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Tania Joya a Former Muslim Explains that the Koran is Hate Speech, Especially Toward the Jews







The Path to the Final Solution

Love of the Prophet, requires hatred of the Jews
Moroccan cleric Al-Maghili (d. 1505)

First of All as a Muslim I believe the Jews are Evil
Kuwaiti scholar Muhanna Hamad Al-Muhanna

Jews are the leaders of the infidels and the greatest enemies of Islam and the Muslims in the present age.
Therefore, jihad against Jews everywhere is "one of the most important duties and greatest virtues,"
Saudi Mujahid Sheikh

“The Jews are our enemies. Allah will annihilate them at our hands.
This is something we know for certain. We know this for certain
 – not because I say so, but because Allah said so.
‘You shall find that the people strongest in enmity to the believers are the Jews and the polytheists.’”

Muhammad Hussein Yaaqub, an Islamic cleric, quoting the Koran on Egypt’s Al-Nas TV December 29, 2009

Muslims' blood vengeance against the Jews, "will only subside with their [the Jews] annihilation, Allah willing, because they tried to kill our Prophet several times."
Palestinian cleric Wael Al-Zarad during a television program which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on February 28, 2008


“If you drive intoxicated, the judiciary considers this an aggravated element,you get a stiffer sentence.
But apparently if you kill a Jew under the influence, you may not stand trial at all.”

Sammy Ghozlan former police commissioner in Paris Area

“It pains me to have to admit this but anti-Semitism is not just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it is routine and commonplace. Any Muslims reading this article – if they are honest with themselves – will know instantly what I am referring to. It is our dirty little secret.
You could call it the banality of Muslim anti-Semitism.”

 — Mehdi Hasan, The New Statesman.

What Begins With Jews Doesn't End with Jews
Former Hostage Kenneth Timmerman in Preachers of Hate

When civilized nations fail to rise up against the Jew-haters in their midst,
it is often just a matter of time before the Jew-haters in their midst rise up against them.
Jeff Jacoby in "The Cancer of Antisemitism in Europe"



Protests Against Jews Put into Perspective


UN Watch Puts Gaza in Perspective




Waking with a Kippa in Europe

  Bruce Bawer wrote in Frontpage Magazine that:

Among the findings of a new international survey, commissioned by the BBC and performed by an outfit called Globescan, is that the four least popular countries in the world, or at least in the 22 countries surveyed, are Pakistan, Iran, North Korea – and Israel.

Those who hate Israel often say that they are not against Jews they are only against Israeli policies but Bruce Bawer's article gives examples of obvious hatred of Jews. 

Bruce Bawer ended his article with:

This, alas, is Western Europe today: a part of the world that was once the very definition of civilization and enlightenment, but that, having exposed in the last century its capacity for irrational, murderous barbarism, now seems inexorably drawn, like an addict unable to resist his drug, back into that vile darkness.

   The Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ, an offshoot of the Black Hebrew Israelites are a racist and black supremacist fringe group who believe that white Jews are destined for hell.  One day in London they were shouting at Jews "“Your money won’t save you from the hell fire!” “You’re gonna go back to the gas chambers!”, “We will smash your heads in!” The Jews called the police but then found themselves surrounded by ordinary Christians who told them “You hear them?! They’re right. You put him up on the cross and still you think you’re better than everyone else!”  Antisemitism is written into the Christian bible.

  Christian hatred of the Jews as Christ killers and non-believers evolved into a hatred of Christians by the Nazis.  Nietzsche saw Christianity as a "semitic infection".  He wrote in The Antichrist, that:

The Jews, have made mankind so thoroughly false that even today the Christian can feel anti-Jewish without realizing that he is himself the ultimate Jewish consequence.  

   Anti-semitism is alive and well and growing.  On Thursday January 16, 2013 Mein Kampf topped Amazon's Amazon’s Propaganda & Political Psychology section.

   Jew hatred fuels hatred of any country that supports the Jews.  Shayk Ikrima Sabri reveals part of the logic when he prays: "Oh, Allah, destroy America as it is controlled by Zionist Jews." Similarly, Palestinian Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Abu Halabiya exhorts followers on a TV broadcast: "Wherever you are, kill the Jews and those Americans who are like them." Here is a video of Egyptian protesters of Mubarak saying that one reason they hate Mubarak is because he supports Israel.



During World War II Jew hatred was used to encourage the Nazis to fight the rest of the world.   Hitler did this by saying

Behind England stands Israel and behind France and behind the United States….It is impossible to exaggerate the formidable quality of the Jew as an enemy.

The great Jewish leader Vladimir Jabotinsky understood this motive of Hitler's. In his book, The Jewish War Front, Jabotinsky contends that Nazi Germany's drive toward world dominion would have been a nonstarter had it not for anti-Semitism. He wrote

Had the Nazi propaganda been confined from the beginning to preaching rebellion against the Versailles peace terms and the wickedness of the English or the French or the Americans, its theoretical appeal might have been still powerful, but its actual progress among the masses would have been so gradual that it is doubtful whether it would have gathered enough energy for an explosion.

All these aims could have been preached every whit as forcibly had their authors never thought of Israel and Judah. But they evidently felt, from the very beginning, that none of these aims would 'go down' properly with the masses unless they were duly seasoned. So not a single spoonful of this witches' brew was offered without the spice of anti-Semitism.

The ideas of anti-Semitism being a barometer for the humanity of civilization and of the threat of war between non-Jews was expressed by Chaim Herzog, in a speech to the United Nations on November 10, 1975.  He said:

Over the centuries it has fallen to the lot of my people to be the testing
agent of human decency, the touchstone of civilization, the crucible in which
enduring human values are to be tested. A nation's level of humanity could
invariably be judged by its behavior towards its Jewish population.
Persecution and oppression have often enough begun with the Jews, but it has
never ended with them. The anti-Jewish pogroms in Czarist Russia were but the
tip of the iceberg which revealed the inherent rottenness of a regime that
was soon to disappear in the storm of revolution. The anti-Semitic excesses
of the Nazis merely foreshadowed the catastrophe which was to befall mankind
in Europe.... On the issue before us, the world has divided itself into good
and bad, decent and evil, human and debased.

    Through history anti-Semitism has been a measure of the influence and power of the intolerant and the totalitarian.   In modern times anti-Semitism is generally a measure of the influence of totalitarian Islam.  By that statement I do not mean to imply that Islam is not the only source of anti-Semitism clearly there are other sources as well.  Christian Europe has had a history of anti-Semitism long before the recent influx of Moslems.  In his classic book on Judeophobia, (Edward Flannery, The Anguish of the Jews: Twenty-three Centuries of Anti-Semitism (New York: Macmillan, 1965), Edward Flannery cites that Judeophobia in Spain began in the year 589 with the Third Council of Toledo, after the conversion of King Recaredo to Christianity.  Since the first compulsory baptism in Minorca in 418, Judeophobia has had an ongoing influence on Spanish society. 

Gustavo Perednik in an article titled "Naive Spanish Judeophobia" (Jewish Political Studies Review 15:3-4,Fall 2003) wrote:

Culturally Spain is one of the most homogeneous Western countries - almost all Spaniards are Catholic. Until at least one generation ago, most of them were raised in a Judeophobic atmosphere. Although few had seen a Jew with their own eyes, "killing Jews" was widely considered an innocuous children's game. In many Spanish towns and villages, grassroots Judeophobia is rampant. In some traditional fiestas and rituals passed down from generation to generation, the effigy of a Jew is derided and beaten or even symbolically murdered.

In 1999 a newspaper published a nonchalant article dealing with an Easter tradition in the province of Leon, where cafeterias offer special lemonade in bottles that "will be used to kill Jews." Utterly indifferent to the dark shades in his report, the journalist calls it "a harmless expression" and adds the recipe for this singular lemonade.

Spaniards' vocabulary includes many striking examples of Judeophobic expressions, which in other languages have been eroded by modern political correctness. The accepted dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy (twentieth edition, 2001) includes under "synagogue" - a meeting for illicit purposes, and under "judiada" - evil action.

   Much of the anti-Jewish hatred in Spanish society has taken the form of anti-Israel hatred which is influenced by Islamic propaganda.  Pilar Rahola, a Spanish left-wing journalist said that in the Spanish press:

Israel is not just a country that is trying, for better or worse, to survive for fifty years, but it is reduced to one sole image: a country that occupies the territories and whose vocation is to make life miserable for the poor Palestinians. The history of the Holy Land is being reinvented. Everything takes place as if there were instructions: Never recall the faults and errors of the Palestinians, never recall their alliances with dangerous countries such as Iraq, in order to heap more shame on the United States and Israel. The profound reasons for this war are never made clear, never discussed. (Marc Tobiass, "Judeophobia Explains the Pro-Palestinian Hysteria of the European Left," Proche-Orient (2 October 2002) - an interview with Pilar Rahola.)

 Ignacio Russell Cano in an article titled Spain the European Iran wrote how the Spanish press is bribed to report what the Muslims want them to report.  He wrote:

Saudi petrodollars are bribing increasing amounts of Spanish journalists through Muslim organizations in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Murcia to talk about Iraq, but also about the Wahhabi version of the Middle East. Journalists earning less than 1000 EUR a month are driving BMW cars, and there seems to be a pact of silence inside many Spanish newspapers not to ask a single word...

Some journalists even show faxes sent by the FM to newspapers through his contacts in Spanish news agency EFE: call this one “insurgent,” do not call this one “terrorist.” In Spain, Palestinian terrorists are not captured by IDF; they are “kidnapped.” But American tapes about the war in Iraq are “American propaganda” (Cuatro TV, January 26). Al Qaeda videos are “tapes of resistance.” 

   In his article Mr. Cano also wrote about the rise in anti-Semitism in Spain.  He wrote:

Ciempozuelos is a village near Madrid. Excluding punctual scandals – like the major’s recent resignation under charges of corruption – for the 12,768 inhabitants of Ciempozuelos, life is good – and progressive. The Socialist Party PSOE calls the shots, so it was no surprise when the town announced there was not going to be any commemoration of the Holocaust Memorial Day...

The townhall will host the Day of the Palestinian Genocide instead, a hate-fest against Israel, Israelis and Jews in general.

Middle East politics notwithstanding, attacks against Jews in Spain keep rising.

     According to Outpost 9/2008, the National Court in Spain ordered the arrest of Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, currently Minister of Infrastructure, former IDF chief of staff Moshe Yaalon, former chief of staff Da Halutz, retired General Doron Almog, former National Security Council head General Giora Eiland and Ben Eliezer's military advisor Mike Herzog.  They are to be arrested immediately upon setting foot upon Spanish soil.  Why?  They are held culpable in the killing of arch terrorist Salah Shehada (for whose liquidation in a less crazy world, they should all receive Orders of Merit.)  Shehada was slated to succeed Sheikh Ahmed Yassin as leader of Hamas.  Responsible for hundreds of attacks against Israelis, Shehada was killed in July 2002 shortly before his plan to send a truck loaded with 600 kilograms of explosives to a Jewish celebration in Gush Katif was to be implemented.  While the IDF had postponed the mission numerous times because it feared civilians would be hurt, in the end 14 went with Shehada, giving the Palestinian Authority its opportunity to bring suit in Spain.

  There have been shocking manifestations of anti-Semitism in Churches throughout Europe.  Giulio Miotti in an article titled The Churches Against Israel wrote:

In Antwerp, once called “the Belgian Jerusalem,” a highly respected and government-funded Catholic school, the College of the Sacred Heart, just hosted a “Palestine Day” replete with anti-Semitic references and activities for youngsters. One stall at the event was titled “Throw the soldiers into the sea,” allowing children to throw replicas of Jewish and Israeli soldiers into two large tanks.

Mr. Giotti wrote how at the meeting of the World Council of Churches

Not a single word of criticism was uttered there against the Islamists who are persecuting Arabs who believe Jesus.

The conference declared the Jewish State “a sin” ...and called for “resistance” as a Christian duty.

    It's ironic that although Israel defended the Christians of Lebanon against Muslim attacks and that although Christians are undergoing horrific country in Muslim countries such as Iraq and Egypt, these Christians hate Israel and do not condemn the Muslims.  In fact the patriarch of the Antioch Church, the Catholic Melkite Gregory III Laham, proclaimed that there is a “Zionist conspiracy against Islam.”

  Christianity does not need Islam to hate Jews and Israel as a recent discovery of Jews thrown down a medieval well in Norwich England reminds us.  The recent explosion of anti-Semitic hate in European countries is however a synthesis of Islamic and Christian hate.

    Where does Islamic anti-Semitism come from.  If one reads the Koran it is full of hatred of the non-believer especially the Jews.  The Arabic writer al-Jahiz explained why the hatred of Islam is especially strong against the Jews.  (d. 869).  He wrote:

When the [Muslim] Emigrants [from Mecca] became the neighbors of the Jews [in Medina]...the Jews began to envy the Muslims the blessings of their new faith, and the union which resulted after dissension. They proceeded to undermine the belief of our [i.e., the Muslim] masses, and to lead them astray. They aided our enemies and those envious of us. From mere misleading speech and stinging words they plunged into an open declaration of enmity, so that the Muslims mobilized their forces, exerting themselves morally and materially to banish the Jews and destroy them. Their strife became long-drawn and widespread, so that it worked itself up into a rage, and created yet greater animosity and more intensified rancor. The Christians, however, because of their remoteness from Mecca and Medina, did not have to put up with religious controversies, and did not have occasion to stir up trouble, and be involved in war. That was the first cause of our dislike of the Jews, and our partiality toward the Christians.

    The aiding the enemy part is standard Muslim propaganda but the part about not believing and expressing their disbelief is true.  They hated the Jews because the Jews were non-believers.

   According to the Financial Times of London (11/22/03) the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), which serves as the EU's racism watchdog organization, commissioned a report on anti-Semitism in early 2002, following a sharp increase in anti-Jewish violence.   However, when it received the report towards the end of the year, the EUMC objected to the focus on Muslim and pro-Palestinian perpetrators, judging this "inflammatory."  The EUMC also did not like that the authors - the Centre for Research on Anti-Semitism at Berlin's Technical University - had included some anti-Israel acts in its list of anti-Semitic acts.  In February of this year, for the above reasons, the EUMC decided to shelve the 112-page study.  the Times quoted one person familiar with the report as saying:

There is a trend towards Muslim anti-Semitism, Merely saying the perpetrators are French, Belgian or Dutch does no justice to the full picture...  The decision not to publish was a political decision.

   So not only is anti-Semitism a measure of the influence of totalitarian Islam, the unwillingness to admit that Islam plays a role is also a measure of the influence of totalitarian Islam.   Militant Muslims divert the awareness of their victims that radical Islam is the true threat to blaming Israel and the Jews.  This creates helpless among the victims of Islam since they don't even know who their enemy is and in fact causes them to weaken   themselves.  Once Muslim victims blame Israel, they pressure Israel to retreat and withdraw and make strategic concessions that make Israel vulnerable to the militant Muslims who are bent on Israel's destruction.   If Israel were to fall an important bastion of the West against Islam will have fallen and it will be much more difficult for the West to project power in that region of the world.

   By these measure of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel policies, Islamic influence is growing rapidly throughout the world. 

   A European poll showed the extent of anti-Semitism in Europe.   7,500 people  - 500 in each of the 15 EU member states - were presented with a list of 15 countries and asked if these countries present a threat to world peace.  Israel was rated "yes" by the highest number of respondents.  Israel was rated as a bigger threat to world peace than countries such as North Korea, Iran and Afghanistan.

   One immediate result of Muslim immigration to Europe and the United States is immigration with them of anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic violence (see The New Anti-Semitism by Daniel Pipes (Oct 16, 1997).  Dr. Robert Wistrich, a professor of European history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem wrote in a Freeman Center Broadcast (5/28/02) that:

The rising tide of anti-Semitic vitriol across Europe- with synagogues burning in Paris, London and Marseilles, and the old pogromist cry of "Death to the Jews!" once more echoing from Brussels to Kiev - has shocked many in Israel and the Diaspora. Such hostility has not been seen since the end of World War II and has exposed the dormant genocidal demons still lurking beneath the civilized veneer of Europe, as well as the hollowness of its pretensions to moral superiority. Much less attention has been paid, however, to the massive Muslim contribution to this wave of anti-Semitism which in Europe and the West has found its most enthusiastic supporters among recent Arab and Muslim immigrants. Since October 2000, there has been an alarming rise in the number of anti-Semitic assaults on Jewish communities around the world for which young Muslims have been responsible - and nowhere is this more apparent than in France. These new immigrants carry with them anti-Semitic baggage from their mother countries and Islamic culture.

   Immigrants bring anti-semitic hatred into the United States as well.  Attitudes of native-born Americans of Hispanic descent track fairly closely with those of other Americans, but Hispanics born abroad are three times as likely to dislike Jews. African-Americans are twice as likely to be anti-Semitic than the general population; roughly 12 percent of blacks express anti-Semitic views.  This raises the question of how many of these African Americans are immigrants or influenced by Islamic immigrants.  One fifth of blacks in America are Muslim.  Somalis elected Somali Ilhan Omar who is anti-Israel and anti-Jewish.  Former anti-semite Ayaan Hirsi Ali said that Islamic anti-Semitism is of a “scale and scope” that most people in the West do not understand and is therefore all the more insidious.   The Somali-born Ali, 49, grew up being told that Jews were evil and reflexively hated them, even though she had never met one. In her teens, she joined the Muslim Brotherhood, in which she was indoctrinated to believe that Jews were a sub-human enemy and that their state occupies Muslim lands and must be destroyed. She is now pro-Jewish.  She wrote the 2004 film Submission, a critique of Islam’s subjugation of women, whose director, Theo van Gogh, was murdered by a Muslim fundamentalist. The English translation of the embedded video below can be seen by clicking cc.


   There has been a startling rise in antisemitic attacks in the United States.  In New York City there have been many recent attacks (I write this paragraph on Dec 31, 2019) .  In response Cuomo, the Governor of NY and deBlasio the mayor of NYC blame Trump for creating an atmosphere of hate, to deflect blame from themselves and from the Democratic party.  Former mayor Giuliani lashed at de Blasio for saying the President was partially to blame for the wave of attacks on religious Jews in the metro area throughout the month of December, 2019.

“He’s the mayor of the city of New York. He is in charge. And isn’t it fascinating that all of these communities that have been victimized by anti-Semitism … all of these communities, they love the president. They are his greatest supporters,” the former mayor of NYC said.

Giuliani stated: “It’s hard to say in a nice way – he’s probably the worst mayor in my lifetime. He’s a failure as a leader, he does exactly the opposite. You’re supposed to take responsibility as a leader, and he forgot, or maybe he never learned, the great lessons of the Holocaust.”

The day after a stabbing of Jews in Monsey NY during a Chanukah celebration Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib sent out a fundraising email blaming the “far-right” government of Israel for “Jim Crow-style policies against Palestinians and Black Israelis.” She also blamed President Donald Trump for the “hate” behind attacks on synagogues, echoing the disgusting charge that Trump is responsible for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. She is a Democrat who incites hate against the Jews and then blames Trump.  Why do Democrats vote for people like her?  The media covers up the race of those committing attacks on Jews but many of them are black.  Muslims like Rashida Tlaib incite blacks against Israel.  The day after stabbing of Jews she accused Israel of Jim Crow policies against the Arabs.

   Olivier Guitta wrote about how this hatred is voiced by rap bands made up mostly of French citizens of Arab or African descent (France's Homegrown Gangstas, Weekly Standard 9/28/05).  Example lyrics include:

"We're all hot for a mission to exterminate the government and the fascists. . . . France is a bitch and we've been betrayed. . . . We f--France, we don't care about the Republic and freedom of speech. We should change the laws so we can see Arabs and Blacks in power in the Elysée Palace. Things have to explode."


"France is a bitch, don't forget to f--her to exhaustion. You have to treat her like a whore, man! . . . France is one of the bitches who gave birth to you. . . . I am not at home and I don't give a damn, and besides the state can go f--itself. . . . I pee on Napoleon and General De Gaulle. . . . My niggers and my Arabs, our playground is the street with the most guns. . . . F--ing cops, sons of whores. . . . France is a lousy mother who abandoned her sons on the sidewalk. . . . My Muslim brothers are hated like my Jewish brothers were during the Reich"--at which point Mr. R's video shows footage of Hitler and of Nazi concentration camps.

The video borders on pornography. It shows violent acts supposedly committed by the French Army. France is represented by two naked white women called "Gauloises" (a reference to the ancient inhabitants of France) who perform lewd acts with the French flag while a group of blacks make an obscene gesture.

   Olivier Guitta in an article titled Preaching for the Enemy ( 6/15/04) wrote that:

Many French Muslims idolize Osama bin Laden and consider the destruction of synagogues and assault of Jews to be justified retribution.

   One such French Muslim is known to have died fighting the United States in Iraq (Officials Fear Iraq's Lure For Muslims In Europe, New York Times 10/23/04)  According to the Times,

Hundreds of young militant Muslim men have left Europe to fight in Iraq, according to senior counterterrorism officials in four European countries. They have been recruited through mosques, Muslim centers and militant Web sites by several groups, including Ansar al-Islam.

   On Jan. 21, 2006  in Paris, a gang of Muslims intent on kidnapping Jews kidnapped 23-year-old Ilan Halimi. Reciting verses from the Koran in phone conversations demanding money from the family, they ultimately rejected the money and tortured Halimi to death. They kept him naked for weeks while they cut him up and finally poured flammable liquid over his skin and burned him alive. (Dennis Prager, Explaining Jews, Part III An Insecure People, 2/22/2006) 

In the days since the dying Halimi was discovered, some journalists have been making ugly discoveries. The gang of thugs (they called themselves "the Barbarians") had sequestered the young man in an apartment that had been rented by the doorman of the building. The doorman knew what had been happening but did nothing. Many other residents in the building had heard a man screaming, but had decided to mind their own business instead of calling for help, even anonymously. "When you live here, you think about yourself and only about yourself," one of them said.

The screams must have been loud because the torture was especially atrocious: the thugs cut bits off the flesh of the young man, they cut his fingers and ears, they burned him with acid, and in the end poured flammable liquid on him and set him on fire.

A little more than two years ago another Jew named Sebastien Sellam, was savagely killed in the eastern part of Paris. The murderer cut off his head and took out his eye globes with a fork. He came home a few minutes later saying to his family: "Now, I can go to paradise. I killed my Jew." He was a Muslim, just like most of the gang that killed Ilan Halimi. (The Murder of Ilan Halimi, Frontpage Magazine, 3/7/2006)

    Phyllis Chesler wrote on 6/25/08 that:

Neighbors took turns and joined in torturing Halimi...  Now, a visibly Jewish, kipah-wearing 17 year-old, Rudy Haddad, walking in a Jewish quarter, was set upon by 15-30 “African immigrants.” No one is saying whether they are Muslims or not. Alright, Martians from Africa beat Haddad with iron bars and fractured his skull.

  Algemeiner reported on July 25, 2014 that the Facebook page, ‘Jeunes Révolutionnaires Français’, JRF, or ‘Young French Revolutionaries’, posted the names and photos of 32 Jews for targetting. The assault on one of those listed took place on Thursday night in Bobigny, Seine-Saint-Denis, a Paris suburb. The assailants were armed with iron bars...

The title page of the group’s Facebook presence features a large Palestinian flag and calls for members to attend a rally on Saturday in connection with the international Al Quds Day protests around the world where police are preparing for violence against Jews.

The UEJF said three men went to the house of one of the people whose picture was posted and asked him, “Are you the guy in the photo on Facebook?”

They then said they were there to “break the Jew” and do to him “the same as Ilan Halimi,” a 23-year-old who was kidnapped and tortured for 24 days by a gang led by Youssouf Fofana, described by The Jewish Chronicle as, “the extraordinarily cruel, Paris-born fifth of seven children of immigrants from the Ivory Coast.”

  Ezra Halevy, wrote in Israel National News, April 29, 2007 that:

Audrey Brachelle, 22, was attacked in the French city of Marseilles on the evening of April 26, 2007. The attack began as she walked back from her job as an accountant at a textile factory toward the metro station in the La Rose neighborhood of the city, which is home to many Jews.

Two Arab men followed her and attempted to steal her cell phone. After they grabbed it, the attackers noticed the Jewish ornament on the woman’s necklace, at which point she says they realized she was Jewish and began focusing on brutalizing her rather than stealing her phone.

The men then punched her in the face, sliced her dress with a knife and carved at least one Nazi swastika into her chest. They also cut off a clump of her hair...

Just last week, Rabbi Elie Dahan, rabbi of Nord-Pas-de-Calais in northern France, was violently attacked by a man who yelled “dirty Jew” at him while pummeling him in the face at the Paris North train station. 

    In March 2014 Muslims screaming "Death to the Jews" attacked a man after he left a kosher restaurant.  They broke his nose and drew a swastika on his chest before fleeing as passerbys approached.

    An article titled One Day in the Life of a Jew in France about how anti-Semitic France has become was posted by Frontpage Magazine on Nov 9, 2011.  Guy Milliere wrote an article on June 19 2012 called Jew Hunting Season Open in France about the situation keeps getting worse.

    The root causes of hatred of the Jew are built into Islamic theology and eschatology.  An excellent article on how Islamic eschatology encourages hatred of the Jews is the text of a Frontpage magazine symposium called Ahmadinejad's Armageddon 9/1/2006.

    Jews are fleeing France in droves (Sept. 18, 2013).

Nathan Sharansky just landed in Paris to coordinate the departure of 800 French Jews. “I do not remember such a number of people interested in alyah since the days when Jews stood in line outside the Israeli embassy in Moscow”, Sharanski said from the French capital.

It is a peak of emigration which has not been seen since 2004, when during the Second Intifada Europe’s Jews suffered a wave of anti-Semitism and thousand of French Jews marched through the streets raising signs like “Synagogues brûlées, République en ranger”, i.e. synagogues burned, republic in danger.

    Hatred of Jews in France is accompanied by hatred of the French by the Muslims living there who do not consider themselves French.  The fact that they do not consider themselves French if documented in a report on the Islamization of French schools delivered to the minister of education in late 2004 by the inspector general of national education, Jean-Pierre Obin. (Olivier Guitta, Mugged by La Realite, 4/7/05)

Obin discusses the attitudes of Muslim students, some as young as first graders. He reports, for instance, that Muslim students, asked their nationality, answer, "Muslim." When they are told that this is not a nationality and they are French, some insist that they can't be French since they are Muslim. This should come as no surprise. The presidential commission that examined the issue of secularism in 2003 reported that "extremist groups are working to test the Republic's strength and push some young people to reject France and her values."

The hatred of the French manifests itself in little ways such as was witnessed by Olivier Guitta who wrote:

I happened to witness in a Paris department store a few months back. A woman was pushing her baby in a stroller down an aisle. Behind her was a well-dressed, prosperous-looking Arab woman in a hurry. Suddenly the Arab woman pushed the mother, saying, "Move, dirty Frenchwoman" ("Dégage, sale française"). The familiar epithet "dirty Jew" is apparently being extended for more general use.

The hatred is also manifested by more severe violence as described by Mr. Guitta.  One such example is violent attacks by Muslims on peaceful French demonstrators.  Mr. Guitta wrote:

Some of the attackers openly expressed their hatred of "little French people." One 18-year-old named Heikel, a dual citizen of France and Tunisia, was proud of his actions. He explained that he had joined in just to "beat people up," ... " He added with a satisfied smile that he had "a pleasant memory" of repeatedly kicking a student, already defenseless on the ground.

   The Muslim riots of 2005 in which they burned and murdered are a recent manifestation of anti-French hatred.

   In Canada, census figures in May 2003, show that the Canadian Muslim population increased 128.9 percent in the decade beginning in 1991, (more than doubled) making Islam the fastest-growing faith in Canada (The Threat Among Us, by Cal Thomas 5/20/03).  Canada has anti-incitement laws but these anti-incitement laws have not prevented Canada from becoming a sea of anti-Israel incitement.  Two reasons that anti-incitement laws do not work are:

  1. Anti-incitement laws do not stop creation of paranoia.  In other words although they may stop Muslims in Canada from broadcasting that Jews are Apes and Pigs and from preaching kill the Jew, they won't stop Muslims from accusing Jews of atrocities they never committed.  (After I wrote this I read about the leader of the Vancouver Mosque, Younus Kathradra who said regarding the Jews:  " ... we are dealing with a people ... the brothers of the monkeys and the swine ... who's treachery is well known. A Canadian member of his mosque had been killed previously fighting in Chechnya (CBC news 10/22/04).

  2. The enforcement of anti-incitement laws depends on the political outlook of the enforcer.  An example of this occurred in Russia where a Moscow City court ruled that the publication of books like The Jewish Occupation of Russia, Mein Kampf, and the Protocols do not incite racial hatred, and closed a criminal investigation against the publisher of those books who wrote that, "Jews are by their very nature destroyers, the children of the Devil..." (Response Summer 2003 V24 #2).  The enforcer, the Moscow City Court, clearly does not wish to stop incitement against Jews.  The Moscow court ruling is also an example of how anti-incitement laws do not prevent the creation of paranoia.  The publishers statement about Jews being the children of the Devil does not tell people to kill Jews, it merely creates paranoia so that they will, and that is not legally incitement.   Another example of selective enforcement is a student ruling at Concordia University on the actions of Laith Marouf.  Daniel Pipes wrote (#346: Pipes Blog & Golden Oldies for June 2003):

On March 12, 2003, a student named Laith Marouf drew swastikas on an Israeli flag at a pro-Israel demonstration at Concordia University campus in Montreal. Marouf, it bears noting, had a history of anti-Israel incitement; he was, for example, one of two students barred from Concordia in August 2001 for spray-painting university property with anti-Israel slogans and threatening a security guard.   Nonetheless, at a May 14 hearing before a 3-member student panel, Marouf testified that he drew "the inverted swastika, the Hindu circle of life, not the Nazi swastika" on the Israeli flag, as a lesson in symbolism. Jean-Marc Bouchard, Marouf's student advocate in the case, said Marouf's action "was a political statement regarding the oppression of the Palestinian people by the Israeli government, not a symbol of hate."  The students on the panel were convinced by his explanation and, in a 2-1 decision, just ruled that while "Marouf's gesture was in very poor taste," it was made during a tense confrontation and did not qualify as harassment under the university's code of rights and responsibilities, or warrant expulsion or other sanctions.


   When students at Concordia University went to hear Walid Shoebat, a reformed PLO terrorist who now supports Israel, Muslim students attacked them ( 4/2/04).   Riot instigator Samir Elatrash, ostensibly suspended for three years, still remains enrolled.     On 9/17/02, former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to Concordia University in Montreal to explain why "there is no alternative to winning this war [on terrorism] without delay." But he never spoke at Concordia - indeed, he never made it onto the campus - because a thousand anti-Israel demonstrators staged a mini-riot to prevent him from speaking.
   The anti-Israel forces physically assaulted the would-be audience. A female professor of religion at Concordia recounted how some of them "aimed their punches at my breasts."
   They smashed a plate-glass window and threw objects at the police inside. They hurled furniture at police from a mezzanine. As Toronto's Globe & Mail put it, "By lunchtime, the vestibule of Concordia's main downtown building was littered with paper, upturned chairs, broken furniture and the choking aftereffects of pepper spray." (NY Post 9/17/02)
Twenty five months after they cancelled Netanyahu's speech Concordia banned Ehud Barak, a former dovish prime minister of Israel, from speaking on the campus Oct. 19. An editorial in the Canadian Gazette (10/6/04) opined:

This time the mere possibility of rowdiness caused Concordia to abandon the central tenet of a university's intellectual life: free expression...

   Daniel Pipes wrote about his experience speaking at York University as follows (The Rot in Our Universities, National Post 1/30/03):

Only students could attend and they had to pick up tickets the day before. At the gymnasium they showed identification, then went through a gauntlet of metal-detectors and friskings. A hundred police officers, some 10 of them on horseback, hovered ubiquitously, tensed for trouble. Substantial parts of the campus were blocked off.

    Of course when Moslems speak there is no such need for security.  Daniel Pipes wrote (weblog 440):

Mohamed al-Asi, the wild-eyed American Khomeinist who for two decades has been laying claim to leadership at the Islamic Center in Washington, D.C, and whom I have quoted before (when he called on Muslims to vanquish the United States), gave a talk recently at York University. According to the Canadian Jewish News account, al-Asi offered this conspiracy theory:

The "Jewish lobby" in the United States "was very disturbed that Muslims were beginning to stand up and their voice was beginning to be heard. Something had to be done about this." The lobby hit upon a great idea: "something that would jolt public opinion into perceiving everything that is Islamic as terrorist." Mossad and the CIA infiltrated "Islamic combatant groups" in Afghanistan and were the forces behind the attack on September 11, 2001.

   Caroline Glick reported in the Jerusalem Post 11/8/02 that the Canadian government, was working to withhold tax-exempt status from the Canadian chapter of Magen David Adom (The Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross) on the grounds that MDA ambulances operate in Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip.  These ambulances have gone to the rescue of Arabs in those areas even though they have been stoned by Arabs during their rescue missions.  In January 2003 Canada decided to close its Magen David Adom (Israel Red Cross) office and decertify this organization as a charity eligible to receive aid from Canadians.  On the other hand, the Red Crescent (the Moslem Red Cross) which only helps Muslims in the Middle East, and will not help Jews is a recognized charity by the Canadian government.  Canada also refuses to define Hizbullah as a terrorist organization.  In fact Canada refused to grant asylum to a Lebanese informant who spied on Hezbollah for Israel (Canada's National Post 5/15/03).  Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board the IRB explained that captured Hizbullah would have been mistreated as a result. If Canada said that donations to Israeli settlers would not be recognized as charitable donations, that would show anti-Israel bias, but to not recognize donations to ambulances as charitable donations shows a shocking level of anti-Jewish hatred and Islamic influence.

   According to an anti-Semitism study released by the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada  584 antisemitic incidents were reported in 2003 - the highest ever in the 21-year history of the report.  This represents a dramatic rise of 27.2% countrywide compared to 2002, and more than double that of 2001. 

   According to Isranet's daily briefing (V4 #836 3/19/04)

In Toronto, a ;visible Jew,; which means he was wearing Orthodox garb, was smashed over the head with a hammer on leaving a synagogue… In Montreal, an elderly Jewish woman was beaten up by two teenage girls of Arab appearance… In Hamilton, antisemitic leaflets threatening violence were left on cars in a synagogue parking lot… In Ottawa, a teen store clerk shouted at a man wearing a yarmulka: ;Jews are the lowest race.; A Winnipeg business owner received a letter that began: ;Dear Jewish scum.;  An elderly woman at a Montreal laundromat was accosted by teens who called her a ;Zionist filthy pig.;… Four men beat up an Orthodox woman who was returning home from a Montreal synagogue…a Windsor storeowner of Arab descent refused to serve a Jewish customer… The words ;Die, Hebe; were scrawled on the car of a Hamilton resident who is Jewish.”—Naomi Lakritz, looking behind the statistics B;nai Brith released last week in its annual audit of antisemitic incidents in Canada. “How is [this] possible in Canada?” asked 81-year old Holocaust survivor, Maria Leib, when she discovered the swastika painted on the door to her Toronto suburb home.  Hers was one of the many homes defaced with antisemitic graffiti this week. (Calgary Herald, Mar. 19)

According to for Dec 2002:

Some American observers assert that overly generous asylum policies have made Canada a staging area for terrorists, and that Montreal is the hub of terrorist activities there are many Muslims among the French speakers that Quebec seeks to attract. Montreal has 100,000 of Canada's 650,000 Muslims; two-thirds of Canada's Muslims are in the Toronto area.

Canada was once again accused of being a haven for terrorists after a series of newspaper reports concluded that a 24-year-old Tunisian who committed suicide by driving a truck filled with propane April 11, 2002 behind a bus load of German tourists in Tunisia was supported by a Montreal-based al-Qaeda cell. Some 1,300 Tunisian men came to Canada in 1999 and 2000 on student exchange visas; 118 of them disappeared. Ahmed Ressam, an Algerian convicted of plotting to detonate a bomb at the Los Angeles International Airport during millennium celebrations in 2000, was also last seen in Montreal.

   That Canada has become home to terrorists was confirmed on April 5, 2004 when a Jewish elementary school in Montreal was firebombed retaliation for the Israeli-sponsored assassination of Hamas leader, Sheik Ahmed Yassin (Ottawa Citizen 4/6/04).

   Lorne Gunter wrote in the National Post (A Dutch Lesson For Canada 11/15/04) that:

In the past decade, our Muslim population has risen more than 130%. Muslims comprise the fastest growing religious group in Canada with more than 100,000 adherents. And it is recently arrived Muslims who are the most likely to be filled with the hateful, anti-Western teaching that is booming in the Middle East. Long-standing Canadian Muslims are largely as peaceful as they claim to be.

There is also mounting evidence that a growing number of Canadian mosques and Islamic schools have come under the control of Saudi-funded Wahhabis and other radical Islamists. In April, 2002, a crowd of 1,000 or more, many from a Calgary mosque funded by the Saudi royals, marched through that city's downtown chanting "Death to the Jews." At a recent conference in Ottawa on the advent of shariah--Islamic law--in Canada, one delegate, a moderate Muslim and university professor, estimated that 90% of the new mosques constructed in Canada since 1990 were Wahhabi-dominated…

   The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission for broadcast in Canada as of 7/20/04 has not given Fox News broadcasting rights in Canada. It has however, given Al Jazeera those rights.  The article  Jihad TV Comes to Canada, ( 7/20/04) reported that:

According to a recent report by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, “Terrorism of foreign origin continues to be a major concern in regard to the safety of Canadians at home and abroad. … Canada is viewed by some terrorist groups as a place to try to seek refuge, raise funds, procure materials and/or conduct other support activities. ... Virtually all of the most notorious international terrorist organizations are known to maintain a network presence in Canada.” From the looks of its track record, Al-Jazeera will provide these Canadian-based terrorists with a source of news, encouragement, and instruction.


What’s more, it will serve these radical Muslims as a useful recruiting tool. For Jihadist recruiters in Canada, Al-Jazeera is likely to be an electronic madrassa beaming, twenty-four hours a day, the teachings and perspective of radical Islam into the living rooms of Canadian Muslims. Nor will this be a problem for Canada alone: what is to prevent those whom Al-Jazeera radicalizes and recruits for the global Jihad from slipping across the border into the Great Satan?


Whenever that happens, and whatever they succeed in doing here, you can be sure that it will be carried — and celebrated — on Al-Jazeera.

    Having a large Muslim population and being anti-Israel and pro-radical Islam, does not protect a country from Islamic hostility.  According to the (Nat’l. Post, Aug. 27 Volume III, Number 696 Wednesday, August 27, 2003)

Nineteen foreign students arrested by a Canadian anti-terrorism task force two weeks ago may be connected to al-Qaeda and may have scouted the CN Tower and other buildings. Federal authorities claim, in documents disclosed yesterday, that police raids turned up material suggesting the men, 18 Pakistanis and an Indian, sought information about landmarks and followed flight paths over the Pickering nuclear plant near Toronto.   

James Pinkerton writes that Arabs represent about 10% of the population of France.  He writes that (FREEMAN CENTER BROADCAST - December 11, 2001)

One consequence of increased Arab influx has been a rise in anti-Semitic incidents: According to the French government's human rights commission, there was one such incident in 1998, nine in 1999, 116 in 2000 and 141 so far in 2001.

    It doesn't matter what the Jews are doing.  They could be playing soccer or ice skating they still get attacked sometimes verbally and often physically.  In one such incident  Shirel, a 25-year-old Jewish singer performing at a charity concert was heckled with cries of "Dirty Jew" and "Death to Jews".

Jeff Jacoby in an article in the Boston Globe (3/14/04) wrote:

Last week, in a newspaper column headlined "Jewish children are in danger," six French scientists described recent episodes of antisemitic violence in Parisian schools.  In one of them, a girl was thrown to the ground and beaten by 20 students, who were yelling, "Dirty Jew!   Dirty Jew!"

   It has become so dangerous for Jews in France that on Wednesday Nov 19, 2003, France's Chief Rabbi Yosef Sitruck said (Israel National News 11/20/03):

I request that Jewish youth refrain from wearing kippot (skullcaps) in public.

so that they not turn themselves into targets for attack.   Just four days before he said this, a Jewish school in Paris was a target of arson, sustaining heavy damage.  In addition a bullet was mailed to the offices of the International League Against Racism and Antisemitism, with a message saying,

Jews, get out of here. The next bullet is aimed for you.

   Mireille Silcoff wrote an article called "Barricaded in Paris" in the National Post 11/24/05 about the protective measures Jews need to take:

Mr. Barthel walks me through the school, which was built three years ago to what he calls "new specifications for a new reality."

"All of our windows are made with glass both bomb- and bullet-proof; there are security cameras in all the common rooms," he says. "You will also notice there is no sign outside of the school that could single it out as a Jewish place....

Mr. Barthel explains the buddy system instituted at the Benvenuti school for children both arriving and leaving the premises. The students must travel in a pack and are not allowed to wear visible skullcaps or Stars of David anywhere but inside the school. They are also discouraged from dressing in a manner that Mr. Barthel calls "Shalala," meaning that they asked to refrain from dressing in a style which in North American parlance might be termed "Jappy."...

Mr. Barthel is the father of two young children. Last year, his children's school bus, belonging to a Jewish school in Epinay-sur-seine, a northern suburb of Paris, was set on fire. "The bus was empty when it was attacked, but still, nobody did anything about it, not the police, not the government."

He says the Jews of France have increasingly felt as if they have had to take safety into their own hands. "For us now, this means one of two things: bunker in with bomb-proof glass, or leave."

Mr. Barthel and his family have chosen the latter, becoming part of what could easily qualify as an exodus of Jews...

Paris was burning for two weeks this month. But Jewish Paris has been burning for five years -- a steady, fiery precursor that went largely ignored by the French authorities...

There have been dozens of synagogues and community centres firebombed, Jewish schools covered with anti-Semitic graffiti and set on fire, kosher shops peppered with bullets, and tombstones toppled and desecrated, a domino effect of nauseating proportions. In Paris, on the statue of Alfred Dreyfus, the words "sal juif" -- "dirty Jew" -- were painted in 2002, an epithet that has made a comeback in parts of France, although perhaps not spray-painted on brick or stone as often as "Jews Get Out.

   Conditions are so bad in France that French Nazi-hunter Serge Klarsfeld told the Jerusalem Post that French Jews should pack their bags and get out.  Serge Klarsfeld said history has proven it would have been best "had the Jews of Poland and the Jews of Austria left Europe when they could have."  In addition the Jewish Agency is planning  a campaign to persuade French Jews to escape anti-semitism by immigrating to Israel. According to WorldnetDaily 6/20/04

The French government reported earlier this month that it had recorded 180 incidents of attacks or threats against Jews or Jewish-owned property since the start of this year.... Most of those incidents were attributed to an increasingly violent second- and third-generation Muslim population.

   AP ran photos in April 2004 of a Jewish graveyard in eastern France where a hundred tombstones had been spray-painted with blood-red swastikas and the Nazi slogan Juden Raus: "Jews out." ( 5/14/04)

Carole Raphaelle Davis in an article titled What's New in Paris (5/29/04) wrote about the antisemitic events in France during as follows:

Here are just a few examples from the last few weeks:

A 14-year-old boy wearing a yarmulke came out of the Ourq metro station and was followed by two young men. They called him a "dirty Jew" and robbed him. The men knocked the boy down, beat him on the head and broke his nose. The boy begged for help from passers-by, who simply walked away. A group of four young men interrupted a class in the auditorium of the University Medical School of Saint-Antoine in Paris. They yelled, "We're going to kill all the Jews". When a Jewish student confronted the men they beat him and robbed him.The professor who was teaching the class said nothing and the men walked out. The dean of the University has been told of the situation but has not yet responded. Also in Paris, a 12-year-old girl coming out of a Jewish school was attacked by two men. They beat her, held her down and slashed her face with a box cutter. They carved a swastika into her face...Unlike the last big wave of anti-Semitism in France, the people who are committing these crimes today are predominantly first-generation descendants of immigrants from the former French colonies in North Africa-Muslim Arabs. Radicalized Islam is taking root all over Europe,

   While a Rabbi urges Jews to take off their kippot French Muslims intimidate non-Muslim women into wearing headscarfs.  Alexis Amory wrote an article called The Lifting of the Veil ( 1/23/04) about the situation in French housing projects where Muslims are in the majority as follows:

In the projects where native French are very much in the minority, native French girls are being bullied into adopting the headscarf.  Girls who are “bold” enough, or disrespectful enough of the Muslim majority, are being gang-raped by Muslim adolescents on the grounds that they need a lesson.  This is part of a new, rapidly developing “tradition”... Small wonder that the parents of white daughters in the projects insist on them donning a scarf to leave their homes. 

Michel Gurfinkiel (Frances Jewish Problem, Commentary July-Aug 02 p38) wrote about the situation in France as follows:

France itself is undergoing a partial Islamicization.   The Muslim population, already ten times the size of the Jewish community, is growing rapidly, and the thorough transformation it is wreaking in France's ethnic and religious fabric obviously has much to do both with the increase in anti-Semitism and with the official denial of it. 

   He writes how in the late 50s and 60s there were half a million Moslems in France but that in little more then ten years the Muslim population more than tripled through immigration.  Valery Giscard d'Estaing was concerned about this and suspended further immigration.  This did not stop the influx of Muslims because foreigners who had already entered France were allowed to bring in their relatives.  In addition their birth rate is very high.

Michel Gurfinkiel (Frances Jewish Problem, Commentary July-Aug 02 p38)  wrote that a large part of the Muslim community is turning into a

"separatist" underclass that owes exclusive allegiance to Islam and to the Islamic nations - a circumstance that was highlighted last fall when a largely French-Muslim crowed booed the Marseillaise at a France-Algeria soccer match.

  Rupert Murdoch is the chairman and chief executive of News Corp, the media empire with businesses across Europe, the US, Asia and Australasia.  He gave a speech at the Milken Institute's annual three-day Global Conference (Herald Sun 4/28/04) in which he said:.

Paris is surrounded by vast blocks of tens of thousands of apartments -- all Muslim, all no-go areas for police, and totally lawless.

There is more danger of terrorist attacks coming than what we have here.

   Olivier Gutta, in an article titled "Frances Wakeup Call" ( 12/23/03) wrote about the effect the large influx of Moslems is having on daily life in France.  He wrote:

a survey done last May found that 77% of girls wearing the hijab do so because of the physical threats received from Islamist groups. Liberation, a major French newspaper, recently showed how Muslim women and girls in France who refuse to wear the hijab are insulted, rejected and often times physically threatened by Muslim males. One of the teenage girls interviewed said, "Every day, bearded men come to me and advise me strongly on wearing the veil... Muslim women who try to rebel are considered outcasts and "whores."..

Non-Muslim teachers are subject to daily insults and racist remarks. For instance, the principal of the Trappes’ primary school described how, "An 11-year-old kid insulted his female teacher because she was not wearing the hijab. Intolerant behaviors especially against teachers and other religions have skyrocketed in the past three years." ...

Therefore, is not surprising that ten-year olds call for the institution of Shariah, or Koranic law, during class. Or that during a high school History lesson regarding the Crusades, a Muslim student yelled: "Anyway, the Arabs are going to kill the Christians and the Jews." The teacher then asked him, "When?" and the child replied, "I do not know. It was not mentioned on the imam’s tape."..

in Avignon, Muslim extremists distribute loads of Koranic tapes in French and drive around town with their windows open and propaganda blasting through the speakers...

A number of supermarkets carrying non-Halaal products (food not permitted by the Koran), have been vandalized by Muslims and then surrendered to this violent blackmail by taking the products off their shelves.

it is not a coincidence that the biggest wave of violent anti-Semitism in Europe is occurring in France, triggered by Muslims. This may only be a taste of things to come; the next victims could be French Christians and then moderate Muslims.

   Islam is not the only cause of anti-semitism in France, the Dreyfus affair in which an innocent loyal Jewish Frenchman, Captain Dreyfus, was convicted of treason, happened long before the modern Islamization of France.   Theodore Herzl wrote about the trial as follows (Theodor Herzl, The Jewish State: An Attempt at a Modern Solution of the Jewish Problem):

The Dreyfus case embodies more than a judicial error; it embodies the desire of the vast majority of French to condemn a Jew and to condemn all Jews in this one Jew.  Death to the Jews! howled the mob, as the decorations were being ripped from the captain's coat.  A hundred years after the Declaration of the Rights of Man, the French people do not want to extend the rights of man to Jews.

   That the Dreyfus case embodied more than judicial error is borne out by a paragraph from William Nicholls book, Christian Antisemitism, A History of Hate in which he wrote:

The leader of the french Catholic Party, Albert de Mun, refused to discuss even the possibility that a Jew might be innocent and he was opposed to the revision of the trial in the light of fresh evidence.  One of the handwriting experts at the first trial stated that Dreyfus was guilty, "because all Jews are traitors." A deputy declared in the Chamber that "Dreyfus, whether innocent or guilty, must remain at Devil's Island."  In somewhat the same vein, a noble lady expressed her hope that "Dreyfus might be innocent, so that he will suffer more."

    The source of the anti-Semitism behind the Dreyfus trial was Christianity, not Islam.  France became more tolerant of Jews later on and Michel Gurfinkle wrote that in the 80's and 90's Jewishness itself often functioned as a "plus" factor in the calculus of French political correctness.   The rapid Islamization of France has changed all that.  Michel Gurfinkle wrote:

But as the whole world knows by now, the golden age is over.   So sharply and so abruptly has the situation deteriorated that by the end of 2001, Rabbi Michael Melchior, Israel's deputy foreign minister, could characterize France as "the most anti-Semitic country in the West."  Were there a worldwide Richter scale of anti-Semitism, what has happened in France would qualify as an earthquake.

   French have become so anti-Semitic that a group of French tourists unleashed a string of anti-Semitic slurs at Jewish university students visiting Auschwitz.  According to the New York Post (8/10/04)

Angry that one of the students had an Israeli flag around his shoulders, one of the Frenchmen ran toward the group and began cursing and shouting anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli insults. 

He told us to go back to Israel and said that we were stupid and should be ashamed to walk around with an Israeli flag," Maya Ober, 21, a Polish student, told the Jerusalem Post.

Ober, who lost several ancestors at Auschwitz said that after the intial flurry of slurs, a second Frenchman grabbed her arm. 

   Worldnetdaily reports that intelligence investigations have uncovered (Meet the French terror connection, Nov 2, 2003) an Islamic terror training center based in Paris; that terrorists are trained in the Fontainebleau Forest, and funded by al-Qaida and operated with the help of a number of other Muslim organizations based in Asia and Africa.

   Brigette Bardot wrote a book called "A Cry in the Silence" in which she spoke about the Islamisation of France. 

She wrote:

For 20 years we have submitted to a dangerous and uncontrolled underground infiltration.  Not only does it fail to give way to our laws and customs.  Quite the contrary, as time goes by it tries to impose its own laws on us.

We were disturbed by their barbaric practices; we went to court; we condemned their unacceptable behavious which left homes covered in blood, and filled rubbish chutes with skin, bone and oozing brains.  To no avail!...

All those youths who terrorise the population, rape young girls, train pit-bulls for attack...spit on the police -- they are the ones who at the smallest signal from their chiefs will suddenly put us through the same kind of thing that happened in a Moscow theatre.

   Bridget Bardot's statements about Islam imposing their laws in France are borne out by France's High Council for Integration.  According to that council, about 70,000 young women, chiefly Muslim, are being subjected to forced marriages every year.  Every year, too, 35,000 girls are either circumcised or under threat of circumcision, HCI related. (Europe Grows Hostage To Its Muslims, United Press International 7/10/03) Jamie Glazov wrote ( Sexual Amputation and Silence 12/2/04 ):

The recently reported that Waris Dirie, the Somalia-born supermodel and best-selling author, who has campaigned to stop female genital mutilation (which disfigured her at age five in her homeland), has stated that approximately one out of every three African families in Europe is secretly perpetrating this crime against their daughters.

   In another book, Le Carre de Pluton (Pluto's Square) Bardot wrote  'Open Letter to my Lost France' in which she laments:

" country, France, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims."

She was fined 30,000 francs for that statement of fact.   She has been outspoken despite having been convicted three times of incitement.  In November 1997 a Paris court of appeal found Brigitte Bardot guilty of racial provocation. She was fined FF10,000 (US$1,775) for an article she wrote in Le Figaro in April 1996 protesting the ritual slaughter of sheep during Muslim festivals. Bardot wrote: 'Ritual slaughters are turning abattoirs into chambers of horror where animals face the most appalling pagan rituals . . . France is now once again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners - notably Muslims.'

   Bardot was once again found guilty of inciting racial hatred and fined FF20,000 (US$3,550) in January 1998, following another protest against Muslim ritual slaughter in which she claimed that Muslims would, one day, cut the throat of everyone in France.

   The silencing of people with the accusation of incitement is not applied when it comes to the hatred and vitriol spewed by radical Islam in France.   In September 2002, the terrorist Shia Lebanese Hizbullah TV channel Al-Manar, started broadcasting in France.  Al-Manar is today one of the favorite channels among the French Muslim youth. Olivier Guitta wrote:  (Preaching For the Enemy, 6/15/04)

Recently, Al-Manar broadcasted a series called “Diaspora.” One episode featured the hateful, mythical blood libel, in which Jews kill a Christian child in order to prepare the matzo, a dish eaten during Passover. With this kind of blatant anti-Semitic indoctrination, it's no surprise Muslim youths feel entitled to commit anti-Semitic acts.


Don't look for France to crack down on these ignorant, hate-spewing networks, however... in spite of all the proof of hate propaganda spread daily on Al-Manar, the French government has no real will or intention to take it off the air.

Mr. Guitta asked the French government spokesman, Mr. Cope:


[K]nowing that 91 percent of the imams preaching in France are foreigners and most of them are illegal immigrants, does it not make sense to expel them, particularly those preaching hatred?

Mr. Cope answered that France cannot just expel them because these hate-mongering imams have been around for a while, as has their families. It would not be proper.


   Oriana Fallaci, the Italian author of   The Rage and the Pride, is being sued by 11 young Muslim men from the Lyons suburbs of France ( filed 6/9/2003).

   Ms Fallaci's lawyers, and those of her French publisher, Plon, said allowing individuals to bring such cases would create a class of "thought police" tying up writers with endless frivolous lawsuits.

   Hypocritical accusations of incitement and racism are commonly employed by Muslims to silence their critics.  An article in Systematic Slaughter Unfolds in Sudan  (7/10/04) showed just how hypocritical this accusation is.

AL-FASHER, Sudan -- As the world's attention was turned to crises in the Middle East, a slaughter has raged for 17 months in Sudan's Darfur region. Arab gunmen on horses and camels, backed by bombers and helicopter gunships, have razed hundreds of black African villages, killed tens of thousands and driven more than 1 million from their homes.

"They say they don't want to see black skin on this land again," said Issa Bushara, whose brother and cousin were gunned down in front of their horrified families during an attack by the Janjaweed militia.

   The Nazis used to force Jews to wear a yellow star.   Megli, 21, a student who lives in the French city of Aix en Provence, had been to the screening of the film Decryptage, which shows how the French media has completely twisted and lied about events in the Middle East to support terrorist Muslims and defame Israel.  Megli took part in the heated discussion afterwards.  There were many Arab anti-Semites who wouldn't let her speak.  She then went out with friends.   When she came home, three masked men were waiting outside her door.  They assaulted her, and carved the Jewish star into her arm. (3/13/03)

  In a rare show of backbone Jacques Chiraq supported the ban of the hijab—the veil worn by Muslim women—in France’s public schools.  According to Olivier Guitta ( 1/5/04)

In just one day, Chirac lost the lofty standing he had attained after many years of pacifying rogue Muslim states. As a result of his decision on the hijab, he has now acquired three lethal enemies: Hizbullah, the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran, meaning that France is now facing very imminent "veiled" threats from two major terrorist networks and the largest terror-sponsoring state.

France should take these warnings very seriously for a couple of reasons. First, its Muslim population is very large (estimated at anywhere between five and eight million), and very influenced by extremist organizations such as Union Des Organisations Islamiques de France, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. Second, Al Manar (Hizbullah TV) and Al-Jazeera are presently broadcasting their propaganda to French Muslims, which could lead to violent actions inside the country.

Third, France is home to many Al-Qaeda cells...  A terrifying book, "My Assassins’ Brothers," by Mohamed Sifaoui, shows the extent of the Al-Qaeda network in Paris and their readiness to act on demand.

   French foreign policy appears to be governed by greed for oil and a desire to appease Muslims.  Despite the genocide by Muslims in the Sudan, France opposes UN sanctions against the Khartoum regime.  France is heavily invested in Sudan through its oil giant ElfTotal. (Sudan's Silent Jihad, 7/29/04)

   Ariel Pasko wrote that (Euro-Muslims and Franco Islamization, Freeman Center Broadcast, 8/4/03):

France and others in Europe are succumbing to creeping Islamicization...Whether France or other European states 'convert' to Islam officially is of little practical consequence, although it's true that people in Europe are converting in droves. Euro-Muslims and their fellow travelers are already winning. Franco-Islamicization; the neutralization of Europe in the 'War on Terror' and its latest focus Iraq; the turning of European foreign policy fully toward the Palestinians; rising anti-Americanism in general and the infection of the European body politic in a morally debilitating way - note British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw's seeming comparison of Israel to Iraq during the war - is taking place slowly, almost imperceptively, yet taking place nonetheless.

   It may not be taking place as slowly as Ariel Pasko suggests.  The British Political Cartoon Society held an annual competition sponsored by the British newspaper, the Independent, and gave first prize to a cartoon that depicts Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon eating the head of a Palestinian baby with a burning city in the background. (Independent Cartoonist Wins Award 11/27/03)

    Italy has become a hotbed of anti-Semitism and one way this anti-Semitism manifests itself is with anti-Israel hatred and trade with Iran, a country dedicated to creating a second Jewish Holocaust.  An Israeli student at the University of Turin Amit Peer, said that “the Jews here are hiding their own identity because they risk becoming a target.”  Flaica, a trade union with 8,000 members working in large-scale retail, promoted the boycott of “all Rome shops managed by Jews” and drew up lists of Jewish-owned shops to be avoided, because of “what is happening in Gaza.” Actress Sabina Guzzanti attacked the “Jewish race” in a primetime television program. Literary guru Alberto Asor Rosa wrote in a book on the transformation of the Jews from “a persecuted race” to “a warrior persecutor race.” Renowned leftist philosopher Gianni Vattimo declared that he had “re-evaluated” “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and now felt they largely reflect the truth about the Jews. Giullio Meotti wrote:

The growing anti-Semitism is also evident by the security around the largest synagogue in Rome, one of the oldest in the world. The Jewish temple looks like a military outpost: Private guards everywhere, metal detectors and policemen at every corner. The Jewish school looks like a “sterilized area” protected by policemen, bodyguards and cameras. All school windows are plumbed with iron grates...

Pro-Palestinian groups just recently marched into the ghetto, shouting “Fascist” and “Assassins” to the Jews, some of them Holocaust survivors. It was here, on 16 October 1943, that 1,200 Jews were deported to Auschwitz; none of the 200 Jewish children came back home. It was here, on 9 October 1982, that an Arab terrorist opened fire on Jews; a two-year old baby, Stefano Taché, became the first Italian victim of anti-Jewish violence since the war.

Germany is becoming anti-Jewish again.  Jonah Goldberg wrote in the National Review (9/20/02) that:

As someone wrote in the Suddeutsche Zeitung recently, "It's been a long time since the hatred of Jews — once disguised as anti-Zionism — has been as socially acceptable in Germany as it is today." There are plenty of stories about how Jews are being attacked in the streets of Berlin again and how graffiti with phrases such as "Six Million Jews is Not Enough" can be spotted in various cities. Jewish schools now need armed guards out front.

Now, to be fair, a lot of the violence doesn't come from ethnic Germans but from the three-and-a-half million Muslims who've made Germany their adoptive fatherland.

     Anti-Zionism is anti-semitism because it means that Israel should not exist.  Dennis Prager explains this in the video below.


  The murdered Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, routinely warned that European civil order was in imminent danger from immigrant Muslim populations who refuse to assimilate.  For this, he was bitterly denounced by multicultural elites as a racist.  His assassin, Van der Graaf, accused him of scapegoating Muslims and confessed that he murdered him because of his attitude toward Muslims.  (London Daily Telegraph 10/30/04)

   The Dutch government launched a criminal inquiry after Muslim clerics were accused of inciting violence from mosques across Holland.  This after a media expose secretly caught leading Imams in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague on tape calling for "the destruction of the enemies of Islam" and urging Muslims to disobey Dutch law (Response Summer 2002 Vol 23 No 2)

   Mark Steyn wrote about the problem of how living in the West is not moderating the Muslim population.  He wrote (The Spectator, 9/11/04):

Last year a senior Dutch cabinet minister talked me through some very interesting findings apropos his own country’s Islamic population. The grandchildren of Muslims who arrived in Holland in the Seventies are often more militantly Islamist and unassimilated than their grandparents.

   There are an awful lot of these grandchildren.  Arnaud De Borchgrave (Europe's Civil War, New York Post 11/21/04) wrote that

Today, Muslims are a majority among children under 14 in the Netherlands' four largest cities.

   Steven Brown in an article about how the "progressive" Dutch bought on the Islamic threat in their country wrote (frontpagemag 11/12/04):

An all-party parliamentary report that basically concluded, among other things, that Muslim immigrants, who make up almost one million of Holland’s 16 million inhabitants, are refusing to integrate. These immigrants, largely concentrated in the cities where they constitute a large percentage of urban populations such as in Rotterdam, choose to live together in their own ‘ghettos’ where they have built up parallel societies to that of the host country. And it is not going to get better. According to the report, between 70 and 80 per cent of Dutch-born immigrants, mostly from Morocco and Turkey, refuse to intermarry with native-born Dutch and are importing their spouses from their home countries...

But one observer of Dutch society, interviewed by a European newspaper, says there was already a furtive and creeping migration of the Dutch elite and of money out of Holland before van Gogh’s murder because of the “Moroccan threat.” And if the situation begins to spiral out of control, you can definitely expect more ‘progressive’ rats to abandon the Dutch ship of state they were so instrumental in sinking. 

  While the Muslim population explosion the original Dutch population is leaving (Dutch Desert Their Changing Country Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in The Hague, 11/24/04)  According to Mr. Evans-Pritchard:

The Netherlands has been transformed in barely 30 years from a tight-knit Christian society into a polyethnic state, with three million people of immigrant background.

   Dutch officials have uncovered at least fifteen separate terrorist plots, all aimed at punishing the Netherlands for its 1,300 peacekeeping troops in Iraq. (The Mullah's Europe, 9/22/04)

   After the murder of Theo Van Gogh, because of a film he made about the oppression of women by Islam, the Dutch anti-terror police raided an apartment house in search of three extremists in a crackdown on Islamic networks.  The suspects inside responded by hurling at least one hand grenade that wounded four police officers, two seriously, and barricading themselves in the apartment. They shouted at police: "We will decapitate you!" Who knows how many others are hiding in Holland.

    You'd think the vast majority of decent, law-abiding Muslims (about whom we hear so much, but whom we never see taking action against the jihadists) would be coming up to Lieuwe van Gogh, son of the murdered Theo van Gogh, expressing their sorrow, and offering their condolences. Instead, this. From Rogier Van Bakel's Nobody's Business blog (thanks to JS):

Since the murder of Theo van Gogh, last November, his now 14-year-old son Lieuwe has twice been physically attacked by young Moroccans, or (more likely) Dutch citizens of Moroccan descent. [Link, in Dutch.]

    After Theo van Gogh, maverick Member of Parliament Geert Wilders called for a five-year moratorium on all non-European immigration.  Alexis Amori wrote (Death Threats For a Dutch MP,  11/29/04):

Against a backdrop of threats to his life from the jihadi community, Wilders is now under 24-hour government protection.  Even when he is in his high security office in the Dutch House of Parliament, there are two policemen at his side.

Police investigating van Gogh’s murder discovered advanced plans to murder Wilders, plus videos promising 72 virgins for anyone who managed to assassinate him.  Wilders now does not know where he will be sleeping on any given night, as he is driven from safehouse to safehouse in a convoy of armored cars.  He told London’s Times, “My life has changed completely. I am sleeping very badly. To think that someone plans to kill me is something that no person would have a good night’s rest about.”  He continued with typical Dutch understatement, “Even when I am on the floor of the parliament, I don’t feel comfortable.” The great thing about putting out a contract on someone if you’re a Muslim is, you don’t have to find the unmarked bills for the hit man.  You just offer those notional 72 virgin retreads and you’ve got yourself a deal.

    Wilders troubles begain when in 2003 he described Yasser Arafat last year as a "terrorist leader," According to an article by Christopher Caldwell titled Holland Under Siege, a Muslim named Farid A.

posted a picture of him on an Islamist website urging: "Wilders must be punished with death for his fascistic comments about Islam, Muslims, and the Palestinian cause." That was a year ago, and since then, Wilders has done even more to tick off Muslim radicals. He left the conservative Freedom and Democracy People's party (VVD) after a personal spat with the party leadership, promising to launch his own "Geert Wilders List," along the lines of the one-person movement that turned the gay populist Pim Fortuyn into the most popular politician in the Netherlands in early 2002. Wilders has focused on Turkey, crime, and the unsustainability of high immigration. He has warned that many of the more than 1 million Muslims who live in the Netherlands "have already opted for radical Islam," and has urged closing extremist mosques.

A poll has shown that Wilder would win 28 seats in the Dutch Parliament but according to Mr. Caldwell,

anyone who declared himself for one of those 28 seats that looked ripe for the plucking would thereby place himself on a death list, too. One strange but highly professional video that can be downloaded off the Internet shows drawings of machine guns, then photographs of Wilders with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and then captioned panels reading:

name: geert wilders
occupation: idolator
sin: mocking Islam
punishment: beheading
reward: Paradise, in sha Allah

   Lawrence Auster in an article titled, How To Defeat Jihad in America, (frontpagemag 5/26/04) wrote that Moslems are not assimilating in the United States because:

To assimilate means to make similar or the same; and the American Creed teaches us that all people in the world are basically the same as us, or can readily be made the same as us.  The problem, of course, is that Moslems by and large are not the same as us, nor can they be made the same as us, for the simple reason that they adhere to a religion and a set of beliefs that are radically incompatible with—and indeed hostile to—our culture and our very being as Westerners.  Which means that most Moslems cannot be assimilated in any real sense, no matter what we do. 

Consider the students at Al Noor, a private Islamic school in Brooklyn that was written up by the New York Times a few weeks after the September 11, 2001 attacks.  These mostly American-born teenagers told the Times reporter, Susan Sachs, that their "ideal society would follow Islamic law and make no separation between religion and state."  They empathized with "the young Muslims around the world who profess hatred for America and Americans," and some said they would abandon America to "support any leader who they decided was fighting for Islam." 

   Hate literature declaring that the Jews were the problem in Nazi Germany, but ignoring the Holocaust, was distributed in the Flemish school system among children as young as 8 years old.  In a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Antwerp, the effigy of an Orthodox Jew was burned in public.  In the Spring of 2002 the mayor of Antwerp advised Jews to stay in their homes and not attend Sabbath services because the city could not and would not guarantee the safety of Jewish citizens since a pro-Palestinian rally was scheduled for Saturday morning (Response Summer 2002 Vol 23 No 2).

   A municipally employed teacher in Kristiansand Norway was told that he can not wear a Star of David around his neck by the Adult Education Center where he works because it could be deemed a provocation towards the many Muslim students at the school. (AftenPloten 2/7/04).  Israel National News reported on Dec 4, 2011 that:

After a police report in Oslo said that Muslims were raping Norwegian women out of a religious conviction that this was the proper thing to do, a stormy public debate erupted, the government ministers, most of them avowed anti-Semites, claimed that the report and its publication serve Israel and its policy of occupation.

Norway's justice minister defended the police report but also said that "Israel must be glad to hear about it."...

    According to Dhimmi Watch (7/19/04) Central members of Kristiansand Progress party are trying to do something about the growing Islamic threat to their way of life.  The party claims that Hitler’s Mein Kampf and the Koran are one of the same, and they want Islam banned in Norway.  Halvor Hulaas, chairperson of the progress party said:

We are now importing people with a religion that is practiced in the same way it was practiced when it was established in year 600. The freedom we have in Norway may be taken away from us if we do not start to have some demands to these immigrants.

Karina Udnæs, deputy leader of the Progress party’s city council group in Kristiansand said:

It is about high time Norway and Europe make the ideology Islam and the practice of this, illegal and punishable in the same way as Nazism.  The prophet Muhammad urged them to kill every infidel.

  Tim Priest wrote an article about the growing Muslim problem in Australia (Don't turn a blind eye to terror in our midst, THE AUSTRALIAN, January 12, 2004)  He wrote:

The most influential of the Middle Eastern crime groups are the Muslim males of Telopea Street, Bankstown, in southwest Sydney. The Telopea Street Boys and their associates have been involved in numerous murders over the past five years – many of them unprovoked attacks on young Australian men for no other reason than the ethnicity of the victims.

They have been involved in all manner of crime on a scale we have never before seen or even contemplated. Ram raids on expensive brand stores in the city are endemic. The theft of expensive motor vehicles known as car-jacking is increasing at an alarming rate. This crime involves gangs of Lebanese or Pacific Islander males finding a luxury motor vehicle parked outside a restaurant or hotel and watching until the occupants return to drive home. The car is followed, the victims assaulted at gunpoint and the vehicle stolen. The vehicles are always worth about $100,000 or more, and it is believed they are taken to warehouses before being shipped interstate or overseas to the Middle East.

The extent to which Middle Eastern crime gangs have moved into the drug market is breathtaking. They are now the main suppliers of cocaine in Sydney and are developing markets in southeastern Queensland and Victoria. They are leading suppliers of heroin in and around the inner city, southwest Sydney and western Sydney.

But what sets the Middle Eastern gangs apart from all other gangs is their propensity to use violence at any time and for any reason. Unlike their Vietnamese counterparts, Middle Eastern crime gangs roam the city and are not confined to Cabramatta or Chinatown. And even more alarming is that the violence is directed mainly against young Australian men and women. It is plain that violent attacks on our young men and women are racial as well as criminal.   Quite often when taking statements from young men attacked by groups of Lebanese males around Darling Harbour, a common theme that emerges is that the violence is racially motivated: the victims are attacked simply because they are Australian...

Many have heard of the horrific problems in France with an unprecedented outbreak of crimes among an estimated 5 million Muslim immigrants. Middle Eastern males now make up 45,000 of the 90,000 inmates in French prisons. There are no-go areas in Paris for police and citizens alike. The rule of law has broken down so badly that when police went to one of these areas recently to round up three Islamic terrorists, they went in armoured vehicles, with heavy weaponry and more than 1,000 armed officers – just to arrest a few suspects.   Why did they need such numbers? Because the threat of terrorist reprisal was minimal compared to the anticipated revolt by thousands of Middle Eastern and North African residents, who have no respect for the rule of law in France and consider intrusions by police and other authorities a declaration of war.

The problems in Paris's Muslim communities are being replicated in Sydney at an alarming rate. Paris has seen an explosion of rapes committed by Middle Eastern males against French women in the past 15 years. The rapes are almost identical to those in Sydney. The rapes are committed not only for sexual gratification: there are also deep racial undertones, along with threats of violence and retribution...

In the past three years we have seen the phenomenon of drive-by shootings, Los Angeles style. Not only are the increasing incidents a serious cause of concern, but even more so is the use of automatic weapons that spray hundreds of rounds at their targets. This is virtually unprecedented in Australia.

   According to Worldnetdaily (2/29/04) the leader of Australia's 300,000 Muslims, Sheik Al Hilaly, praised the September 11 terror attacks as ''God's work.''

   Reza F. Safa, author of "Inside Islam." said that "Saudi Arabia alone has spent $87 billion since 1973 to spread Islam throughout the United States and the Western hemisphere,"  Saudi Arabia has poured money into the Chicago-based Muslim American Society, or MAS, which has been credited with helping convert more than a million U.S. blacks to Islam (Worldnet Daily 4/22/02).  Polls show that these blacks share many hostile attitudes with the Saudis toward the United States and Israel. 

   One such black Amiri Baraka the former poet laureate of New Jersey, was invited to speak at the Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale University, where he said that Israel had warned Israelis not to go to the World Trade Center on September 11th and that Israel was responsible for the attacks of Sept. 11.  James Kirchick, wrote an article about the speech in the Yale Daily News 2/26/03 in which he said that what disturbed him most was not what Amiri Baraka said, which he expected to hear from him,  but the response of the Yalies listening to the speech.  James Kirchick wrote:

As he cited "evidence" of Israeli complicity in the World Trade Center attacks, many Yale students vigorously nodded their heads in approval and erupted into cheering. At the end of the event, the crowd leapt to its feet to give the former poet laureate of New Jersey a rousing standing ovation.

   This is one example of how wild Islamic conspiracy theories do not only infect the uneducated and that there is a fertile ground for such theories even at what is considered to be one of America's top universities.   A frightening  example of the growing anti-semitism in the United States occurred at San Francisco University in 2002.   Another frightening example was Alan Dershowitz's encounter with anti-Israel hate in front of Faneuil Hall in Boston.  In an article titled Israel Hatred on Campus   ( 3/9/04) he described the hatred he encountered as:

passionate hatred, ecstatic hatred, orgasmic hatred. It was beyond mere differences of opinion. When I looked into their faces, I could imagine young Nazis in the 1930s in Hitler's Germany.

    Mickey Weinberg a student at Berkeley who graduated in 2004 told (5/24/04) about the situation there:

"You have this vitriol. You feel it everywhere. Berkeley is now the epicenter of real hatred."

    He told frontpagemag that his days at Cal were marked by what he calls "pinnacles of horror."   He remembers pro-Palestinian protesters insisting that Israeli border crossings are as bad as Nazi death camps. He remembers the glass front door of Berkeley's Hillel building -- where he attends Friday night services -- shattered by a cinderblock, with the message FUCK JEWS scrawled nearby. He remembers the spray-painted swastikas discovered one Monday morning last September on the walls of four lecture rooms in LeConte Hall accompanied by the chilling bilingual message, "Die, Juden. "

   According to

Student Daniel Frankenstein recalls being heckled and called a "conservative Zionist bastard" when he ran for student-body president last year. "One girl working on my campaign was followed around by someone who kept asking her, 'Are you a Jewgirl? Frankenstein's a Jew, so isn't everyone who's working for him a Jew?'" he said. Incidents such as these have convinced Frankenstein, who is graduating this month and taking a government job in Washington, DC, that "it is really socially acceptable to be anti-Semitic on the Berkeley campus."

   In an incredibly anti-semitic verdict Lemrick Nelson the killer of Jewish student Yankel Rosenbaum of Crown Heights was acquitted of his murder on the grounds that he stabbed Rosenbaum out of excitement because a nearby crowd was chanting "Kill the Jew!", that malpractice was why Yankel was not saved from the wound and so Lemrick Nelson was not responsible for his murder.  (Response Summer 2003 V24 #2)

In the United States many mosques and Islamic schools preach hatred toward both America and Jews.  Gabriel Schoenfeld wrote in National Review Online 3/5/04):

In mosques and Islamic bookstores across the U.S., openly anti-Semitic pamphlets and cassettes are often on sale. Community newspapers, like the Arab Voice in Paterson, New Jersey, have reprinted excerpts from the notorious anti-Semitic tract, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Islamic day-schools use textbooks, some of them produced in Saudi Arabia, that explain how Jews "killed their own prophets and disobeyed Allah." Others speak of a Muslim imperative to "start attacking Jews."

Such incitement, and the broader culture of hatred toward Jews and Israel of which it is a part, has already led to violence. In addition to a large number of low-level acts — synagogues vandalized, Jews assaulted on the streets — we have seen a string of major attacks: gunfire on the Brooklyn Bridge directed against Hasidic Jews in 1994, killing one, and injuring three; gunfire directed against "Zionists" in the observation tower of the Empire State Building in 1997, killing one and injuring six; gunfire at the El Al ticket counter of the Los Angeles Airport in 2002, killing two...

Ramzi Yousef, went on to select the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center for the 1993 truck-bomb explosion that killed six and injured over a thousand. The reasoning behind his choice: the "majority of the people who work in the World Trade Center are Jews."

   Fox News interviewed Moslems in Paterson N.J. on April 1, 2002 one of whom incited anti-semitism by saying that the Jews were using tanks to shoot Palestinian civilians and another who argued that suicide bombing was justified and that he would be a suicide bomber.

   In an article titled "N.Y. Jews Under Siege" (New York Post 4/7/03) Marcus Baram and David Li write that nationwide antisemitic incidents in the United States increased from 1,432 to 1,559.  According to the authors, the number of incidents in New York, went down in  number but became more violent.  One example they gave were Six Palestinian men throwing rocks at a Hasidic Jew, screaming, "All Jews Must Die!".  Another was a 22 year old Muslim man's attempt to burn down the Young Israel of Kings Bay synagogue by dousing the temple's sign and door with gasoline.

Mohammed Ali Alayed a Muslim and Ariel Sellouk a Jew became friends while studying at Houston Community College. Mohammed attended Ariel's 21st birthday party, and the two spent time together, visiting local bars and socializing with young women.    Mohammed underwent a religious reawakening and reformed his typical American student behavior to a more conservative, Islamic lifestyle.   A year after severing ties with Ariel, Mohammed pleaded guilty to decapitating  Ariel Sellouk, with a knife, the Houston Chronicle reported (August 2004)


  In an article called The New Kristallnacht (Jewish Week 4/5/02) Stuart Ain reported:

Three synagogues were firebombed, a kosher butcher shop was shot at, and a young Jewish couple was beaten — the pregnant woman so seriously that she was hospitalized. All of this happened last weekend in France, the latest in a series of more than 400 anti-Semitic attacks there in the past 18 months.

But the 600,000 Jews of France are not alone in facing what observers are calling the worst anti-Semitism since World War II.

On the eve of Yom HaShoah, Holocaust remembrance day, anti-Jewish attacks have again reached alarming proportions. But unlike the 1930s and ’40s, they are not confined to a few European countries. The attacks appear to be a worldwide phenomenon fueled by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that began 18 months ago and carried out largely by Muslims, according to The Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism, an official Web site of the State of Israel.

Britain’s chief rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, said the 280,000 Jews of Britain are now suffering under the worst anti-Semitism since the Holocaust. Efforts must be made to stop it, he warned, before words and deeds turn to violence and bloodshed.

Australia’s 110,000 Jews have witnessed a spike in anti-Jewish incidents since Palestinian violence was launched against Israel in September 2000. Between the start of the attacks and the end of last September, there were 119 physical attacks and 243 threats and incidents of harassment, according to the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

Among the incidents were firebombings, beatings of those wearing kipas, graffiti and hate mail. And after the terrorist attacks in the U.S. on Sept. 11, there was another surge in attacks, including several firebombs being hurled at Jewish centers in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

In Belgium, the beating of the chief rabbi of Brussels was just one of several serious anti-Jewish attacks, most coming from the local Muslim community. The rabbi, Albert Guigui, 57, was attacked by five youths while leaving a restaurant with a companion. The youths, yelling “dirty Jews” in Arabic, jumped on the men and spat in their faces. The two victims ran onto a nearby railroad car; the attackers followed and kicked Rabbi Guigui in the head....

    Isi Liebler wrote that (9/24/2013):

The Muslim population (of Belgium) has significantly increased and now represents a powerful electoral force. In the capital, Brussels, where the most popular baby name is Mohammed, Moslems today comprise 30% of the electorate. It is predicted that by 2020 they will amount to 10% of the entire population. They are the major new element contributing towards the exponential growth and saturation of society with rabid anti-Semitism...

Manfred Gerstenfeld’s most recent book “Demonizing Israel and the Jews” (click here for link) documents evidence of the depressingly high levels of European anti-Semitism, highlighting the frequent employment of Holocaust inversion as a vehicle to incite Jew hatred. He notes that opinion polls indicate that nearly half of all European adults – close to 150 million – are today convinced that Israelis behave like Nazis towards the Palestinians.

This trend was corroborated in a recent report (published by the Gladstone Institute) ...  The report described an extraordinary Belgian primer for teachers of “Holocaust Remembrance” which appeared on the official central Flanders educational website database. Endorsed and funded by the Ministry of Education, the template designed for teachers of 6-12 year olds shamelessly promoted hatred of Israel and anti-Semitism by employing the crudest forms of Holocaust inversion. It even reproduced a cartoon which had initially appeared in 2009 at the notorious Teheran Holocaust Denial conference, depicting a Jewish concentration camp inmate impaled on barbed wire in the form of a swastika. Entitled “Never Again”, it was accompanied by a caricature of an Arab in the same position titled “Over Again”... There were other ‘lessons’ on the Belgian website presenting Israelis as bloodthirsty murderers. One included a “play” in which children would adopt the role of Palestinians or Hamas supporters and represent the good people whilst those assuming the roles of Israelis would epitomize the evil tyrants.

   The annual report of the Community Security Trust, which tracks anti-Semitic incidents in Britain, showed 2004 was the worst year of anti-Semitic violence, vandalism and harassment since the group began keeping statistics in 1996, according to Azure magazine. (Anti-Semitism Spikes in Britain, 7/9/05)

    According to Britain's chief rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks Jews are being scapegoated for Islamic terrorism.  (Jewish Chronicle 10/7/05)  Imagine that, the arch enemy of the Jews, Islamic terrorists commit acts of terror and the Jews are blamed for it.  Rabbi Sacks warned of increasing anti-Semitism in his country, stating that, for the first time he remembers, it is "uncomfortable to be a Jew in Britain."

Melanie Phillips wrote (10/10/05, ):

Anyone who talks to the police will know that the Jewish community in Britain has to be guarded against the very real threat of attack from both Muslims and neo-Nazis. Every single synagogue or communal event has to be guarded. It is a threat we Jews all live with, daily. We also have to live daily with the pathological hatred of Jewish nationhood that now courses through this country’s media, along with routine claims of a global Jewish conspiracy. The BBC was at it again this morning on Radio Four’s Start the Week with an unchallenged implication of sinister Jewish power; look at this post by Adloyada for yet further evidence of the way this ancient racial libel has now been assimilated without challenge into mainstream media discourse... 

In social gatherings, one nowadays runs the gauntlet of sneering and incredulous bien-pensants for whom the assertion that Israel is the victim of aggression is regarded on a par with supporting apartheid South Africa, and for whom the suggestion that life has become uncomfortable for British Jews is regarded as evidence of Jewish special pleading. Consciously or unconsciously, this country is setting out to expunge the reality of Jewish victimhood and replace it by the narrative of toxic Jewish power.

Jewish Behavior that Encourages Anti-Semitism.

    The following was written by Tiberge, the author of the blog Galliawatch which focuses on the Islamization of France. 

The mutual hatred between Jews in France and the French may have reached a point of incurable, irreversible hysteria, that can only lead to unspeakable horrors. The French are blaming the Jews for the presence of Muslims. It is is true that the Jewish "talking heads," professors, intellectuals, etc. are all multi-culti Socialists, and "cosmopolitans" as the French call them (I used to think being cosmopolitan was a sign of being educated, but it has a different meaning for the French). But these Jews are no different from millions of non-Jewish Europeans who are also Socialists. Recently Segolene Royal, the former Socialist candidate for President of France, spoke of "our ancestors the Africans," but there was no outpouring of hatred, just a few smirks. Daniel Cohn-Bendit is partly responsible--he was one of the prime leaders of the May '68 revolt. He gets on TV and screams that just as Europe killed the Jews so they are now turning on the poor Muslims who want minarets. The thing that politicians and Jewish celebrities have done is to equate anti-Semitism with "Islamophobia"--this is one reason for the extreme hatred unleashed against the Jews.

I know plenty of Jews who are conservative capitalists in the U.S. but the majority are liberal and liberalism can lead to anti-semitism as Tiberge explained above..


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