Mission Statement:

One of the keys to success in life is being able to learn from constructive criticism and constructive praise. While we all like praise most of us don't want to hear painful constructive criticism and so reject valuable advice that could lead to more success in life.

     My idea for this site came from wishing I understood what I was doing wrong in certain situations and wishing I had feedback before I made mistakes. Although feedback is valuable for personal situations feedback is also big business, market research is crucial for product development for the largest corporations. Often such feedback is not affordable for small businesses and individuals. The purpose of Rateforsuccess is to provide an affordable alternative to the large market research corporations so that anyone who wants to can get an audience that will provide feedback.

     My brother, a software engineer, has spent years developing the software on this site.  This software is designed to facilitate valuable feedback as well as to provide a variety of other useful tools that are described in the help section.

    We hope that this site will help those open to feedback on the road to success.

Contact Information:
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