, movies and music, in a five year reign of terror to enforce the Taliban's fanatic interpretations of Islam

   Wahabi Islam is hardening the Islam of Somalia.  A Somali Muslim journalist Bashir Goth wrote the following about this in the Addis Tribune (November 21, 2003, "Against the Saudization of Somaliland")

"It is time to tell these sick men that the bare breast of the woman suckling her child is not about pornography, but about motherhood. The girls and boys sitting next to each other in class are not indulging in a sex orgy, you demented paranoiacs, but enjoying a healthy educational environment. The girl walking in the street without a headcover and wearing a big smile is not about flirting; it is about beauty of life. The woman holding a lively conversation with a male friend in a coffee house or a shopping mall is not about illicit affairs; it is about a much-needed human relationship and a healthy exchange of intellectual ideas. The woman wearing the traditional diric and hagoog and regally strolling in the street is not about indecency but about culture. The nightingale voices of our female singers are not about eroticism, you philistines, but about art, music and enjoyment of one of God's marvelous gifts… " It is time we have to speak out. If we don't do it today, we won't be able to do it tomorrow. Because there will be no tomorrow as our country descends into 7th century Arabia."

Robert Spencer, in an article titled the Minneapolis Jihad wrote:

The peace and law and order that the Islamic Courts brought to Somalia was decidedly a matter of brute force and intimidation. In November 2005 Sharia supremacists in Mogadishu killed twelve people in the process of closing down movie theaters and video stores, both of which had been deemed un-Islamic. Last July they killed two people at a forbidden screening of a World Cup match. The regime staged public floggings and executions, banned television, music, and women swimming, and in one town a cleric aptly named Sheikh Rage announced that anyone who did not attend Muslim prayers five times a day would be beheaded. 

   The Taliban, the most strictly Islamic group in the world, maintain scores of opium and heroin production facilities throughout the country. 

Afghanistan is a world wide leader in poppy production and the drug trade is a primary source of funding for the Taliban generating ...between $50 million and $100 million a year.

according to Peter Singer, a military analyst for the Brookings Institution (NYPost 9/26/01 p15).  Whatever the pious Taliban are spending their drug money on, it isn't on helping their people.  According to a report by Physicians for Human Rights:

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world.  Afghanistan ranks 170th out of 174 on the 1995 UNDP development index. [60] It has one of the highest infant (165/1000) and child (257/1000) mortality rates of all countries. [61]   Life expectancy at birth is 45 years. [62] There are an estimated 700,000 widows [63] and over 750,000 disabled Afghan men, women and children. [64] Access to safe drinking water in rural areas is 5% and in urban areas 39%, [65] and it is estimated that 42% of all deaths in Afghanistan are due to diarrheal diseases. [66] Malnutrition affects up to 35% of children under age 5, [67] and 85,000 children under age five die annually from diarrheal diseases. [68] Immunization rates of children are abysmal with an estimated coverage of less than 10% of all children. [69] ..

The civilian population of Afghanistan is almost wholly dependent upon the sustenance of the international aid community. Seventy percent of the health care system in Afghanistan is dependent on external assistance. [81]   United Nations’ humanitarian agencies report feeding hundreds of thousands of Afghans, and subsidized bread sales reportedly reach over one million. International aid represents a significant component of national economy, given the wholesale destruction of indigenous production and markets.[82] ..

The United States has been the largest single donor of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan or to Afghans living outside the country as refugees. In 1999, the United States contributed over $70 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan,

   Not only don't the Taliban use their drug wealth to help their poor, they actually attack foreign agencies who provide aid to the poor.  The New York Post of 10/20/01 writes how:

Aid agencies, meanwhile, complained of continued looting of their operations by Taliban and other armed bands. On Friday, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan said Taliban fighters had sacked offices in five cities, beating some local staff and forcing them to shut down.

   According to another article in the Post of 10/20/01

A senior (U.S.) administration official accused Taliban leaders of using "food as a weapon" by burning food deliveries and telling villagers that U.S. airdrops of food were poisoned.

   To protect themselves from American attack, the Taliban have put command and control centers and arms in mosques.  They don't care that they are jeopardizing their supposedly holy mosques.  In fact if the United States destroys a mosque with arms that might enrage the rest of the Islamic world which is what they want.  U.S. intelligence reported plans by the Talibans to blow up mosques and blame the destruction on the United States to gain Islamic support against the United States.  Tales of atrocities by the pious Taliban come from the Northern Alliance.  One of these atrocities is skinning their victims alive.

The Newscop organization interviewed a woman who was forced to become a prostitute because of the edicts of the pious Taliban forbidding women to work.  In their article of Sept. 27, 2001 they quote her as saying:

Most of the customers were Taliban. They paid between 10,000 to 20,000 Afghans, (the equivalent of about 25 - 50 US cents). For younger or very beautiful women they paid more. Sometimes they (the customers) would get what they wanted and not pay. If any woman dared complain, saying that they were doing this only for money, the men would threaten her with exposure, saying that they would tell everyone that she was an adulterer, and therefore be subjected to death by stoning. We could nothing against them.

   The interviewer expressed surprise that most of her customers were Taliban.  She replied:

They only pretend to be Muslim.  If they were really interested in Islam they would have shut us down. It would be impossible for us to operate without their knowledge. So even though all the arrangements were very secret and underground, I think we could operate only because they knew about us and were the ones coming to us. That was why they did not expose us...

The Taliban themselves are the biggest sinners and then they claim that they are Muslim, which they are not. The people of Afghanistan were Muslim before the Taliban captured power, and were practicing all the tenets of the religion - fasting, praying, but were doing this out of faith, not at the point of a gun. Now people hate Islam because of them and their savagery. They have turned the nation into one of robbers and prostitutes. You cannot find these kind of barbaric people anywhere in the world.

   According to the New York Post 2/11/02 the Taliban routinely abducted beautiful Afghan women as rewards for victory in battle and kept them as sex slaves.

   Islamic immorality is not limited to the Taliban.  The Northern Alliance stuffed hundreds of Taliban and al Qaeda prisoners who they captured into sealed cargo containers killing them by asphyxiation.  Witnesses said the doomed prisoners were heard begging for water and pleading. "We are human, not animals."  According to the New York Post (8/19/02)

both the Northern Alliance and the Taliban used "death by container" as a cheap means of mass murder in the past.  Prisoners have been left to die in the sun in metal containers 40 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet, and have been discovered grilled black.

The New York Post tells how an Arab sheik have imports models from Europe under the pretense of giving them work and then holds them against their will unless they perform sexual acts (New York Post 2/25/2001).     Seymour Hersh in an article in the New Yorker, called Kings Ransom (10/22/01) wrote that:

Saudi Arabia's strict interpretation of Islam, known as Wahhabism, and its use of mutawwa'in-religious police-to enforce prayer, is rivalled only by the Taliban's. And yet for years the Saudi princes-there are thousands of them-have kept tabloid newspapers filled with accounts of their drinking binges and partying with prostitutes, while taking billions of dollars from the state budget.

Daniel Pipes (May 9, 2001, The Jerusalem Post) writes how

The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) was the Islamist bank par excellence; when it failed in 1991, spawning perhaps the largest and most complex banking scandal in history, its seemingly devout owners had embezzled billions of dollars from 1.3 million mostly Moslem depositors in over 70 countries. The "Islamic capital-investment companies" that flourished in Egypt in the 1980s also collapsed from corruption, as did similar institutions in Turkey. And a recent University of Texas study finds that "Islamic banks in Iran and Sudan are avenues for corruption and embezzlement."

In offices, Islamists are known to be sexual harassers. Thus did a female employee at the Saudi mission to the United Nations in New York publicly complain last September about enduring years of sexual harassment from "male fundamentalist members" of the Saudi mission.

When in authority, Islamists exploit women. The Iranian government recently arrested the head of an Islamic revolutionary court on charges of running a prostitution ring involving runaway underage girls.

   Despite the oil resources of Saudi Arabia there is huge National debt and about 20% are unemployed as of 2002.  Ali Al Ahmed of the Saudi Research Institute on On the Record with Greta Van Susteren Fox News Channel August 27, 2002 said in regard to the Saudis:

They arrest everybody that sneezes in the country, except al Qaeda members, who have been arrested, detained and released, 160 people confirmed released who were in Afghanistan and fought along Taliban and al Qaeda.

    Among the people who they arrest are storekeepers who try and sell cats or dogs on the grounds that Islam forbids it because of the concern that displaying the animals in shop windows could be exploited by young people for courtship purposes (MEMRI 8/28/2008).

   There is a lot of corruption in the Islamic Palestinian Authority as well.

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